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I love this podcast. It is a very exceptional one and my favorite among the many Disney podcasts I subscribe to. I would give more stars, but it seems as though Gavin has fallen off of the face of the earth! What happened to the podcast there hasn't been a new one out since December!!! Please bring them back, they were always great and very informative, it is hard to find a good Disney podcast that talks about the history of Disney versus what is happening in the parks everyday.
Gavin Doyle is so talented and informative with each of the podcasts!! I enjoy listening to them on my way to work as I plan each trip to Disneyland or just for a " Daily Dose" of some Disney Magic!!
Gavin uses this podcast to promote his book about Disneyland. He may be a good author - I don't know because I haven't read his book - but (as a previous reviewer put it - he's painfully awkward in the podcast. He just doesn't come across as genuine and it feels like he's reading from a script rather than just going with it. It's too bad because his interviewees are EXCELLENT.
This podcast has been growing slowly and gaining steam. I really like the selection of guests and the content is well thought out. I expect it to get even better in the future!
Gavin brings a fabulous perspective to Disney news and Disney planning. As a Disney blogger myself, I follow lots of Disney insiders and I rate Disney Dose at the top. Quality information for avid Disney fans and newbies.
Excellent Designer Interviews. Very creative and informative. Good pace. Interesting. Wish it was about more than Just Disney.
I listen weekly, because the guests are usually interesting and it’s something nice to listen to while I work. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the host - Gavin needs to relax. He’s so rigid in the way he speaks, like he’s a newscaster or something.
Awesome show! So glad I found you!!
I would love this if the host could just relax.
Great interview and intersting, insighful, unique information. Truly growing into his own as an interviewer and commentator.
The first episode had a great interview with the people who said ladies and gentleman boys and girls in the parks. Also the secret about Julie Andrews is awesome.
Fabulous stuff! Great interviews, great info, can't wait for more!
The perfect podcast to keep the Disney joy in between visits to the park. Insightful interviews and fun facts leave the listener wanting more. Great job!
Gavin is an excellent interviewer with insightful questions that yield information for both new and old Disneyland fans. His own input adds to the interviews and makes this podcast a great tool for Disneyland enthusiasts. Recommend!
Thank you so much for doing this. I enjoy all the information I can ever learn about Walt Disney and the Disneland Resort! This podcast was a pleasure to listen too at work. I especially enjoyed the Disneyland Secrets that was added at the beginning. you have a lister for life! Please keep up the good work!
I've enjoyed the first few episodes. Keep 'em coming!
Gavin has found some great Disneyland insiders to interview--their stories are wonderful. Keep the podcasts coming--I want to see who you interview next and what the weekly Disnelyand secret will be.
I give the Podcast 5 stars! It was very interesting, clear, and useful😊!
Highly recommended. Gavin has great skill as an interviewer, and is easy to listen to. His guests are top notch caliber. Something any Disney fan, be they die hard or casual, will emensly enjoy.