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Another win for America. If you love podcasts, and you love the red white and blue... This is for you.
I came for the Scarjo. I stayed for the host. He's a true American treasure even if he doesn't know it. This guy is a brilliant writer and each episode is both insightful and hilarious. I'm not really a Scarjo super fan, and never dreamed I would want to spend who knows how many hours listening to a tribute to her...and yet after hearing one, I binge listened to every episode and can't wait to hear more. The format is more like an essay than your typical podcast, but it works perfectly. I could go on and on about it, but really you should just start from episode one and give it a listen!
This is a fun podcast, check it out!
To start with, I'm not really much of a Scarlett Johansson fan (I don't dislike her, but I don't have any particularly strong feelings about her, positive or negative), but I am a fan of Luke Milton and his other podcasts ("The Book Was Better" and the "Fruitless Pursuits" podcast). This one is somewhat unusual compared to the others and compared to the typical model for podcasts in that it is a solo effort. So you don't get banter and jokey conversations; instead, each episode you get what is essentially a humorous essay that happens to take as its subject a film that Scarlett Johansson appeared in. This can be a tricky thing to pull off, but I think Luke has done it, and has brought both humor and insight to the films he's covered, while quite deliberately avoiding the sort of leering that one might presume a podcast with this premise would indulge in. The podcast is still in its early days as I write this, and it will be interesting to see how it develops as we get to the point in Johansson's career where she becomes a full-fledged star, but I'm certainly on board for the journey.