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WHO LOVES YOU Jersey Boys? I know i do. This podcast WALKS LIKE A MAN compared to other podcasts and is truely the BIG MAN IN TOWN.This podcast is truely a must have for any fan who truely CAN'T TAKE THEIR EYES OFF YOU (Jersey Boys). This podcast gives the closest look possible into Jersey Boys the play and the original Jersey Boys (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons).
Been a fan of the 4 Seasons since the late sixties-finally a book, a broadway production and a podcast to give fans a little insight to a group we've loved and listened to for decades. Like the Broadway production and like the Seasons themselves, Steve and Chrissie work hard to keep us informed and to make us feel like we're there with them talking to cast members, Tommy DeVito, Frankie Valli and all the others. Your hard work is much appreciated.
I just saw Jersey Boys in L.A. and it was totally off the hook so I'm of course all over this podcast
Jersey Boys Podcast gives you backstage info that fans can go crazy on!!!!! I love Jersey Boys and this podcast gives me the chance to hear about the show regularly. The interviews are really cool. Go Jersey Boys!
Love this podcast! I've listened since episode one and just finished number 35. Steve's doing an excellent job. I've been a Four Seasons fan since I was old enough to choose my own music. It's great to see them back in the spotlight and it's great to know that Frankie's still keepin' up!
Steve does a great job preparing and presenting this podcast.I really enjoy it and have learned much about the Jersey Boys production.
I love that they have news about Jersey Boys and get to do such great interviews, but seriously this guy needs to sound more enthusiastic. He kinda sounds bored when he talks. I mean c'mon, you get to meet so many awesome people associated with this awesome show, the least you can do is sound happy!
ok this guy sounds like every word he is saying is coming off a law paper. Or maybe he's just a robot. Hmmm...Definitely a robot.
OMG!! best show everrr!!!! LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!
I have seen many Broadway plays and I must say this one is way up there with the very best! The energy and great music and "New Jersey comedy" of it all made it an absolute pleasure. I took my 80 year old mother and she was rocking with the rest of the PACKED audience. Standing ovation by the entire theatre!! I am iPoding all the best songs right now. Obviously I highly recommend this play to anyone lucky enough to get tickets.
The Jersey Boys Podcast is loaded with information and links to sites related to the play and to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It's all very interesting and useful.
Steven Holden has made a podcast which not only celebrates the Four Seasons, but it celebrates theater (particularlly this show). I find everything he does very interesting. Its appealing because the facts and patronage for the show are part of it. I am very happy for the sucess of this podcast and the broadway hit "Jersey Boys." If the Four Seasons are something you are interested in, I say listen and support this podcast. Stephen Holden Rocks (that is a living fact).
This is an excellent play with excellent music and an incredible story line. I recommend it for everybody. Long Live Jersey Boys!