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Este podcast es perfecta para aprender Español en la contexto de cultura Mexicana. Solo empecé aprendiendo Español cinco años antes en mi primer año de preparatoria, así que mi español no es perfecta ya, pero este podcast enséñame mucho sobre Mexico y como hablar más bien. Muchas gracias Armando!
I love this! You’re doing great over there! I’m trying to improve my Spanish and this podcast is perfect :-) love your voice also ;)
The topics are very interesting and his voice is enjoyable to listen to. Thank you Armando, keep up the great work.
The dialogue is at a normal conversational pace, but the enunciation and clarity make it easy to follow... outstanding for learning to follow conversations, and relevant, interesting content. Great job, thank you!
Great for intermediate Spanish learners, and even for advanced learners looking to deepen their knowledge of the Mexican variation of Spanish (including regional variations). There is not a great selection of truly intermediate or advanced Spanish podcasts aside from pure news outlets, so I hope this one sticks around. Thank you. Armando- me puede dar un poco más detalle sobre el donativo y cómo y dónde se haría? No escucho bien el nombre del sitio web que mencionas. Saludos y suerte.
100% in Spanish. Not too fast, not too slow, and very clearly spoken. Interesting topics, and a focus on Mexican culture and colloquial Mexican Spanish. In case you're curious, my other two favorite Spanish podcasts are "Spanish Obsessed" for beginner and intermediate and "Radio Ambulante" for high intermediate and Advanced. "Hablemos Español" is perfect for low intermediate to high intermediate.... Honorable mention goes to "Unlimited Spanish" for high beginner to medium high intermediate.
Muchas gracias por tus explicaciones culturales sobre la vida cotidiana en México. A mi me encanta y puedo entender TODO lo que dices porque hablas despacio y explicas con sinónimos o usas la palabra en más contextos. Hablo español al nivel "avanzado bajo" según el OPI. Quiero hablar contigo en la entrevista que mencionaste por favor! 😘
Thank you to Armando for creating this PodCast. It is muy chido and has improved my Spanish un montón. Armando has a great sense of humor and teaches you all about Mexico: the people, places, food, culture, and language. You will also learn things you won't hear about in class 😃 perfect for the higher intermediate learner.
This is the only Spanish-learning podcast I've found that introduces the listener to regions of Spain. Very helpful!
Armando has interesting topics that keep my attention. I look forward to his podcast to help me learn authentic Spanish.
I really love this podcast. Not only does Armando do a great job of keeping things interesting, but he also keeps the conversation at a level that is just challenging enough to help you learn more each time you listen. I also feel like I get to know more and more about Mexico and its vast culture with each podcast. Keep it up!
Gracias por este podcast Armando! I needed something intermediate/advanced to listen to and this is perfect. You do a great job hosting, have a very clear voice and I get to learn more about Mexico in the meantime. Thanks for putting these out there! Most Spanish language podcasts have a lot of English, so this really helps! 😀
I just found this podcast a few weeks ago and have been going through old podcasts. Armando does a great job. This is all Spanish all the time, which is perfect for the intermediate or advanced learner. From there he explains all the things we don’t get from the books: slang, culture, etc. I love it.
I really like this podcast. The host has a pleasant voice and speak clearly. I am 3 episodes deep and find that the host does a good job of explaining the topic.
Recomendado Aunque yo hablo español me refresca los recuerdos de mi pais Mexico y la informacion muy interesante... If you are learning Spanish. Just perfect for your listening skills
Hey! Thank you for taking the time to do this podcast for us, it is really good and useful... Most of the podcasts out there are 95% in English and 5% in Spanish, what destroys the propose.. But yours is not, you can actually learn a lot from it. I love it ! Hugs from Brazil !!
This podcast explores Mexican Culture, Great for intermediate to advanced level speakers.