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Took me a long time to discover the podcast but glad I did, it is great to listen to while knitting, just like hanging out with a good knitting friend. And she is funny to boot. No longer in production, and has been around for over 10 years but fairly timeless.
Brenda is brilliant. one of the best podcast all around. I've learned so much, been inspired and enlightened. thank you Brenda.
While the marvelous Ms Dayne will no longer post new episodes, this will still be one of my favorite podcasts. Her voice is melodious, and she has an uncanny ability to make anything interesting (like Ira Glass). I will be re-listening for a very long time. Brenda, thanks for all you've given to us. You will be missed!
Hiya Brenda, so nice to hear your wonderful voice. This podcast is a wonderful blend of technique, inspiration, travel, mood, and life. LOVE it.
I am thrilled Brenda will start Podcasting again on a regular basis. She is fantastic, professional, interesting, has great taste in food and music. Can't say enough good things!
I appreciate that Ms. Dayne has many things she is doing with her life, and eagerly await her next episode.
I have been listening to Cast-On from the beginning, when it was the only knitting podcast except for KnitCast. Brenda is a pioneer in this, and if you listen to the original episodes, you will see that podcasting was still fairly new and she was still learning to use the equipment, encouraging others to podcast in the fiber arts, and giving new podcasters advice. I admire her for jumping right into the deep end of this new medium feet-first. The sound quality of her show is excellent. Her voice is warm and expressive. I have heard it described as "melted chocolate." She discusses knitting as a soulful craft, not just a hobby. She talks about her knitting failures as well as success, and how she goes through the process of selecting yarn, matching it to a project, problems encountered during the project and how she solved them. For me, it really helps to hear this, because that is how I knit. It never goes smoothly from start to finish. It's a process, kind of a journey. Like her knitting, Brenda puts a lot of planning, thought and effort into each podcast. I go back and listen to the early episodes again, and always get something out of it, because I am at a different place in my knitting than I was 4-5 years ago when I first listened to them. Most podcasters discuss what is going on in their lives to some extent. I think Brenda's life is interesting, and I enjoy hearing about her life in Wales. I don't think she talks about herself too much or is neurotic, as one reviewer suggested here. Brenda does not ask for contributions more than any other podcaster. There are server expenses, equipment expenses, etc. and if you like a podcast and can afford it, you should contribute in some way. I think some of the negative reviews here are unfair and snarky. If you don't like something, just unsubscribe. Why write a nasty review of a free podcast?
I love to listen to this podcast. My favorite segment is still the sweater of the week, it reminds me of Mr. Rogers. I love hearing about Wales, and the day to day life that is so mundane and so accessible. I appreciate that Brenda appreciates things so. I have saved the early ones to listen to again, the essays, the ideas about knitting, and the connection to other knitters. I strongly recommend it!
When you knit with a friend you listen to their thoughts and enjoy their company. Not all conversations are concerned with the craft. It's the same with Caston. You knit and enjoy the company of a friend with opinions about every aspect of life. Knitting with Brenda is listening and enjoying her company while creating. A perfect combination.
Brenda is a philosopher, story teller and has occasional political commentary. Her stories are always relatable to many walks if life. Most of all her manners are warm and familiar, invite her as a friend to share and have a cup of tea with. Thank you Brenda!
I was expecting a knitting podcast -- but got halfway through the episode and heard nothing about knitting! She does have a pleasant voice and interesting to listen to -- just don't expect a lot of knitting advice.
Very soothing to listen to. One of the originals and still one of the best.
I really like Brenda and her delivery. She is very interesting. I respect her advice, opinions and recommendations. Plus the added bonus of Wales!!! I like hearing about Ms. Dayne's goings on. Thanks.
This is one of the best podcasts available for knitters. It's well produced and Brenda Dayne is a delight to listen to. A new episode is always the highlight of my day/week/month. I can't wait to meet her this year.
A podcast that was once the best on knitting, now the worst. Brenda has sullied my knitting with her politics. Unforgiveable. If she wants to cast on her political viewpoint, she should rename her podcast. If you are a knitter, believe me there are many other knitting podcasts that keep on topic.
Brenda is wonderful and I look forward to each and every podcast.
I absolutely love this podcast. It is very informational and well put together. Brenda's voice soothes the soul in the same way that knitting does in an otherwise hectic life. She helps me to remember why I love this craft as well as the knitting community. She also has a CD called the Knitter's Manifesto that I would highly recommend.
A very professional podcast about knitting with Brenda Dayne from Wales. Brenda has been podcasting since 2005 and her experience shows. Brenda does her shows in a series revolving around a topic, sometimes with a brief hiatus between. Her Make do and Mend series is sensational. It talks about knitting during the depression era when people needed to make do or do without. The series called the Knitting Muse was a little out there and preachy for my taste, but Brenda never ceases to entertain and expose her listeners to an abundance of subjects to stretch their imaginations. As of Nov 2011 Cast on is in a new transition to shorter, but more frequent podcasts. I look forward to the time to share with Brenda no matter what length of time.
I just discovered this podcast over the Thanksgiving holiday while browsing my Ravelry groups, and what a nice surprise! In addition to the newer episodes, I downloaded some older ones, as well and was quite tickled how Brenda and her son decided to name men's undershirt tanks after Freddie Mercury. Coming up on the 20th anniversary of his passing, I'm sure he's looking on with pride, wherever he may be. :)
This podcast is a joy...It makes me laugh...It makes me cry...It makes me think...It makes me want to knit!!! Love the music and your essays. So grateful to have you podcasting doesn't matter that the podcasts are shorter...It's just nice to hear you again. You should enjoy podcasting as much as we enjoy listening!
I love listening to Brenda. Every new episode is much anticipated. And the new format is lovely. I think she's quite right - I'd much rather hear from her on a weeklyish basis for a few minutes, than monthly or less for an hour at a time.


By Kvh0227
Fun to listen to. Brenda has a great voice. I've enjoyed knitting along to the shows, by the time I catch up listening to old episodes I'm hoping there will be new ones :-)
I've been listening to Brenda for a couple of years now, and love it when I see a new episode become available. I love the "walks" she takes us on, hearing a little about the history of Wales, and of course, knitting!! I think she does an excellent job with her podcast!!
Among the people who podcast for a hobby, Brenda's a stand out. By comparison to the "here's what I knit this week!" podcasts, she is a stand out because she broke the mold early and makes those trivial and skip-able. She doesn't try to be funny, she ties her music to her theme, she makes a complete production and ... because of that, she works too hard at it for no return. I don't care if Brenda Dayne is reading the encyclopedia Brittanica, she has a warm voice that draws you in. Her humour is gentle and her words are full of wisdom and wit. Her writing is excellent, and she makes an effort to actually write and plan and script but never sounds scripted. I will ALWAYS seek out Brenda's work on the air. I'd rather listen to her on an off day than listen to someone talk AT me about their fifty dollar knitting needles.
I LOVE this podcast! What a great show Brenda puts on! Brenda is the leader of knitting podcasts as so many other podcasts mention that they LOVE Brenda and she has encouraged them to do a podcast. She is a wonderful speaker, story teller ect. Thanks Brenda!
Love listening, good variety, great voice to knit to!
i stumbled across the podcast today and i simply love it! by far, the most original.
Wish she updated more often. Love it anyway and am always pleasently surprised to see a new episode!
Have listened from the beginning. I really liked the early format of a themed series. Many were thought provoking and Brenda really put her heart into it all. There was a large gap in production - due to circumstances beyond her control. Yet also can understand producing a podcast is A LOT of work - note I am not doing one! Brenda's focus has changed, much as we all change as life happens, and makes it a very real insight into life from a knitter's perspective. I still look forward to each episode, and compliment Brenda on returning after a long hiatus, which is never easy to do!
This was the first knitting podcast I discovered when I began my search. I immediately fell in love with the host's voice, and her fantastic content. A beautiful blend of music, stories, knitting, and the list continues. Honestly, I am so glad Brenda has decided to return and I eagerly await each episode because I know I can expect grace, wit, and a titanic amount of knitting goodness. Soldier onward Brenda Dayne!
long time listener.....LOVE Brenda....keep broadcasting!!
While I admit that I've never heard any of the episodes where she says she's going to try and make a living with her podcast nor have I ever heard her solicit donations, I think this podcast is fantastic. My one complaint is when she takes unannounced breaks because then I'm left wondering if she's going to return. But I love her voice, her writing, and hearing about the different dye experiments. I love hearing about her walks in Wales and about what project(s) she's working on. I also find it enjoyable to listen to her essays and what her puppy and cat are up to. Overall, this is a wonderful podcast and I look forward to each episode.
I'm so glad you are podcasting again. I'm sorry to see there are negative comments about your show, because I really enjoy hearing you share. I can just picture the woods where you want to build your dream house. It's so great to hear about ways of life outside the US. Wales sounds like a great place to live. Everyone should give your podcast a try despite the last few negative comments. Sarah in Houston
The gold standard - Brenda's voice is a pleasure to listen to, and very professional. I'd listen to her no matter what the topic. I like that it's not just someone talking about the lastest issue of a knitting magazine, and what patterns they like. Instead, it's informative about knitting in general. I really enjoyed some of the past episodes with historical information. Her descriptions of life in Wales are delightful. I know not everyone agrees, but I like the music interludes - it's a wide range of music. Sometimes I like the songs, sometimes I don't, but I like being exposed to the variety. I can always skip past the ones I don't like.
I've been listening to Brenda's feed since the very first one. She's gifted in her voice and production talents. Even if you're not a knitter, if you love to hear great stories told in a way that makes you feel like you're a best friend, you'll love Brenda's show.
Brenda has the best voice in podcasting. I've listened to every podcast and wait (im)patiently for each new one. Although they aren't as frequent as they used to be, it's worth the wait. I'm really glad she decided to continue.
I look forward to every podcast and always find something special in each one. I missed this one a lot while she was "away".
I really love this podcast and look forward to each episode. Brenda is a really great listen. I've read some of the other reviews - the people complaining about "being asked to contribute" hmmm well if they don't listen to other podcasts then these same people simply don't know that other podcasters - everyday people and celebrities also ask for donations/contributions so that the podcasters can continue to podcast as well as pay for needed equipment and broadcasting fees; usually this "being asked to contribute" does happen during each podcast episode.


I really enjoy this podcast.
This is a truly great podcast, produced by the talented Brenda Dayne. She is a gifted storyteller that has both inspired me and taught me things about fiber craft, community, and what it can mean to be an artist. Thank you for the lovely podcast!
I always look forward to hearing what Brenda's got to say - about knitting, life in Wales, or anything at all. Entertaining and addictive.
Funny! Informative! Wonderful to listen to. Lovely voice for a podcaster. Her interviews are well done. Everyone is interesting. And right off you feel like close friends with Brenda.
I started listening to Brenda Dayne's Cast On before I knit. Hers was the first podcast to which I subscribed. Brenda's interesting take on life, her description of her little slice of the world, her voice are fascinating. The podcast is produced at a professional standard. I greedily went back and listened to all episodes. I find this podcast to be primarily about being a creative being--that is, one who loves to create and make the world a little more beautiful. That speaks to me. From there I started to branch out based on Brenda's recommendations. I'm now an avid listener of knitting and storytelling podcasts, and I've begun to knit! Thank you, Brenda!
Brenda's voice is PERFECT for podcasting. She is my 'good friend in my head' now that I have listened to her talk about her love of knitting, her yarn lust, her life ups and downs....and she's a cool but grown up woman who's been there done that....which makes it all the better. Thanks Brenda!!!
Brenda seems to have found her 'joy' again, and it shows! If you were growing tired of her money moaning, all that negativity seems to have resolved itself...or at least she isn't talking about it so much anymore. The only drawback is the AWFUL Sage Tyrtle who for some reason comes in to read some of the stories...she tries so hard to be cutesy and clever, but her over-dramatic style just makes me cringe. I literally have to fast-forward when she reads.
The host is an American who lives in Wales. The content is all knitting and spinning. She often has guest speakers sharing essays by listeners; she loves to get her listeners involved in the podcast. She provides helpful knitting tips and I love hearing about her current sweaters. I resisted listening to this podcast for a long time because it’s probably on every knitter’s podcast list and I hate to be that mainstream. But peer pressure broke me in the end and I don’t regret it.
Cast On was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to. The only one I still have every episode of on my computer. Brenda's voice is well suited for audio and she produces a high quality program. Her shows are both timely and timeless. She sets the standard for what I feel is the ideal podcast. They just don't get better than this.
Brenda has a very smooth radio voice that is easy on the ears. I like that she has a great mix of information on her program. Music, philosophy and fiberarts. She is really interesting.
I have listened to this podcast from the beginning and it has always been good, but I have to say that the last series and the current series are the best so far. Brenda has casted off her uncertainties and let her guide be her creativeness and it really shows. If you have stopped listening in the past I would suggest giving the current episodes a listen.