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My response to a new post or podcast by Jennifer Gonzalez at Cult of Pedagogy - Oh happy day! I’ll be just that much better at effectively meeting the needs of my students after I absorb and implement these methodologies, strategies, hacks! As an, ahem, experienced educator, (more than 30 years K-12, the whole continuum of learners, Administrator, Adjunct Professor) I carefully curate my guiding professional resources and I can’t recommend this podcast, posts, and publications produced by JG at CoP highly enough! Thanks for meeting the need to continually improve instead of standing idly by as the educational system becomes more and more sclerotic. (The system, not the educators, parents, nor community.)
What did I ever do without it?
Great podcast with extremely useful and helpful materials. This is real teacher talk that introduces and analyzes many strategies to imporves teacher and student performance in the classroom. I am so glad to have found this podcast and website. I'm a better teacher for it!
This podcast has been instrumental in helping me with my planning this summer. Every issue I have listened to has included great tools to use in the classroom.
By far my favorite educational resource and podcast! It is relevant, organized, and contains great links to other resources. Jennifer Gonzales asks the best questions of her guests, always with the teacher in mind and she has a great, soothing voice.
I listen to this pod regularly, and I always learn something - and find things that can be practiced immediately to improve my teaching.
Jennifer Gonzalez puts a huge amount of work into making her podcasts useful. She has simultaneous blog articles with all the links mentioned. She does a lot of research ahead of time and summarizes it for us. She prepares excellent questions for her guests ahead of time so that every interview proceeds quickly and with direction. She never interrupts her guests, lets them finish their points. Her diction/elocution is perfect, easy to understand, with no annoying quirks. She includes the transcripts if you prefer to read along, or play it for your students as a lesson. She thinks carefully about what will be useful information for teachers, not just what she is interested in. I am rewarded by every single episode with new nuggests of wisdom and ideas to be put into practice. Her archives and website are so well organized that finding old episodes and blog posts is simple. I am mining those often for things I missed.
I discovered this podcast during remote learning, and even during a stressful and overwhelming time, Jennifer Gonzalez has ignited my passion for teaching. I even signed up for her JumpStart class, which I highly recommend.
Even though I am a high school student, this is my favorite podcast I have ever listened to. I love the extensive information that she provides and there are so many things I learn just from one episode!!! I would totally recommend it to anybody I know. Thank you to Jennifer for such a wonderful podcast!
Thanks for the episode on multi-cultural education and social-justice teaching. This is such important work and thank you for not shying away from the topic as so many white teachers do. Time to do the work, myself.
I was turned on to this by my principal. He's a big podcast guy and spent two years suggesting I'd enjoy this. I finally took his advice and listened to an episode, then another and another... It's great. It's a good investment of your limited time and headspace. I could not recommend it enough.
Arriving late to the party, I’ve just been introduced to your podcast this past week (5/30/20). Jennifer, thank you for finding/sharing/posting exceptional resources for teachers. Many days I have felt like I’m on the front lines with no cavalry for back up. As a teacher of 10 years, I appreciate your comprehensive work geared toward supporting the art of teaching and the education industry as a whole. @caramiolsen • Henderson, NV• #highschoolofbusiness
I love this podcast so much. I have seen so many fantastic resources and ideas come from Jennifer and her guests. I teach high school English, but even math teachers on the show have given me some great concepts to work with.
You can tell every podcast Jennifer creates is planned out and organized to support listeners. Her ideas are practical and her suggests always provide great insights. This podcast is great for new teachers to teachers with decades of experience! I appreciate the blog posts that accompany every podcast, which helps when you want to go back to review the content. I know it’s a lot of work to host this quality of a podcast. Keep it up, Jen!
This podcast is real and I feel like I have been able to apply at least one tip, technique, or concept into my work as a teacher immediately after listening. The content has been interesting enough to hold my attention and inspiring enough to make me want to be the best teacher I can be. Thank you Jennifer Gonzalez for putting together such a great podcast and blog and sharing your knowledge it’s appreciated!
Jennifer’s podcasts are packed with awesome information!! She chooses such relevant topics and discusses them them with insight and intelligence. Not only that, but she has a great radio voice! Her show and her block are fantastic resources!
Excellent episode. This is so sane and has such a smart framework for thinking about online teaching. Of note, Episode 49 of this same podcast, on dialogue journals, is an excellent companion to this. I had listened to it prior to us going online and am now finding dialoguing back and forth with students in their writing notebooks (which are essentially Google docs) has been a great way to communicate with them. (I just always write in a green font so they know it's me.)
Even after teaching for twenty-nine years, I still learn every day. The Cult of Pedagogy has helped me become a better teacher. I listen to every episode. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and the knowldege of your talented guests.
Jennifer Gonzalez is the best, wide with awesome teaching ideas.
Thank you for 4 Things I’ve Learned about Teaching from CrossFit. It really hit home. I love CrossFit but I’m terrible. It really puts you in the place of our struggling students. I’ve quit so many times even though I completely 😍 it! How many of our kiddos have ‘quit’ even though they still want desperately to learn? Thanks for the reminder 🏋️‍♂️📚❤️


What a wealth of knowledge here! I’m a 2nd year sped inclusion teacher in middle school and I’ve found this podcast SO helpful even tho it’s geared more toward gen ed. Good strategies are good strategies no matter what area you’re in; so much is so applicable for everyone! ❤️
I teach college level students and the evidence based tactics in Cult of Pedagogy episodes have completely changed how I think about assessment, classroom activities, and group work! Highly recommend to any educator.
Jennifer Gonzalez is amazing. Her ability to articulate on any topic she discusses is incredible. She touches on every teacher need from organization, to content, to classroom management to relationships. Every podcast I listen to, every blogpost I read leaves me wanting more. Her suggestions are so helpful, applicable and sensible. I am so glad she takes the time to create such a helpful and meaningful resource for people in education.
I have followed Jennifer on Facebook for years. Imagine my excitement when I realized she had a podcast! There are not enough hours in my week to catch up on all of the episodes that apply to the things I have questioned, worried about, or are curious about. Thank you, Jennifer, for being such an amazing support for teachers everywhere!
I’m a geoscientist but would like to become a teacher in the next few years. This podcast has provided me with an incredible toolkit to help guide my way into this challenging yet rewarding career. I discovered Cult of Pedagogy in 2019 and have listened to almost every episode. I will likely listen to all the episodes again when finished. The content is well organized and researched. I find the interviews very engaging and it is easy to sense the passion of teaching in Jennifer’s guests. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your knowledge, experience and research to others. Can not wait to hear more!
I really appreciate how you crowd source content to design an informed, rich opportunity for me to grow as an educator!


Episode 132 ‘How to spot Dyslexia’ was the first of Jennifer’s podcasts I have listened to and it has me coming back for more! Great, clear, easy to follow, relevant, current information for all teachers! Thank you! Jonily Minds On Math
I just discovered this podcast a few days ago and immediately downloaded all 135 episodes on my ipod to listen to in my car. I've taught for lot of years and it makes me feel good when you say something that confirms what I felt I already knew, but I also learn a LOT of great new ideas to try that I'm sure will make a difference in my classroom.
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year now. I have loved and appreciated every episode that you have created. Throughout my “journey” with this podcast or whatever you want to call it, I have had full intentions of leaving a positive review, a thank you, for all of the wonderful information you have given to me as a future teacher. But like a lot of other things, I never got around to writing that positive review.. until today. I listened to episode 135 and wow. I have always loved your content but THIS is the one that made me say to myself, “write that review you have been wanting to right now!” Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful information, research, tips, advice, and FLUFF that you do! I have one year left before I graduate with my bachelors in Elementary Education. Jennifer, keep doing what you are doing... you are inspiring more people than you probably even know. Thank you for taking that false review about your “fluffy content” and doing exactly what you have been doing all along- encouraging and inspiring others to be the best they can be in teaching and in life in general.
I was listening to your episode about the time you made a fart sound in class today and it was by far one of my favorites! Your podcasts are always a wealth of knowledge, but apart from the fact that you’re a master story teller, your story both brightened and brought tears to my eyes. As a teacher, I often feel torn apart by criticism: from parents, society, politicians (who know nothing about education), administrators (who forgot what it was like to be a lowly teacher), other teachers, and even worse, myself. I’ve also experienced that moment of pride in a silent, busy classroom. Every student working diligently. No one asking for help. I can only imagine what would happen if I pulled your prank! Not cool enough to pull that, I have bonded with my kids over stories of my moments of forgetfulness or heartbreak. They’ve seen me cry when telling a story about coming to America or while reading the ending of Edward Tulane. My teammates have politely told me that I’m too friendly with my students. I disagree. Kids need to know that teachers are real people that experience real emotion. Teachers have lives and problems like everyone else. Sometimes your home life and your work life enter-twine: you worry about your home problems at work and you think of your needy kids while making dinner. We gotta be tough enough for kids to respect us but soft enough for kids to trust us if they’re in a jam. That old adage of kids won’t remember the material you taught them but will never forget how you made them feel rings truer than ever. I am truly sorry for the loss of your mentor. I am happy she taught and inspired you so much, but I am sad she felt so hopeless that she felt suicide was the only way out. Listening to your story reminded me how important it is to take time for self care. To not take life and work so seriously. That bonding with family and students is so important. Sorry for going on so long. Thank you so much for the work you do!
I have found a lot of inspiration and gotten a lot of ideas from this podcast, but I am not finding it as relatable as I had hoped. I teach in a city that is deemed the worst in the state. I feel like the problems this podcast addresses many times do not relate to my everyday school and classroom experiences. I would not rate this podcast bad just because I cannot relate to it, but I would just put it out there that if you work in an urban school or district deemed one of the worst in your state or area, this podcast may not be for you. You will still be able to relate to a lot because all teachers can relate in someway but there may be things you are hoping to hear about or learn about that you won’t find here.
Jennifer is easy to listen to and her content is broad and relevant to members of any community, parents/families, workers in any business, in addition to schools/teachers. Advertisement duration is growing but we can’t expect everything to be free ...
Great podcast. I listen on the way to work and always walk into the classroom with a new strategy, new energy and a new love of teaching. These podcast challenge you as a teacher in a positive way.
I want to so badly and I need to get it together already! Thank you!!!
Currently have a concussion and cannot do any screen time which is killing me as a teacher. Came across this podcast and have been listening to a bunch. Some great tips and resources are offered.
This is a great resource for teachers! Listen and soak it up!
After 20 years, felt like I was doing a very good, even excellent job. And now, I'm thrilled to discover that there are loads of ways I could be better. So appreciate everything I can try, every resource, every conversation I get to hear. One of the best podcasts I subscribe to.
I stumbled upon this podcast from a colleague and fell in love. Great stuff!
Just so darn helpful! I discovered Cult of Pedagogy after getting back into classroom teaching (after many yrs) as a leave replacement. I was dismayed by all of the worksheets I was given as resources for my students. I happened to find a great Blog article on Jennifer’s website addressing the very issue I was experiencing! I was hooked & an instant fan. I’ve been a regular listener of the podcast ever since. I’ve learned so much - practical exercises to use in my classroom & many many resources on tech & teaching best practice. I’m back in another leave replacement role with a promising future. I’m a high school biology teacher. Can’t thank Jennifer enough!
This is one of the very best of the best podcasts for middle school ELA teachers and all teachers in general! Thanks so much for this wonderful resource.
I have never left a review before but get compelled to do so because your podcast is so good.


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Jennifer, I discovered your podcast via my daughter who’s a beginning teacher. We traveled across country together and listened to many of your podcasts together- so powerful for us both. Your thoroughness and attn to detail is appreciated. Keep on recording- I’m a big fan! I have share you with all my teachers as well.
I found some of the topics covered my Jennifer to be inspiring and relevant to my classroom needs right now.
I have been teaching for many, many years but I love the information and ideas I get from this podcast. So worth the time.
I’m starting a new job as an 8th grade writing teacher. This podcast has really helped me think through a lot of issues and has made me feel infinitely more prepared. Thanks!
There is a podcast for everything that I’m wondering about and the ideas presented are helpful and timely. Thank you!
The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast is simply inspiring as a teacher. As I transistion to a 90 minute block this year, episode 75 "Making the Most of your 90 minute block" was extremely influencial in the practices I've developed. It was suggest by my boss and now I am hooked! Many of the episodes have changed my thinking towards classroom management, praise, motivating students and grading. Jennifer Gonzalez is great at explaining her research and explaining her reasoning. Thank you all the work you've done to create this podcast! I have already seen the strategies I've emplimented from your podcast having a postive effect on my class.
Jennifer has a capacity to bring a humility of life long learning along with her expertise to help new and experienced teachers alike build their tool box for the school year! I am so grateful I found this podcast and made this part of my weekly routine!
Jennifer Gonzalez is professional and talented, but she is also warm and practical. I am always helped by her podcasts and feel a better teacher because of it.