Reviews For The Reserves Podcast - A Manchester United Football Podcast

I loooooveee this podcast. It makes me feel like I’m literally sitting around a table with my friends having beers while talking about soccer. I look forward to it weekly!
If you put United fans, your best mates, and some raunch in a blender, mix it up, then pour contents into a pie tin, add pecans fresh off the farm, bake it up nice and hot, you get The Effing Reserves. Be sure to top it off with fresh #afterglow. In other words, guys talking United, their lives, relationships, in an uncensored format. If you’re easily offended, don’t listen!!!!!!!!!!!!
2nd rate analysis is probably generous but the guys are top notch. And at some point a search party should be put together to find the Sheriff. Thanks for the 'hard work'!
Crazy show. Look forward to the pod every week. You guys are hilarious. Good job guys, keep'em coming. GGMU!!!
One of the few I subscribe to.
This is awful. Don't.
Sub par, don't waste your time. There are good podcasts on United, keep looking.
I embrace this podcast purely because of the overflowing f’s that fly out of your mouth. And I should also add, in addition to supporting one of the greatest clubs in all of sports. Keep the f bombs coming. XO


By sap1030
This podcast is probably my favorite podcast (tied with Redcast). Its funny and informative. Feel like they are just like me and my friends talking about Manchester United.
i feel like i know these guys personally. they’re all so funny and i love their banter. the analysis is just sort of ok. sometimes they have real insight but not too often. thats not why i listen though. i bet they’re fun guys to hang around with and i bet trevor hale is just as handsome as he is funny. anyway keep up the good work guys and ill keep listening!
The best of the United podcasts, they relish in being wrong but never cease to get me to laugh. Except spot on in that morrissey blows
Sometimes when I feel like my life is in the dumps, I like to listen to this podcast and all is right in the world. Average Manchester United analysis, but funny perspective and hilarious podcast hosts. Listen to it, doug!