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Thank you to Primal Happiness, and Lian, for allowing me to express my heart and soul on episode 163. Lian and Jonathan are vehicles for growth, safety, and ascention. I look forward to listening to listening to more light workers from the podcast.
No one gives you a manual to understand how your mind works and how to sort out what is real and what is the construct of your imagination / perception. It takes thought and understanding and the sharing of ideas to learn to accept the world as it is and change how you feel about it or how it impacts you. This show is a great source of energy and ideas. Well done!
I found your podcast while looking for 3principles based material and I have to say it is SO well produced! And professional I like the intro the ending,You have a very captivating voice that's great for radio and really enjoy listening to all the guests you have on.I usually listen to and or from work to start my day off with a great boost of positive energy and a reminder of where my experience comes from.
to have this conversation on a :primal happiness show is courageous and so necessary. I found Lian's honesty refreshing and real and Kat's insights and realness very touching and inspiring. Thank you for producing this. It's the only interview I've heard on this site so far, I came here on Kat's recommendation as I would have never looked for a "Primal Happiness Show".
I love Lian's no nonsense curiosity and open conversation format in these interviews. It feels like we are really there for a meaningful deep conversation between friends. Her guests are unique and have really impactful viewpoints. In one word: Authentic
I absolutely love this Podcast. After listening to several episodes I always 'walk away' with a much needed golden nugget. The latest episode I listened to was all about How Big is Your But. The information shared gave me so many great tools to use with kids. The tools discussed on this show are essential to our overall well-being. Thank you for diving into real topics such as Being With Your Emotions and how to be with them while allowing them to move. Aong with the fantastic content, Lian has a beautiful accent to llisten to !
So enjoyable to listen. They are sensitive to the audience while discussing real topics. Keep up the good work.
I love the simplicity that all the guests present the different topics all based on a similar theme of understanding how the mind works.
Lian Brook-Tyler’s Born Happy podcast has become my happy place. Her guests are diverse yet they always share lovely, grounded insights into what constitutes true wellbeing. As host, Lian asks the questions I would ask if I could. Love this show!
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts! I love Lian's infectious enthusiasm and the topics take the 3Ps, a subject that can sometimes come off as esoteric, so very relatable to real life.
I love this podcast, great coaches sharing the best of what they have, pointing people towards simple principles that generate an upgraded experience of life.