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Best podcast around. No sugar coating. Just plain old explanation and teaching of the Word of God. Thank you so very much for making this program available.
I "Googled" Isaiah in preparation for a Sunday School Lesson and the Sermon entitled "A Thinking Hope" came up as a choice. It introduced me to this wonderful Podcast and I am an ardent subscriber to it. I anxiously await the weekly Sermons and listen to each, some several times. Thank you for this great service!

By Liz W
No more tapes and MP3 dowloads folks...The word of God "to go" for people on the go. Thanks for making the exposited word more accessible to us to savor and carry into our daily lives!
i am a member of this church, but i travel quite a bit for work so i don't always get to hear everything all the time. this is a great way to get a seamless message and have continuity even in the midst of a crazy schedule. a great idea for the ipod-toting person on the go. ;) so happy !!! :)
I have to say, this podcast is awesome, and completely rids me of worry. No worries! Awesome! Great resource. Highly recommended.