Reviews For Return to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Podcast

I grew up watching Gilmore Girls as it came out and I have run through the entire series several times. It was fun to listen to this podcast while watching alongside because they point out things I didn't notice before despite having watched it so many times. However, I'm pretty sure these ladies don't even like the show and that was SUCH a bummer. Episodes that were so fun and nostalgic for me were ripped apart by their reviews over the simplest things. There was a lot of unnecessary complaining and critiquing, mostly by Cordia. Cordia would often complain about how things would happen out of nowhere with no support from previous episodes, but then two episodes later complain about "filler" material that "doesn't support the main storyline". But that "filler" content was the type of information she was asking for to support future storylines. Pick a lane! If there was no filler material it would be a movie not a TV show. Wish someone else would have done this podcast and kept their strong personal opinions out of it.
Just started on episode one. This podcast is so good. Excited to start this rewatch while listening to your show.
It’s awesome to have a podcast that goes through the episodes. However, way too much criticism on the characters, especially about the young characters, Rory, Dean, Lane, etc, when they are teenagers. They’re kids and no one is perfect. I understand there are a lot of plot inconsistencies in the show (like Rory not knowing she needed have extracurriculars for Harvard), but for a show for fans, it gets irritating to have every little thing picked apart. This podcast is not for fans who love the show and want more of what you love about the show. If you want a critical, deep analysis of the plot lines and characters and don’t mind if the show is ruined for you, this podcast is for you.
I really love the structure of the podcast. However, it’s disgusts me how you call Dean abusive. Someone is allowed to be mad. Dean has never insulted her or touched her. You don’t know what abuse is, and it’s insulting to anyone who has been abused. I have to say I am going crazy with how much you trash talk the show? My favorite part about the show is how realistic it is and how it’s unpredictable. You guys literally analyze every little thing and trash talk everything. It makes me wonder if you actually like the show. I am on the second season and I am yet to hear you say you 100% love an episode. If you don’t 100% love the show, why do you even have a podcast? I really do like listening, but sometimes your negativity and need to make sense of every little thing drives me crazy.
I’m sorry but I had to check out S1E3 when discussing the Prozac reference. Someone who does not have depression does not get “peppy” when they take Prozac. They get tired. Someone who lives with depression may need it and that doesn’t make them not “normal”. Sorry but I’m out. I also didn’t see episodes similarly as you, but Prozac was my delete point.
Just what I was looking for! I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls (watched all of it in high school and still love the show!) and wanted a podcast to compliment the rewatch — so this is perfect! I really enjoy how both ladies look at the episodes through a fine-tooth comb. My one criticism is: They go very in-depth for a reference I think most people will know, but gloss over something that’s more obscure and I’d love to learn more. Otherwise! Excellent show! Glad to see you’re still making new episodes.
I’m so happy I found this podcast!!! You ladies are DETAILED in discussing everything in the show!! From plots, to clothes, to references !!! Love it !!!
Ignorance is not adorable. Describing someone naive in this context is problematic.
So, I may be late to the party..But I recently finished watching GG for the first time (26 yrs old) and ive just started your podcast! Im only on your season 1 episodes, But I fully enjoy the way you break down each episode. Will leave a backstory post on your website soon!
And I'm so excited. I love the in depth discussions ❤️
I've recently discovered this podcast, and I'm watching Gilmore Girls for the first time while catching up on the back-episodes. It's a great way to watch (or re-watch) the series...the hosts are great!
I was really excited when I first found this podcast, as Gilmore Girls is near and dear to my heart, and I give Celeste and Cordia big props for devoting so much of their time to an in-depth podcast that is free to its listeners. Overall, I like the structure of the podcast, and I appreciate their engagement with the listeners, as they always encourage feedback. I like the idea of the internal and external references section (although sometimes they get their facts wrong, or find it necessary to explain things like "skinnydipping") and I like the listing of books and music featured in each episode. My biggest problem with the podcasters is that they often speak disparagingly about Lorelai and Rory as if they actually dislike them as characters. They can be unnecessarily critical and negative, and can go on long rants, sometimes about third and fourth-tier story lines, as if they don't understand the constraints of episodic TV. They also tend to use the same descriptors over and over (ex: they use the word "interesting" more times than anyone can count) and Cordia especially loves to speak in hyperbole, often saying the show "always" or "never" does XYZ, when it simply isn't true. If you have watched the show all the way through dozens of times, as I have, and know it by heart, you may find yourself disappointed in their overall lack of knowledge and attention to detail (ex: they recently discussed in depth on "The Party's Over" that we had never seen Rory drinking before, when I could immediately recall at least 2 instances off the top of my head when we had). I want to like this podcast more, but everytime I go back to it, I tire very quickly.
S2E8 with commentary about Donald Trump. This was posted 03/22/15. If only we knew what was to come. Still watching, listening and loving the show and podcast! - 02/22/17 Listening to the Sadie Sadie episode from season 2 and you're talking about Ivanka Trump. Who would have thought that would come back to haunt us? Slowly making progress through the show and glad you ladies are with me along for the ride. Love your insight. - 02/08/17 Still listening and absolutely loved bing the show! I can't believe I never watched this show. I'm on season 1 episode 19 so I still have a long way to go but I'm not looking forward to the end. Trying to savor it by watching an episode every other day or so. Great show and great podcast! - 01/24/17 I never watched Gilmore Girls when it aired last in television but I heard so much about the reboot on Netflix that I decided I would watch the original series before watching the new season. I subscribed to several podcasts and this is the last podcast standing. Well done ladies. Looking forward to re-watching the entire series with you! - 12/06/16
I love GG's and this podcast is great! I am still just in season one on listening but have seen the whole series. Keep going please!
5 stars!! I enjoy Cordia and Celeste's articulate commentary and analysis of Gilmore Girls. I never knew how much I wanted in depth discussion of each episode! I'm so glad I'm only on the 3rd season - plenty of episodes left! Thank you for doing this podcast!
I've been listening to this podcast for about 6 months now, but I've had to taper off as it's just too irritating. these women are dedicated fans, interact with their subscribers well, and they do have an in-depth analysis of the episodes. However they go off the rails too much with just ranting and raving about certain plot lines and characters (we don't need 20 minutes per episode devoted to how much you hate Dean), and the external reference section just doesn't interest me. Lastly, it seems like they don't really enjoy the show that much- there is as much complaining as there is actual analysis of the show. It's an okay podcast, but just not for me.
It's a fun podcast and I've enjoyed it...but why, why, WHY delve into politics so often? Especially when it has nothing to do with the show? I've had to pause and walk away from the show too many times. If you share their political and social views then you'll have fun listening to this show. If you don't, you'll end up feeling like I do when I listen; like the quiet loner sitting in a room full of girlfriends who are unknowingly (but without care), bashing your views and beliefs. I wish y'all all the best though!
While I find Cordia and Celeste to be intelligent and sometimes insightful women, listening to their podcast is borderline torture to a die hard Gilmore Girls fan. If you are interested in a discussion of the internal and external references, or you want the chance to actively participate in discussion with the podcast hosts then this is definitely for you. My main issues is that the hosts spend more time tearing the episodes to shreds over minute details that don't actually matter than they spend discussing the highlights or the truly wonderful personality of the show. I think they are completely out of touch with the voice of ASP and her intentions and would be smart to just stop talking about a show that so many of us hold near and dear to our hearts. I'm not blind to the flaws of the series, as I've watched it from start to finish countless times but they are ruthless in their critiques. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to discuss this show if they hate it as much as these two women seem to. What a waste of time.
I found this podcast as a way to watch this show (again) without a binge watch. It's nice to hear Celeste's and Cordia's takes on the episodes. I sometimes disagree with their points of view, but they sometimes disagree with each other. It feels like friends watching and discussing. Sometimes the podcasts feel long, but that is probably because I'm still trying to catch up! Overall, a great way to watch and discuss one of my favorite shows.
Gilmore girls is one of my all time favorite shows and so it's wonderful to hear such thoughtful analysis of each episode. It's awesome to hear two such intelligent hosts delve into the shows intricacies from explaining every reference to discussing the fashion and set design. I just finished catching up on old episodes and now I'm always looking forward to the next one:)
Listening to you two has become a beloved activity of mine. I have seen the series through a few times, but recently started listening to the podcast and am rematching the show yet again along with you. I am currently living in Holland, and don’t have any friends here who are familiar with the show, so listening to your discussions gives me a little taste of being back home with my best friend/fellow Gilmore Girls enthusiast. I am fairly far behind, but hopefully you’ll hear more from me in listener feedback when I catch up! You two rock!
I love this podcast. I love how they break every episode down and take their time talking about the characters and telling the audience their opinion and how realistic it is or is not in the real world. Thanks ladies!
I loved the Buffy reward him and now for every show I watch I look for one of these so when I looked for a Gilmore girls one I was so happy to find this podcast. The podcast looks at the show very critically which isn't the most fun you can have but they do a great job of understanding the show and really liking these characters.
OMG thank you!!! I had to pause and write this review because less than 5 mins in & you ladies are already discussing the episode in depth. Thank you. If you're looking for an in depth review of GG this is it! Thank you again & please keep it up especially w/ the new episodes coming out on Netflix. :)
Funny and lighthearted, while still analytic enough to be interesting, this podcast is my "reward" each week while writing my dissertation. It's the perfect escape, like chatting with my best friends about the GG world that I love! Keep it up!!
This podcast gives a rich and layered analysis of each Gilmore Girls episode, including extensive reviews of the internal and external references and a fashion rundown, making it the most complete I have listened to. I like that it stays mostly focused on the show, but there is enough chat to liven things up without going completely off the rails like another podcast i listen to. Cordia and Celeste appreciate the finer elements of plot, writing, story arcs, acting and overall show dynamics and that makes their commentary interesting and enlightening. They don't always agree and their dialogue at those times is satisfying. They share listener comments and discuss those as well so the subscribers to the podcast can feel very much a part of the conversation. I find myself seeing the show through a new lens and after eleven viewing cycles, that is saying something. I very much enjoy the time I invest in listening to this show. I highly recommend it to any serious Gilmore Girls fan, new and old.
I'm a lover of Gilmore Girls and heard about this podcast through the guys over at Bald Move from their Mad Men Happy Hour cast. At the recommendation of A. Ron, I couldn't wait to dive into Return to Stars Hollow. I've listened to every podcast released. The hosts leave too much to be desired. Hyper critical of the show, the writing, and fashion in some areas, and surface-level analysis in other areas, Celeste and Cordia are uneven hosts at best. When I say surface-level, I should start a count of how many times they can describe a scene as "funny" or "good." I don't need a nearly 2 hour podcast to tell me that a scene that I watched was "funny." I'm glad it makes them laugh, but please, I need more than that to make a podcast worthy of my time. My main criticism is that the hosts present an anti-feminist viewpoint. I'm sure they do this thinking that they are feminists, which is even more irksome. They have spent time tearing down actresses' bodies (which is an insult to the actress, not the costumers). They've referred to main and supporting characters using the terms, "sl--" and "B----." In the 21st century, sl-- -shaming and insults as banal as "B----" set women back decades. In their case, they use "b----" truly as an insult and not as a reclaim. It demonstrates a basic disrespect for women and the forwarding of women's equality. They then proceed to objectify the men on the show. This is supremely frustrating as a listener. It's nice that the hosts interweave listener feedback, but it seems like they don't edit this feedback well. There are four primary commenters who seem to be featured on every podcast. I think this might be because they don't really get much else. I'm really tired of hearing the same listeners' opinions featured over and over. They seem to be given podcast time even if the comment doesn't add value. If the comment adds value then it makes sense. Sometimes it feels like the hosts are simply trying to add time. I really enjoy the 'cups of coffee drank', the internal and external reference features, and music lists. These add a great amount of value to the podcast. However, the hosts are often inaccurate in the references origins. I'm challenged because while I love Gilmore Girls the show, Return to Stars Hollow the podcast leaves a lot to be desired.
I'm loving this retrospective review of the show. These ladies are awesome. They keep me company on long drives. Then I can't wait to get to a TV and watch the episode I just listened to them dissect. I feel like I see it from a new perspective.
I've watched every episode of Gilmore Girls probably 15 times. As soon as I finish all 7 seasons I start all over again! I found this podcast while searching for something else, and I'm so glad I did. It's nice to hear someone else's perspective. I listened to the 1st season podcasts every day until I was caught up, and now I make sure I re watch an episode before that podcast is released. I'm always amazed at all the references they find and the little details I still miss. Thank you so much!! Even though I don't always agree with your opinions it's wonderful to be able to "talk" to other people about the show. Keep up the great job!!
I found this podcast in January, shortly after Edward Herrmann passed away. I first watched the Gilmore Girls in late last year, and it's nice to here others opinions on this great show!
This is a great podcast for anyone who loves the show and they avoid spoilers if you're a first time viewer. They do a great job.
I was originally hoping this was an astronomy podcast. I was looking for more information on star cores. I though "hollow stars!?! Oh this will be rich!" I was a little disappointed that there was no discussion of stars at all, but I have to see this tv program now! Thanks ladies. Love the fashion and music sections.
I just caught up on this podcast after five days of intense listening. I love the analysis, the explanations for all the references, and the subsequent tangents by these two lovely ladies. A lot of these topics have caused major nostalgia. I can’t wait for the next episode!
These ladies take you through an entire episode piece by piece. You feel like you're watching it all over again. I send voice recordings for feedback frequently and feel a little like I contributed. They are hilarious and interesting. -Super Fan Sarah
As someone obsessed with Gilmore Girls, I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I love how in depth the discussions go. I hope it continues!
Like a good book or a good cup of coffee, you get sort of sad when a podcast is over. These ladies bring up aspects of “Gilmore girls” and little nuances that as an avid watcher even I over looked. It is interesting to hear from other listeners of the podcast who have yet to experience the amazingness that is Stars Hollow and all the quirky characters that go with it. I highly recommend it for both the first time watcher and a long time lover of GG. xoxo
I love this podcast. I followed Cordia from The Buffy Rewatch and while I'm not completely sold on the show yet, I keep listening because it feels like giggling and chatting with girlfriends over coffee. If you love to dissect pop culture with two friendly gals, this is the podcast for you!
These two ladies give us a fun return to Stars Hollow. Great insight, fun listener interaction, and enjoyable dialogue about the show. Keep up the great work!