Reviews For Real Ass Podcast

Luis J Gomez and Zac Amico are true American heroes. Listening to RAP makes me not want to burn down my town. Thanks!
...they’re a bit cringy. Love Big Jay and Ari and the rest but there’s a level of discomfort they overcome when they make some brilliant joke. They’re very good at putting together a phenomenal comedy routine but as far as podcasts, I only listen to Luis J Gomez, Anthony Cumia and Joe Rogan.
Luis and Zac are the best


By Oafan
Comedy is funny when the comedian doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings


By 99jki
Rattlesnake! rattlesnake! rattlesnake!
Lewis has aids
Louis is a WAP


By CeoSerg
Blap blap
Fun show, refreshing attitudes! Going through the archives on GAS digital!


It’s the wet a$z podcast
Zac is really dumb to be speaking about politics, maybe luis can talk politics for a little while. But Zac is an intellectual lightweight who should not be talking about politics or anything about society, race, justice system, etc. you are simply too stupid to be heard Zac... it went from “we’re on the right side of history” a few weeks ago (burning down buildings is “right”??? That’s crazy...) to “Netflix is okay for sexualizing 11 year old girls” REAL QUICK bud... NYU educated hahaha what a complete joke. The best joke Zac amico could ever tell is if he killed his useless self. Dumb fat queer, you seriously couldn’t create a more useless set of adjectives if you tried. Zac, do us all a favor and kill your dumb OBESE ignorant self bud, you would legitimately be doing the world a favor, you’d be “on the right side of history”!!!! Wow look at that!! Really comes full circle when you’re as dumb and ignorant as you are Zac, NYU educated!!!
Please don’t. It’s like watching monkeys trying to &@$! a football.
Shaffir/Gillis 2020
Mark Random is real life Joker
Rants, current events, comedy. You only get the good stuff here unlike other shows from Viacom...
I enjoy this podcast a lot , good guests and informative info on whats going on
It’s the only real podcast left out there. Blop blop Doggy
Dave Smith 2020
Ari 2020
Love Luis J Gomez
Well, the best when you’ve already caught up on LOS
Gotta give props.
The great boisterous comedy of Luis J. Gomez is broken up nicely by the quiet zingers of Zac Amico.
I only listen to podcasts with Luis j Gomez and this is by far the second best one compared to L.O.S.!!!
These guys keep it real Zac Amino is hilarious Luis J Gomez is all of us and has no shame
Shannon is funnier than I first though she needs a bigger role on the show. You guys are great
Shannon should to start an OnlyFans.
I used to think Luis was a psychotic animal, but now I know he’s just a modern peaceful parent trying to make his way in a world that doesn’t make sense.
Luis J. Gomez’s life story will have you feeling slightly better about your own situation. Funny show, great guests! Definitely keeps my work week entertained on all levels!👍 #VoteForDave2020
Learned about gas digital from Irish Goodbye and instantly fell in love with RAP. Love Luis and Zac.. and can’t forget Shannon