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I discovered this show back in February and I have been obsessed since! Not only for the nostalgia fuel’d content of revisiting old favorites but for the lovely discussions of the show’s host. The four hosts have a wonderful chemistry you can feel while listening.The witty banter, & movie discussions are both hilarious and heart warming. Molly, Dan, Beth & also Dan not only provide hilarious stories and Zingers about the old films, they also give some really good critiques on cinema and storytelling. This podcast is one of my favorites and never disappoint! Don’t hesitate, become a TOTES HEAD today.
What a funny and insightful podcast! Nostalgic fun and great “yes and” humor as the hosts build on each other’s comments. And even some deep meaning I had not considered on some of these movies. Really a great listen!!
I found Totes Recall because I heard Beth speak on a panel in Minneapolis. I immediately was inspired by her, and after tuning into the podcast I can confidently say that this crew is INCREDIBLE! Totes Recall has saved my commute, and feels like spending time with friends. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I start crying. Listening to this podcast makes you feel like you’re in on the joke and you belong. I am so happy I heard Beth that day, and I am so so happy that this pod is now in my life. Thanks for making a 23 year old who is still figuring everything out forget the real world for awhile!
Milk drinking adults are creepy. My parents are divorced too, Molly. This is podcast yum yum.
Totes recall is a totes-ally awesome podcast! I drive to visit my family ~1 per month, and I always listen to the new episode on the way and an older episode coming back. I’ve even started to relisten to some episodes. From Dan’s liberal use of hashtags and .coms to Molly’s love for movie animals to other Dan’s need for clarification to Beth’s impeccable movie pedigree as a viewer of AFI’s top 100 list, what’s not to like? I especially like the new 60 second summary bit to start the 2nd half of the podcast. It’s so great that I’ll bet Joe Prado came up with it. This is the first podcast I recommend friends looking for new podcasts. I stumbled upon it by accident, and I’m so glad I did!
While the world is crumbling around us, this podcast is a lovely break from reality. I love reminiscing on old movies and hearing the hosts take on them. I almost stopped listening when they tore apart one of my favorite movies, Freaky Friday, but I’m glad I stuck around!
Love the podcast. I threw out my back last week cuz I’m an old man... stuck at home looking out the front window, I went on a Totes Recall bender. Time well spent... back’s all better now thank you. Hey teens!!! Get off my lawn!
This podcast is like sitting with your friends at a party where you’re all talking about the same thing but everyone has a touch of ADHD and keeps getting distracted. In the best way possible! Beth, Molly, and the Dans have such great jokes that even if I haven’t seen the movie, I’m literally laughing out loud. These 4 amazing individuals keep me sane at my job, motivate me through workouts, make me crave pizza (which means I work out more), give the best movie recommendations, and generally put a smile on my face. Keep up the great work everyone! —Sam H.
These four best friends use their improv skills and love of movies (and pizza...and salad) to create this fantastic podcast. My favorite parts: 1) They way they riff off each other’s jokes, 2) The “Hey, it!” Segment, 3) Their totally authentic laughs throughout the entire podcast, 4) #weirdhashtagsegment, 5) 60 second recap. I cannot give this podcast enough stars!! 1,000,000/10 would recommend.
Most authentic and delightful expression of joy I’ve heard in a long time- just saying. Also, I can’t stop listening to this podcast. 🤓
how much better it would be without the one person who loudly cackles almost non-stop, which is brutal.
Introductions are for suckers, so I'm just gonna start with a shout out to the Magic The Amateuring/ Good Luck High Five girls for having Dan on their podcast, because otherwise I'm not sure I would have found this beautiful. Dan had me hooked with his goofy Russia- I mean Nicol Bolas impersonation, so I had to come here. Since then, I've grown to love listening to you guys butchering movies I remember, making weirdo bit characters, and making guesses I would make had I never seen the movie. I love how Dan doesn't understand how Patreon or hashtags work, how Molly has the best witch cackle I have ever heard (It's bow-wow-wonderful), how Also Dan's voice does the thing when he gets flustered, and Beth just kinda weathers through it all, and wonders if she's seen the movie. I wrote down as many inside jokes as I could remember, but honestly you guys are great and keep being beautiful dorks! Thank you
This is the only podcast I binge listen to at work. I seriously want to be friends with all four of them. Hashtag team salad
Whatever my mood, these four hosts have always managed to make it better. From their ridiculous bets on what could happen in movies they can’t remember, to their in-depth analyses and impressions of the background characters, Dan Jaquette, Molly Chase, Dan Linden, and Beth Gibbs laugh their way through movie memory loss, and it is truly infectious. Before each film, they make bold guesses about everything from plot points to whether or not it will pass the Bechdel test, and they discuss their findings after watching it together. But it’s more than just a discussion about movies—it’s a hilarious group of good friends having a great time, and that makes Totes Recall a great listen. 5 Joe Prados to you all!
four hosts, good mix of opinions, no one is annoying, Voicemod intro is weird but funny, good variety of movies, my only criticism is that they put an episode out weekly, thank you for putting out a fun and member berries podcast.
I’ve had to stop listening to this podcast at work because I laugh too hard. My boss came over to my desk and asked if I was alright as I turned bright red and shook uncontrollably with silent laughter during the beauty and the beast episode. But now I have to be careful what I do at home while I listen, because I almost spit tea all over my laundry.
2 Pizzas, 2 Salads, 1 Movie - This podcast has everything. Listen as these 4 hilarious friends try to remember classic (and - apparently - not so classic) movies. This podcast will remind you of why you loved some movies and make you realize that some are better left in the past! You won't regret listening to this one. Thank you guys for making me laugh SO MUCH. My bet: you will LOVE this podcast. p.s. i love the pizza talk :D
Love listening to these four great and hilarious people discuss what they think they remember about movies while riffing off each other too. It is fun to try and recall information along with them. I give it 5 Joe Dantes out of 5. ( if nobody is particularly inspired to do a character voice please read in Joe Dante impersonation it is the best)
This podcast is great to listen to while driving through Louisiana. It is also nice to listen to while flying through the air. I’ve enjoyed every episode. Please tell us more about the salads.
This podcast is a great way to remember movies of the past. The four hosts have a chemistry that fortunately outshines their memory of these movies they probably have seen before. Plenty of running gags tie the shows together, and give you something to look forward to in the second half of the show. Five random references to this episode’s movie out of five!
FIVE STARS! Good Job! Nice podcast. I liked it. yeah, pretty good…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Eh, Oh, it's me Joe Dante. Totes Recall has a lot in common with my 80's blockbusta, Gremlins! Take the Dan's, one of them prefers the dark, it's the perfect place to sit and think about his parents divorce! Get the other Dan wet and he multiplies. THAT'S WHY THERE ARE 2 DANS! You feed Molly a salad after mindnight and she turns into a real punk who hates beloved 80's horror comedies! And Beth, well she seems like a sweet girl, but I imagine that if you start dating her you'll find out she has a really depressing story about why she hates christmas. 5 Stars!!!
Love this podcast! Always look forward to it every month. I particularly like when they do movies from the 90s and early 2000s. The Bring it On episode was a highlight. Keep up the awesome work!
Seriously, what's not to love? Fellow Jeffy G. fans and epic unintentional puns. For movies I've seen, it's fun to share the experience of painfully horrible recall. For those I haven't (and don't intend to), it is a nice vicarious romp that often confirms my choice to refrain. For movies I've been meaning to see... playing along is a rainy afternoon delight. Thanks crew, I look forward to more. p.s. I began applying the Bechdel–Wallace test to random events and other media after my intro Totes Recall marathon. Did your day pass the Bechdel–Wallace test?
I know Dan from High School. He is cool. I don't know the other Dan, but he seems cool too. Molly and Beth also seem cool. I only mention them second because I know one Dan and had to explain the lack of relationship to the other, and the linear nature of our language prevented me from mentioning all as first. Someone should give the podcast money so they can buy more salad. Jersey Dracula should get more airtime and should speak to other named Draculas about non-relationship issues. This is the greatest podcast ever that has a borderline title copyright infringement for a movie starring a former Governor in a movie they did before they were Governor. Keep up the awesomeness!!!
5 crimer planes
I love this podcast. That is all.


By Farev
This podcast is great. I specially enjoy when you watch those movies that are "so bad they are good." They seem to get the best reactions. Every month I look forward to a new episode and all the details I've forgotten from old movies. I've also realized all the troubling facts I missed when I first saw these movies because I was too young or naive to understand. Keep up the good work. P.S. after binging most of your episodes and hearing about the wonderful newsletter over and over again, I finally signed up! Of course, then I listened to the phantom menace episode and realized it had died :(. Is there a condensed digest out there somewhere? P.S.S. #WhatWithDatBethHattinAladdin?
This podcast is awesome! I found it via "some magic podcast", and it's so much fun to think back on movies that you loved or hated. Being a big movie buff, I personally find myself fighting with my stereo when Beth, Molly and the Dan(s) are trying to remember the details of each movie. But they always bring back with a hilarious and entertaining take after they've re-watched the movie. Thanks for making my recent 18 hour drive for the holidays manageable. It definitely gets 5 out of 5 quaffed surfboards from me.
I love that every time someone makes a good pun the whole crew suddenly turns into the little green aliens from Toy Story. Great pod, lots of laughs keep up the excellent work!
Y'all, I absolutely love this podcast. I find myself totally looking forward to the 15th each month, for the treat of listening to you all debate and banter. It's always fun, and I'm particularly a fan of Molly and Dan J back-and-forthing at each other. Keep it up, and I hope you get multiple more years to keep at it.
I’ve known about Totes Recall for years but only started listening a few months ago and I’m so grateful I did. It is bar none one of my favorite podcasts. The team has unbelievable chemistry and comedic timing. I hate that there’s only one episode a month but I also get giddy with anticipation waiting for what the next movie will be. Whether you’ve seen the movies or not, it doesn’t matter. The group’s commentary and insight is likely far more entertaining. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the podcast immediately. And the newsletter. And go to Terrible Origami (home of the million dollar frog). Maybe order some pizza while you’re at it.
Molly: I love your car talk. I wonder if you'd really enjoy "Gone in 60 Seconds" Dan & Dan: Gone in 60 Seconds! Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie! Beth: ... I really like your insight. You are younger than my brother. I wish I could say more. Everyone: This podcast is like orange day at Luther College: Cheetos, tomato soup. In other words, comfortable.
This podcast is long, making it perfect for train rides, car rides or for listening at work. It has helped me remember why I loved certain movies growing up and has inspired me to rematch them as an adult. My only gripe is that this podcast doesn't come with a pizza to join in on the fun.


By abearl
Besides the fact that this podcast is hilarious, it’s also…educational? They watch movies that are generally a part of the collective conscious but oh how our collective conscious misremembers! My favorite part is where they were when they first saw the movie (awkward dad moment anyone?). Fantastic podcast, just wish it was more than once a month (you guys can quit your day jobs, right?)


By Btatro
I love to listen to the 4 of them try to remember these movies. I'm convinced they have the worst memory ever. almost every episode of the movies I've seen I remember everything and I just scream, "how do you not remember that!" do Star Wars!!!!!
Dudes and Dudettes, Ya'll need to listen to this podcast! It is great fun and fills time in the work day really well! I found it because Dan Jaquette was also on a magic podcast, so we need to get the word out! Keep it up you 4!
Besides the fact that this podcast is hilarious, it’s also…educational? They watch movies that are generally a part of the collective conscious but oh how our collective conscious misremembers! My favorite part is where they were when they first saw the movie (awkward dad moment anyone?). Fantastic podcast, just wish it was more than once a month (you guys can quit your day jobs, right?)
This show is awesome, I just wish they would do it more often, but you know what sometimes a little of a great thing goes a long way. Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, Back to the Future I-III, <-- These are the movies I would love to see.


Top ten things I love about Totes Recall: 10. Beth is great in her producer/co-host dual role. The sound quality is top notch. 9. Molly's animal reactions crack me up EVERY TIME. 8. #danmakesupahashtag 7. Great selection of movies. I've seen almost all of them, which makes playing along fun. 6. Molly brings Gen X, Beth is str8 Millennial, and the Dans are generational tweeners. This generational interplay sets up a good chunk of the memories discussed. 5. Dan Linden's detailed filled mini-rants and everyone's reactions to them = gold in my ears. 4. I judge podcasts by how often I jump back 15 to rewind a joke or moment. I do this multiple times every single episode. 3. The moments when someone realizes they haven't seen the movie before. Priceless. 2. When Beth and Molly have a conversation about anything other than the Dans. #BechdelTestPass 1. The snapshot in time presented - You really see how culture has changed quite rapidly, and it makes you wonder what someone might think listening to Totes Recall a few decades down the road.
Every month's episode is filled with laughs and interesting discussions about the featured movie. Highly recommended.
Molly, Beth, Dan and Dan, Thank you so much for such a great podcast! I love movies and your show is a bright spot in my week! It's hilarious from start to finish. I look forward to each episode! If I'm ever in the twin cities, I'd love to meet you guys for coffee or drinks and talk movies! My treat! Keep the episodes coming!
I love everything about this podcast. The people, the movies they choose, the theme song made up of "um's". They really got a lot of good things going for them. My favorite part is Jaquette's Bets, because when he's right, I buy myself a treat.
Love that the hosts talk about the movie and even place "bets" on what they remember. Looking forward to the next episodes and hoping that I can recall the episode right along with the hosts!
This podcast is great, I love all the hosts and their jokes.
A podcast about both memory and movies, but also some very funny takes on how much American mainstream culture has changed in the last 60 - 30- 10 years. The chemistry of this group is outstanding!
There are a lot of movie podcasts and yet this one comes at it in a whole new and funny way. You’ll love the hosts and the show. Listen to it.
i like this podcast it is funny and good. the hosts are funny and good. Movies are great!