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This is a great podcast I play destiny 2 and I love listening in my spare time
Great Show! Keep it up
For a 25-30 minute destiny podcast they only seem to be spending 5-10 minutes an episode actually talking about destiny. And it's not that there's nothing to say, plenty of other podcasts put out quality destiny content.
I listen to your podcasts on my commute to work and then excite my clan community with the information you provided. I enjoy the insights, commentary, and humor you bring to me weekly. Thank you from me and the cosmic voids.


By uchan74
Ok let me get this out in the Clear, it’s interesting & refreshing that you are now including other games to talk about, given the current state of D2. Ive been listening to your podcast for sometime now & glad some form of excitement has return to this show. I’m not knocking on that, however.... what troubles me is the few remaining minutes you DO talk about D2 is nothing but negative feedback... yes your happy they FINALLY are bringing ranked playlist to D2 in the next DLC Warmind, but then you go to “WHICH IS SOMETHING THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE TO BEGIN WITH” or “HALO DOES THIS” psss.... this is not Halo ok?! Get over it. should have, could have,..... for those that are saying there “TRYING TO NOT BE NEGATIVE” you sure talk a lot about the past. Also going into,... the reveal stream was quote “Lack Luster” end quote. I can’t remember if you’re straight up just pvp or pve, but for some in the community. A) it’s Super exciting because we get to know more about Rasputin, Ana Bae & possibly much more. B) the meta IS going to change for pvper, again..... tearing down the significance of the sandbox changes. “It seems the focus was on the exotic changes. Umm, yeah no duh....... just can’t please you can they?! The other stuff like story or new secrets weren’t emphasized. Remember, we ASKED not to reveal TO MUCH so of course it’s lack luster. My point to my rant on my little soap box is if this is going to continue to just harp on old news about your discontent, Just change the title to something other the “Destiny the show” because the loyalist to D2, NOT Bungie are just tired of the constant ranting. Let’s finally move forward or move on. As for me, I may move on from this show.....
Most recent episode that I tuned in To hear about a major sandbox update forced me to wait 9 minutes in before talking about it and only spent 7 total minutes of 30 total talking Destiny. They literally talked about the weather more. If this is not a Destiny Podcast they need to change the name as this is blatantly misleading and not what I subscribed (past tense) for.
...but I just can’t make it through an episode anymore. I understand being dissatisfied with the state of D2 but some of us have been able to find the fun that is there. My issue is that while you certainly aren’t toxic you never have anything good to say and it just seems that while Bungie has dropped the ball in many areas the community as a whole has handled it poorly and that is something that you have control over not Bungie. Thanks for entertaining me for as long as you did, I hope you guys start finding the fun in gaming and focus on that because you guys are at your best when you talk about the things you love. Hope to be back on board in the near future, I really am rooting for you. **Update** I love that you switched it up. Talk about what you love. Resubscribed! I love MonHun!!
Long time listener here. Straight up Destiny news and comments.
I use to enjoy listening to this show since D1. Lately the show has become very negative about D2 and how Bungie is not doing enough to keep players happy. I respect that is you option to which you have every right to. I am a casual player and for me, D2 has been great. I have found hours and hours of enjoyment from this game and have been very pleased with what Bungie has delivered. I understand that they made D2 a new game , and I am happy with the slow growth of this new design to avoid some of the complications from D1. With all the negativity about the game being spoken and what sounds to me like the host are no longer happy with Destiny, has made me want to unsubscribe. I don’t mind some negative talk, but there are still a lot of things about the game as well. Best of luck to your show.


By Xxxbdh
Tired of the negativity. Long time subscriber, loved hearing about the positive things about the game over the years. Now it’s all complaining about Eververse. Complaining about snowballs, are you serious? I love playing Destiny so I’m out.
They do a great job covering destiny
I thoroughly enjoy listening to Ditty and BBK as they bring to life the latest news and conversations in the world of Destiny. Their conversations are upbeat fun and informative and pair well with my experiences playing the game.
Love this podcast. The hosts are awesome. Keep it up gents!
Top 3 Destiny Podcasts for sure. GG
I love their enthusaiasm they have for the game. It's a great short recap of changes/info each week. I like their take on everything. They are not the top elitist and I can relate to them better then most. Keep up the good work guys.
Hey there, Xbox GT andzenchaos here. Just want to let you know and any potential listeners trying to decide whether to listen to this podcast- I love the format, the show's well put together and professional, the main guys are characters and they always have really good guests. If you are looking for some great talk on the game, look no further. Keep up the good work! Voidwalker... that's it.
This is a great quick podcast that provides you with the weekly destiny news. Not much filler here or guests. If your looking for your destiny news give these guys 30 minutes each week. The hosts offer a top quality podcast.
Best Destiny podcast if you want the latest news quick and with a little humor. No 2-hrs of babble like some other Destiny podcasts.
Took a 7 month break from Destiny, after playing it everyday on my ps4 for almost a year and half straight I needed a break. Almost sold my Xbox One, (never used itlong story short I used a scuf controller at my cousins and started to play destiny on my Xbox one, re-addicted, leveling 3 guardians from scratch all again! Anyway, long story short, I have 6 above 300 light guardians now and I'm just glad you guys didn't give up on the game like I did and still reporting the news! Always a great listen.


Talks about everything I want it to talk about. Perfect quality
DTS!! Great show! Right to the point, jump in and jump out talks.
I used to enjoy this podcast a lot. Lately it's getting worse. I've noticed about 4 different pieces of information that were inaccurate in this November 3rd episode so far. (There are 17 masks, you only get 50 marks from trials not 75, the rock band set solo wasn't done in 1 sword, and legendary marks are per account not character) They said, "someone will probably correct us on Twitter." Yes they will because you're handing out inaccurate information. They even know they're screwing up, but they don't do any prep to prevent it. They aren't doing anyone a favor by providing this information. I HIGHLY recommend Guardian Radio and Aim Assist Gaming. Other alternatives would include Destiny Reset and Crucible Radio.
Hosts that played in the top tier of halo multi so this podcast offers serious tips for destiny. No fluff, 30 mins of great information that will improve both your pve and pvp game. High production value make this a must listen to for any Destiny player.
This is literally the only podcast I listen to! Awesome hosts! Always funny and entertaining!
Great destiny podcast. Love the hosts. Keep doing what you're doing guys!
Keeps me up to date with the latest destiny news
This is a great podcast just to listen to some awesome dudes get straight into what you want in the news of Destiny. Keep up the great work guys.
I work in the gaming industry and was looking for a good destiny podcast. Listened to a lot of them out there and this is the best. Hands down. Great info, to the point, good banter. Couldn't ask for more. Also great audio quality and good bumpers.
Provides great news in Destiny! The hosts are also awesome! I definitely recommend this to anyone that plays Destiny. This is my favorite podcast!
Have loved this podcast since the very first episode!


This podcast quickly went from entertaining to a recap of last weeks front page of /r/destinythegame. Rarely any useful insight that isn’t recycled from another source.
You searched Destiny. Now enjoy the The Show.
I'm liking this podcast I've been looking for a podcast for Xbox one destiny players. This is awesomesauce!! -phantom285


You guys are doing a good job. Keep it up!
I have given this podcast three weeks to come around. It turns out it's not going to happen. The hosts of this podcast are not nearly as experienced as other more prominent podcast available. They give out in accurate information almost 30% of the time and don't bring up intriguing topics. Sorry, but these college kids need to level up and quit saying "awesome" all the time. I would suggest checking out the guardians of destiny podcast, or the IGN destiny podcast. Both have celebrity destiny guardians, Bungie staff, and other knowledgeable guests that push the boundaries of Destiny.
I just started Useing the podcast app and found this podcast...I fell in love with has a great host that keep me on the tip of my toes to listen more I literally go to sleep listening to this and I recommend every destiny fan watch this
If you enjoy destiny, you will enjoy this podcast. The hosts are well informed of what's happening in the destiny-verse and are well mannered and respectful. It's a short fun weekly show that will keep you informed of news and pro tips.
If you play Destiny, you need to listen to this show every week. Dragoon and Ditty are smart and hilarious, I look forward to this show every week!
Great segments, very funny and entertaining. For sure know how to give you news in a fun way, also very nice to interact with on Twitter. Glad I came across this podcast, I enjoy listening to you guys while at work and playing destiny. One of the few podcast I can listen to episodes multiple times and had moved to #1 on my list of podcasts. Keep up the good work. Geoff Gamertag: liquidsmoke4x20
I listen to a lot of video game podcasts and this is a very good one. The hosts are smart and straight to the point. The show's length speaks to the lack of time wasted. Other podcasts have a lot of filler. These guys don't and they have a solid thing going on.


By MrTech
Great hosts, great quality, and all the Destiny information I need.