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The interview with the lawyer was really hard to hear and follow...
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Matt.
Matt has amassed an amazing amount of insight into the world of Crowdfunding from those who have launched campaigns. He provides his own perspectives and experiences within each shows unique focus. The combination gives readers an insightful experience from which listeners can take purposeful actions to improve their own campaigns success.
Great show, awesome experience! Thanks for having us on Matt.
In my opinion, the knowledge passed by those who have successfully ran campaigns, is far more valuable than any advise from all others. Keep up this great work Matt.
Personally I have gained so much knowledge from the interviews on this show and the great questions he asks are actually things that I would ask someone. If you want to learn about kickstarter, or how to change your mindset more towards inventor creator using crowd funding to advance your concepts, this is the show for you. Or if you just want motivation from others passion for there company's. If you an entrepreneur you need to listen to this podcast. The people on his show are people that are literally changing history as we know it, I want to be like them…. This show makes that easier for me. If you ever plan on being on kickstarter than you need to listen to this show
Great guests! Matt asks GREAT questions and gets right to the point. Super-valuable info… Seth Godin gold… Scott Voelker on Amazon Marketplace… Priceless. Outsourcing manufacturing to China. Invaluable.I have learned SO much in such a short time on Matt’s podcast my head is spinning. I eagerly await each new episode as I prepare to launch Pakpod (tripod) on Kickstarter. If you are serious about crowdfunding, you need this podcast!
This podcast has been amazingly educationcal for me. The people he interviews have such differnt backgrounds and perspectives that the show is always interesting, informative, and often surprising. It's wonderful to hear so many entreprenurs share their own wisdom directly, as opposed to being filtered by an author's preconceived angle. Matt is a great host and sets a wonderful tone. The length of each show is just right to fit into my busy schedule. Thanks Matt!
No meandering information here, it’s all to the point great info for entrepreneurs made by entrepreneurs.
Matt, very informative interview. I will most definitely take the time to listen to more of your podcasts.
Loved the interview regarding “turning fashion and passion into crowdfunding brand . . .” Great questions posed and loved the company’s ideas - and including their future plans to innovate. Very inspiring!
I found the podcast on the brothers'-created printer very interesting. I enjoyed learning how the brothers worked together and tried various ideas. Good info!
Great energy! Quite helpful at putting the necessary building blocks in the proper order.
Matt is the BOMB when it comes to crowdfunding. He’s a great resource and getting a lot of value out of his show. Thumbs up!
I’ve been wanting to launch my own Kickstarter campaigns but feel as though I’m not quite ready yet. Been really pumped listening to the stories of other entrepreneurs and hearing what they went through during their campaigns, and how their products are changing the world! Great dose of inspiration and motivation. Thanks Matt!
Love this. OVer $13 million in stories and heard them all!
Easily my favorite podcast. Love learning more about Kickstarter and looking to launch my own product soon
One day I want to be on this podcast and have an awesome Kickstarter success story!
Love this podcast — Matt you do great interviews! Keep them coming!!
Title pretty much says it all. I want to do a Kickstarter and this is easily the best podcast out there.
Matt, the owner of this whole motion is very knowledgeable about the necessary processes needed to make a successful kickstarter campaign fundable! He has in-depth podcasts with relevant entrepreneurs and also has a product out that is a step-by-step in order to achieve a great kickstarter project! Get on it! :)
Absolutely great podcast. Gives excellent insights into the process behind inspiring Kickstarter campaigns and the hard-working innovators behind them. Can’t get enough of it.
Great podcast, very inspirational. It is great hearing about people out there starting businesses and making a difference.
We work with a lot of Kickstarters and crowdfunders to ship orders to backers, and we know many of the common struggles and challenges these crowdfunders face...and not just with their order fulfillment. Art of the Kickstart offers truly unique content that is a benefit to all crowdfunders, with valuable takeaways from entrepreneurs that have actually gone through it. Keep up the good work, Matt!
Matt is a natural, great podcast, great mission!
These interviews are phenomenal! Matt asks great questions and provides really valuable information to budding entrepreneurs and veterans of the game alike. He keeps it fun and intertaining while stille getting the most from his guests. Great stuff!
If you want to start a kickstarter project, this is a must subscribe podcast. Matt is entertaining and asks all of the right questions.
I had the honor of being a guest on the September 3rd, 2014 episode to talk about my process for designing and launching on Kickstarter the Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle. Matt did a great job asking tough and interesting questions and getting to the heart of what makes a successful product and crowdfunding campaign. His keen insight gave me a lot to think about after the interview, as well. Matt has been professional through the entire process and I’d highly recommend listening to as many episodes as you can to help you navigate the world of crowdfunding.
I was lucky enough to be in invited to the podcast - after listening to a bunch of other interviews, each seemed to provide a very useful insight into the entrepreneurial factors of Kickstarter. By actually hearing the words and strategies of the actual people running their Kickstarter, Art of the Kickstart gives a much deeper, extensive, and useful insight to the intricacies of running a successful campaign. Rock on, Matt!
I recommend for anyone wanting to start a Kickstarter, to look into this podcast. I'll remember these tips whenever I want to start my Kickstarter. Because I like free stuff. I just finished listening to Sidi's episode and what he is doing sounds cool.
I'm not a huge fan of business shows, but this one, all about the best of kickstarter is extremely interesting and i come back every episode! Subscribe!
Love this podcast. Matt does a great job interviewing cool Kickstarters and shares a ton of tips for inventors looking to learn and make epic products. Definitely subbed.
Great podcast. Had to leave a review cause love hearing Kickstarter stories and tips. Hope to launch one one day.
Love this podcast. It is the only real inventors podcast I have managed to find I really like and love the quality and uniqueness of each of the guests. Hearing stories of different Kickstarter creators I hae never heard of is much better than most repetitive interview shows out there.
As a mom with kids interested in building a business this podcast is the perfect motivation for me. Just listened to the latest one with Ray and loved how he chases his passion and is constantly living and learning.
Love the podcast Matt. Just listened to the episode with the Swiss couple and finally decided I had to leave a reivew. Keep it up!
Found Art of the Kickstart a week ago and have been bingeing since. Love the inventors and designers on the show and the tips they offer. Especially episode 27 with Ray Palermo.
Matt's content and his web skills shine through as he has great discussions with inspirational and influential entreprenuers!
I just listened to 6 episodes in a row. Love the content, truly inspiring! Interviews are very professionally done. So impressed by how Matt directs the interviews and asks relevant follow up questions. Subscribing, can’t wait to listen to more!
Great job on this Matt. You really get to the internal level of how people invent things.
It is great to hear this level of passion and inspiration directly from entrepreneurs! If you are looking for a source of motivation, look no further. Great Content!
A cool way to learn the background behind many popular Kickstarter campaigns. Gives a voice to innovation and shows the creativity behind inventions.
I'm thinking about starting my own business, but I didn't know where to start. This gave me a lot of great advice and ideas. I feel a lot more confidant about my ability to start my own business.
I was just interviewed by Matt Ward regarding my kick starter campaign, and had a great experience with it. He is very insightful and definitely knows how to ask the right questions that make entrepreneurs and inventors think. Will definitely be listening to this podcast on a more regular basis!
Can’t wait to hear more. Matt gives a lot of info to aspiring folks and is an excellent interviewer. Best of luck.
Matt is a natural at interviewing. He always seems to ask the very questions that I’m wondering about as I listen to the person being interviewed. Definitely recommend his podcasts.
This podcast had some great questions and really insightful answers.
Great series, can't wait to hear the interview with SYNEK!!!
Can’t wait to see more!