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This is a very unique and fun podcast that has the capability of sharing insightful stories in a brief amount of time! What I appreciate about stories is it zaps your feelings more which then helps connect you with the speaker. I loved listening to an episode about fantastic customer service. In about 9 minutes I was flushed with encouragement about how our customer service these days can bring in huge WOW FACTORS! I'm ready to be surprised in a wonderful way. Thanks for sharing Paul! CaraF13
If you like this show, as I do, you might like his other podcast Parenting With A Story.
What I like most about Paul Smith's Lead With a Story Podcasts are the friendly pull- you-in conversational tone & the collaborative nature of each episode. Through Story Paul delivers truly helpful tips and material that is insightful both in the business world and real life. Paul highlights our humanity while sharing information that is deeply impactful & helpful.Kudos!
What I love about this podcast is that is less than 10 minutes long but packed with a deep insight that can help us be better everyday. I really like that the story makes this podcast entertaining while I am learning one key thing in every episode. Thank you Paul!
Excellent conversations with business leaders about life and the foundation of their success. Great podcast!