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I love these podcasts especially when working my graveyard shifts keeps me awake and active! Please make more! I need my fix! 😫
I listen to a lot of hockey podcasts. Mainly the Ducks since I’m am a fan. These guys are the best. Their knowledge and experience in the game, even if it’s just a rec league, still relates to the game. I can relate to some of the personal stories. Keep it up. Your rep is great for a reason.
If you want to hear a cohost who doesn’t know what he’s talking about and just gives terrible illustrations about his beer league then u might like this. I feel bad for the host cuz he is totally hamstrung with this guy making everything unlistenable
I started listening to DucknPucks back in March of 2016, and let me tell you these guys know hockey and know the Anaheim Ducks. If you follow them on social media you are able to ask them questions that get answered on the show. They talk about all up to date info on the ducks and are entertaining at the same time. Some sports podcasts are very bland and boring but Not this one. Definitely recommend this to all my friends that are Ducks fans. Let’s go Ducks!
I love listening to the boys and get my Ducks fix as much as possible.
This is the best podcast for Ducks hockey. You can get the latest news from injury updates, trades, call ups from the San Diego Gulls and much more. Eddie and Mike are great and giving the fans the latest updates as soon as hit happens. I would highly recommend.
Love listening to these guys. They give fans a better after show. NHL network hates the ducks this is good to get your ducks news.
I love my Ducks and I love DucksnPucks! I love to get my Ducks news from this podcast!
These guys are the best. Great way to keep up with the Ducks while I’m living in Chicago. QUACK QUACK!
Fantastic podcast, dedicated to update ducks fans about the team, news around the nhl, and small stuff regular fans wouldn’t know.
Amazing podcast! These guys really put a lot of time and effort into Ducks hockey and it’s amazing to get their perspective. It’s great being able to keep up with Ducks hockey living outside of California. Keep up the great work! Proud listener!
Love listening to this podcast all year!! Great info on all things Ducks.
Love the updates!! They are so quick and all the fans here are appreciative of being in the know of our NHL and AHL teams ❤️
I kept trying to listen because I’m a diehard fan and every time Eddie speaks about the team I cringe at lack of insight to the Ducks. He is a huge fan and I appreciate him doing the pod but when he’s talking about having a chance at playoffs when Ducks are 9 points out and would have to pass 6 teams with 8 games left is beyond laughable. Following that by talking about signing free agents like we did with Scotty and Pronger was the final straw for me. Thanks for doing this for casual Ducks fans. Mike does a great job running the pod and if he ever gets a new side kick I think it could be a solid show.
I’ve been listening to this podcast the past two years. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and articulate. Very comprehensive player and team info. Highly recommend.
Great Hockey Podcast, lots of inside information, great breakdowns, and insight! If your a fan of the Ducks or just a fan of Hockey you have to tune in!


By B9802
Main host is ok. He gets players name wrong every time. Co-host isn’t very good. Doesn’t know the difference between lines and pairings, gets names wrong, says the same thing over and over. Show could be better with better personalities.
I really want to enjoy this podcast but the inconsistent sound quality makes it impossible. Please fix!
Honestly don’t waste your time listening to this bull. Anaheim calling or forever mighty is much much better Eddie and specially mike are horrible. There’s a reason why they’re the only podcast that ride on Hannah’s every word screw this podcast DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!
I normally don’t write reviews but this show is awesome! I’m a long time Ducks fan and these guys know their stuff!
This is an excellent podcasts for everyone. Terrific insight and great hosts. Lots of Ducks news and game breakdowns. I highly recommend.
Its clear these two have never played hockey. They act like they know hockey but its obvious there clueless. Eddy is the worst of the two and im not even sure hes a Ducks fan. Pathetic
I love these guys! They tell you how it is without sugarcoating things while providing great analysis as well!
This is a consistent podcast you if you are ducks fan you must listen to this the guys are very insightful and very knowledgeable about the game
You guys are amazing, helps me in traffic every week
I love this podcast! They represent the Ducks community beautifully. They have answered my questions on the podcast 3 times! Keep up the great work!


Good podcast. To many "Uhhh" and "ummm"s.
Smart and well thought out podcast for the real Ducks fans.
If you love hockey, especially Anaheim Ducks hockey, subscribe to this podcast. The more hockey talk, the better, and these guys cover the Ducks really well!
If you're a Ducks fan and you want to listen to nothing but Ducks related news, subscribe to this podcast ASAP!