Between The Scripts

Reviews For Between The Scripts

The Boyz are fantastic community builders who work to provoke thinking and engagement. I love the dynamic the two share and look forward to tuning in every sunday for the show live! I think that this is a great way to listen to the show on those sundays that I’m not able to listen to them!
Very informative and thought provoking, the two hosts are extremely entertaining and seem to easily go from silly and fun to passionate and informed. Well worth the listen, surprised there are not more LGBT talk shows like this.
I LOVE this podcast. I've told my friends about it and they agree, there isn't enough of this sort of LGBT advocacy in podcasting or radio. These guys are forging new ground! I wish I lived in an area where I could tune in every week live and call in! These boys are obviously extremely committed to the station. All the guests are great and the segments are super well thought out! This just shows that radio isn't dead! It lives on and is still very powerful in education and informing!