Reviews For Radio BSOTS

My friend Kahjah turned me on to this incredible show. Fantastic music that will evoke an emotional response from you. You're almost powerless to prevent it. Macedonia is a master at his craft & am so happy to have this show in my library.
Have you ever heard something so awesome that it makes you mad that you are only now finding out about it? That's the way I feel about Radio BSOTS, the first couple of episodes that I was lucky to hear gave me all the amazing feelings that came along with dope radio from the early 90's mashed with stylings of Lynn Thigpen's classic DJ portrayal in the Warriors movie. It's like Macedonia has figured out how to mix dope music and stream of consciousness into this glorious SETI message that should be dropped into time capsules for other extra-terrestrial beings to find. Of all the podcasts I've found this year, this is the most satisfying and heartfelt. Thank you BSOTS for doing your thang.
You clearly have many episodes under your belt and the experience shows. This is a quality production and you can hear the effort put into the production. This isn’t just turning on the mic and talking - this is what podcasting is all about!!
Been diggin' the music flowing out of camp lo-fi for a long time. He seems to always find some of the best music out there. The Half Show has much love for the stuff coming out this camp. Can't wait for camp 2.0 Hi-Fi in effect! What are you doing go get subscribed!!!
Thanks Ariel Publicity/Cyber PR
On each installment of Radio BSOTS Macedonia welcomes everyone to Camp Low-Fi with a mix of wonderful songs. Hip hop, trip hop, R&B and more, Macedonia selects the very best tunes that'll be good to your earhole. Macedonia has no pretensions and doesn't effect a hipper than thou attitude, he just lets the music speak for itself and how cool is that?
The best podcast i have heard, a great blend of different styles seemlessly weaved by a man who really knows his sounds. As someone who looks at the themselves as a man with good knowledge of music, this cat blows me out the water. If you want to find out what else is out there in Hip Hop, electronica or just plain dope music check this, be ware though you may find yourself on line buying tons of new music afterwords......