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Thanks Barb for being you! I found your podcast to keep me company as I was taking one of my many corona virus walks outside! Your helpful tips episode was just what I needed to feel more peaceful and inspired! I love how down to earth you are and how you and your guests are willing to share your own struggles. I loved the episode on habit stacking and was re-inspired to pick up my morning routine again, even in the midst of this quarantine situation.
I can’t stand the phrase “give it to God”. Not because it’s not good advice but just because it’s so vague. I love that Barb offers step by step “to do” suggestions that ultimately lead us to give it to God but in a very tangible way. Thank you, Barb, for sharing your wisdom!
Literally the BEST series I’ve ever listened to! Every podcast is a jewel of information and uplifting support. A MUST LISTEN for everyone
Love Barb’s podcasts and all of her resources! I love the Renewing of the mind tools. These tools have helped me in several areas of my life. I also have a closer walk with God as a result of renewing my mind and going to God’s truths to help walk through life. .....No matter if life is up or down it’s so much better to walk in his truths and have him guide me alone the way!
I love Barb’s podcast because it takes goal setting and goal achievement keeping Christianity #1 as we pursues our life goals.
Barb is very encouraging and informative. I love this podcast. I listen while I complete my daily tasks around the house. It makes the time fly by. Thank you!
Barb Raveling always covers great topics and she’s just such a comfort to listen to. When I listen to her podcasts, it feels more like a good friend sitting me down and telling me God’s truth in love when I need to hear it the most. Thank you for all that you do!
I have been binging on Barb's podcast trying to catch up. I have found tons of insight, wisdom, and practicle tips to embrace the life God intended us to have. Barb's communication style is easy and enjoyable to listen to. My only regret is that I wish I had found her podcast sooner. You will be enriched!
I’m so grateful I’ve found this podcast. Barb is so gentle and encouraging, and fills her counsel with God’s Word. I hope she’ll be recording more soon!


By Mak_13
Grateful to have found this podcast! Barb is so practical with her explanations and advice, which is exactly what I enjoy. Very helpful!! Can’t wait to listen to them all and read her other materials.
Barb Raveling is the host of this show and her gentle approach to helping us in daily life is truly inspired! I have never heard anyone give such practical, Bible based solutions to problems plaguing us and keeping us separate from our God. Thank you Bard:)
Barb’s books have been life changing for me. Her podcast is another source of mind-renewing truth. Her warmth and kindness shine through. You feel like she is making the journey with you. Highly recommended!
I love this podcast! Barb Raveling is so honest and pleasant to listen to. I feel like I'm sitting down with a really good friend to talk about my struggles. I highly recommend this podcast!
Great reminders of renewing the mind for my commute!!
Just what I've needed! Thank you for being there.
Wise women thank you for sharing what God has given you through His Word.
I don't know how I stumbled upon Barb's podcast, but I am so grateful to God that I did! Each episode packs powerful truth into 10 minutes or so… Some episodes are much longer, like the interview with her friend who lost 140 pounds. If you struggle with any besetting sins (and who doesn't?), you need to listen to this podcast. I also bought Barb's Kindle book, "taste for truth," and her "I deserve a donut" app. These tools are truly life-changing. Ditch the extreme diets and adding more and more rules… What you need is to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, conquer the emotional eating, and find your sufficiency in Christ. Barb will help you do that with compassion, understanding, and humble encouragement. I truly cannot say enough good things about this podcast. It's not only about weight loss… If you struggle with insecurity, or are in a difficult relationship, or get overwhelmed by all you have to do… Basically, if you ever feel that there are parts of life that are a struggle, you need this podcast so you can be encouraged to renew your mind. When life is about our circumstances, sometimes life is pretty crummy, but when we learn to make life about God, life is always good. Someday I hope to meet Barb face to face on this earth, but if I have to wait until we meet in heaven that's OK… I am a raving fan of this precious "Titus two" woman of God. Thank you, Barb, for encouraging me to return to my first love. Jesus really is all I need, and I am complete in Him.
I am loving your books and now so happy to find this great podcast.
I have listened to several of her podcasts and received nuggets of wisdom for each one. She is easy to listen to and gives excellent examples for the principles she talkes about. She is very down-to-earth, and is open about her own struggles with issues. She has a servants heart in wanting to share that wisdom with others. I have used some of these podcasts as resources in a healthy living class I teach at our church, and I have purchased each of her books. We are using one of them as our book for this 8 week session. In additiona there are many helpful resources on her website.
Just started listening and I am finding your podcast very encouraging and helpful, especially in the area of weight loss. Love the setting boundaries. Using your tips and ideas right now.
Barb's podcasts are very helpful, They give step by step instructions on how people can renew their minds (Biblically) and practice self-control (a fruit of the spirt) throughout the day. I know it was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. It helps one to be able to keep God first every second of the day. TGIF "Today God is First"
Barb has amazing and life changing information related to breaking habits using God's WORD! I love her inspirational podcasts.
Thank you for spending your time doing these pod casts. They have been eye opening and very helpful in my everyday life!
Very helpful in my walk/growth in the Lord. Thanks so much, Barb! Keep them coming!
This is my first time ever to rate a podcast, but wanted to take the time since this is so helpful with renewing my mind. It’s easy to listen to and grounded in Scripture. Thank you,Barb, for making this available to us!
I enjoy listening to the Christian Habits Podcast because Barb has a way of breaking things down to their most basic eliments and making them practical and simple! I come away with real solutions and a feeling like I can do this! She doesn't promise any miracle quick fixes but what she gives is solid advice that is based on principles that come directly from God's Word. I have personally benefited from putting Barb's advice into action in my life! Thank you Barb!
These podcasts are so helpful because it teaches how to renew your mind and how to stop bad habits and form new habits. Barb also talks about the importance of having boundaries in our lives and what to do if we break a boundary. I love the practical insight! The questions certainly help us get out of the ruts and patterns of the world and get back on track with God's truth.
Barb's podcasts are so helpful in my everyday life. She gives practical steps to take to renew your mind and overcome habits. Recommended strongly!


What a wonderful podcast. Thank you!
I love to listen to podcasts when I'm driving and I'm so glad I found you here barb! I've read lots of your material and so excited to get to listen now. Learning to replace lies with truth so I can be transformed by the renewing of my mind!