Reviews For PgMUG (Penang Mac User Group)

I am not satisfy with the Penang Mac User Group. The information provided is very basic. Take for example, the review of iMac, I think it should be rename to How To Use The iMac G5. They don't mention any specification but just showing the FrontRow, and Photo Booth. Steve Jobs showed this!!! What for repeating it!!! So, I just don't think it is informational. Oh, please change the logo. It looks horrible.
Whilst a part of multi-cultural/lingual folk myself, this is not about some innate (read ignorant) ability to understand a different accent. (Yes, Indians have been allowed to say whilst since 1971.) For all the cool stuff shown, why don't they have better audio? It pretty much hurts to watch/listen to. P.S. Hope this brings you tons of new subscribers to see for themselves!