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This is a really great podcast about comics and other aspects of Geek Culture. There are typically two or three episodes per week, and there are several different formats for the episodes, most of them featuring different hosts. So in a given week there might be a "Waiting for the Trade" episode, where the hosts review collected editions, and a "First Issue Special" episode, where they talk about only #1 issues. Mike Sims, the owner of the domain, works with a variety of cohosts for the most part; some segments are done by people other than Mike completely. This helps to keep it interesting, as you'll hear a variety of perspectives and personalities on this program. The focus is mainly on comics, but video games, TV, and movies are also discussed (mainly, of course, comic book adaptations), and there have even been a few classic radio dramas If you have any interest in comics or geek culture, this is an entertaining and informative podcast.
I had forgotten I had downloaded an episode at one point, then the other day as I was working I found it. Surprisingly an hour long show about the civil war comics really help you get through the work day
For anyone interested in all kinds of comics and comic related media such as comic book adapted films, this is the show for you! Mike and Des do a wonderful job reviewing trades and now the first issues of new series in particular, and not just the mainstream DC and Marvel. You'll be introduced to all sorts of independent comics, just a wide range of books in general. These guys put a lot of time and effort into this podcast, and the high quality definitely shows. It's great stuff!!! You'll be glad to listened and find yourself hooked in no time.
For my money, which admittedly isn't worth much, since it's a free podcast, The Show is amoung the highlights of my web-week. Insight, humor and some of the best darn guest hosts around. Great stuff.
For the most part this is a podcast safe from spoilers for those of us who wait to read collected editions rather than $4 single issues. Additionally, I really appreciate their objective (and entertaining) reviews of comics, trades, and movies (you got to listen to the 60's Batman review...hilarious)
...but this is by far my favorite podcast on the interwebs.
I found this podcast after listening to Worlds Finest Podcast and have been a mainstay on the website and forums. I listen faithfully every time there's a new episode. It's interesting thought provoking and very funny. The hosts seem to bring you into their world and not a lot of podcasts can do that. Veryyyyy fun and informative podcast.


By correo
This is the best pod cast that i have heard. They reveiws everything clearly, and it is just fun to listen to
Fresh, interesting and diverse reviews and discussions by Mike and Jenny. Want to catch up on what's new in anime, comics, movies, graphic novels, television, etc. check out the best comics-based podcast out there.