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I’ve been listening to these jamokes for so many years I’ve lost count. Always consistently informative, entertaining for sure, and amazingly insightful. All that equals fun with guys you wish you were personal friends with. Thanks fellas.
I think it’s important to give something a fair chance before writing a review. And after 13 years, I think I can give a fair assessment. iFanboy is one of my favorite podcasts. The hosts do an incredible of speaking intelligently and critically about the art of making comics while also having a lot of fun. I started listening in 2010 when I was a custodian and had a lot of time to listen to podcasts and read comics, then fell off because I couldn’t afford comics any more. But I started listening again because, quite frankly, I missed hearing Josh, Conor, and (at the time) Ron. This podcast helps me enjoy comics more.
Sorry, bad title; but it’s true! These guyz have been reading comic for like 1,000 years, if they gave their voice and personality to AI that allowed them to continue making podcast for the next 1,000 years and I was a vampire; I’d continue to listen every week! Seriously this is got to be like my FAVORITE podcast! If I’m feeling sad this show has literally forced me to feel good. Lol. Their chill personalities, enthusiasm for comics that have ether great art or great writing shines. They get me excited about comics. They bring a brilliant idea of “Patron Power” where they make up a power for people who’ve donated to them, and it’s just pure genius! It brings the fans closer to the podcast community; really making this pod feel like home. One of the guys the younger guy does bother me sometimes, he seams kinda bitter or negative tbh. However, he does bring a science perspective that is solid. Sorry, I don’t want to lie and say I loved every aspect of this pod. That one nitpick is all. But I know the world is diverse and it’s better that way. But the two main guys are freakin wizards! I wonder if they know how cool they are? I think they are. I’ve only been listening for like 2-3 years now. If you like comic book movies too they discuss those too sometimes. I don’t have friends lol, but I know I can turn on this pod and trick my brain to think I have like minded friends who are excited as I am for cool comic book news, movies, tv shows, etc. Thank you guys from Houston TX!
Great comic book podcast with weekly updates and reviews on comic books, movies and others. Great listen for comic book fans.
I’ve listened to this show for over 10 years. Josh, Connor (& Ron) are knowledgeable and passionate about comics. Focused and not heavy handed. They enhanced my enjoyment of a medium I’ve been involved in for almost 50 years. It’s entertains the way your favorite radio crew is fun. I’ve never met these guys but feel like we are friends from the show. Worth your time to listen.
They seem to have become jaded when it comes to reviewing comics and come at the job as if it’s a slog rather than a fun hobby and with so many comic book blogs and podcast out there I don’t think anyone would miss them if they were to just stop. Sounds harsh but hearing them complain about the books they have to read when no one’s telling them to read the books is a big turnoff. Having said that it’s nice to hear them when they are actively excited about a storyline or comic. Their film reviews are also informative but they come from a very “fanboy” pov at times which is very off-putting. The recent review of Wakanda forever is a good example of it. Being bothered by the way namor’s name is pronounced is a stupid nitpick and I think they tend to miss the big picture of some films to instead focus on minute details that only a knee deep comic nerd would catch. I’d say my favorite topics are the booksplode episodes cause they can get really deep into a complete story rather than criticize chapters of a story, which is what they do with pick of the week.
Love to hear what’s happening in comics in general and these guys have a lot of context to provide that. Especially love learning more about specific creators based on their takes.
Looked for a comic podcast for a long time. This is overall the best one. These guys get it right consistently. They understand the medium. Reviews are fair and honest. They don’t buy into any hype, just clear critiques of the latest books without any pandering to the big two.
Started listening to a few different comic review podcast a couple of years ago. Ifanboy is the only one I stuck with. The host have honest and thoughtful reviews without being overly negative or positive on any particular title. Also the audio quality is consistently good which is something that is hard to find in a lot of pods. I have gone back 12 years to listen to past episodes of well and can see that these guys demonstrate a commitment to quality podcasting and reviews.
I have been listening to Ifanboy for years now. This is a podcast I always look forward to each week and each special episode. It might take you an episode to get in the groove and know the people and the format. But I always laugh and have so much fun evem if they arent talking about books that I read. Their criteques are fair and make me think about what I read more. All I can say is that this podcast is great, fun and something that is easy to enjoy and you should give it a try!!
Historically the greatest comic book podcast
The best comic book podcast in the known sector of… I don’t know, space I guess. Josh and Connor do a great job reviewing comics with a strong critical eye. You don’t have to always agree with them, but you can respect the thought put into their comments. It’s smart stuff. #819 has the best episode description ever!
Issues I would have never wanted to buy I end up turning the podcast to go read before finishing the episode because of the love and enthusiasm these guys give their picks.
I’ve been listening for way over a decade now, and the show is still just as fun, informative, and in-depth as ever. These two know their comics, know what they like, and know how to keep the listener interested. My favorite parts are the Pick of the Week, the Paterson picks, and the email questions that they (usually) answer at the end of the show. I also enjoy the tangents they go off on each episode. And although I’m not one for the super powers they bestow on a few listeners each week, there is still plenty of light-hearted entertainment for any true comic book fan.
Although I listen to their pick of the week podcast, I come here more for the film reviews more than anything. Spider-Man has been out for 6 weeks now and has set an ungodly amount of Box Office records (even my dad saw it) and no review posted?! Also Zack Snyders JL is a comic book brought to life and deserves attention from guys who call themselves ‘fan boys’. I have more fandom in my pinky finger than these guys.
Complain a lot about having to read comics and do a podcast.
They can talk in complete sentences! About comics!
I listen to the reviews usually. I skip past the ads now, because they take so long. Then I listen to the rest of the reviews then turn it off. It’s not bad for what it is.
I don’t always agree with their opinions but they at least articulate them well. Update: O don’t mind ads but do they have to be 5 minutes long? Jeez
I wish i could have found this pod earlier.
Can’t listen in car with kids
I've been listening to these jamokes for years now and this last episode hit me like a piece of rebar falling off the back of a truck while I'm doing 90 on the highway. There are not enough podcasts that cater to my love of olive garden appetizers, too young pop musicians, and personaly recommendations of comics for people who you used to work with and will never actually hear your recommendation because they don't listen to the podcast. A great podcast to recommend to your mom. Definitely deserves all the 5 star ratings. Ratings.
Why was Amazing Man outta place?
Just finished episode 727 First time listener Really enjoyed Long time comic collector Stuck home Cataloging my collection Perfect opportunity Funny just finished rereading Thor 364-366 frog story and your Podcast email mentions Writer/Artist , so I think of Walt Simonson. Which you mentioned Of course Not to mention I’m a big G.I. Joe fan, with many comics My sons watched the show you reviewed They became fans Once I flipped thru some of their comics I started buying I happen to be Vietnam Vet. U.S. Army, some how made it home!!
Off the hook!
If you’re looking for a podcast about comics this is it. I’ve been listening to these guys for over 10 years now, and no other comics podcast comes close. They give very professional objective viewpoints, while remaining entertaining. I look forward to every Sunday because of these guys. I can’t recommend it enough.
Another year, another fantastic Year End All-Media Show. Now just gotta find the time to watch/listen to/read everything they recommended. One of my favorite show to chill out to on a quiet Sunday evening. They're all gdats in my book.
If you're into or at all interested in comics, this is a great podcast to subscribe to. Ron, Josh, and Conor know their stuff. Reviews are honest and interaction with the community is strong. Give it a shot, I think you'll find it both enjoyable and informative. 2019 update: These guys are pros. Makes reading comics more enjoyable.
I haven’t read comics since the late 80’s and yet here i am every Sunday night. I can’t explain it nor do I want it explained. I’m guessing it relates to me on the level that it is guys my age talking pop culture etc. I won’t lie, I miss Ron’s presence but I still love the show with Josh and Connor. It’s just different, you love both of your kids...just differently. These guys are the rebar gouging the competition. Keep it up!
Joey Esposito quit ogn and his podcast so these are the only ones left! But for real they're great and I love that they talk about the books and give spoiler warnings. I hated comic book shows that wouldn't talk about the comic books in depth.
Connor and Josh are great and fun to listen to and funny. Ron is pretty good in small doses but Ryan is obnoxious and if I see his name in the description I skip those ones. Otherwise great podcast with great speakers. Thank you for taking the time to put these out every week gentleman!
Feels like it’d be a blast to have a few beers and talk comics with everyone involved
Been listening for years, love the personalities and the recommendations
I've been listening to them off and on for years but I think its about time to move on. Most of the books they dislike I love, most of the ones they love I wouldn’t waste my time with. The worst part of it is they feel the need (usually indirectly) to let us know how unhappy they are with Trump. I want to hear about comics not your political views!! And dont get me started on Josh...the dude is just a downer.
If you need more comics to read, this is a podcast you need to check out. If your pull list is already too large, then you have a problem that doesn't really exist. The folks behind iFanboy do a great job of introducing new comics, tackling some of the big comic-oriented media properties out there, and giving you insights into the comics world. Give this show a listen. Your pull list won't thank you, but your brain will!
The folks at iFanboy deliver great lively, incisive and informative views on current popular comics and graphic storytelling. Essential listening that keeps people coming back for more. Thank you so much Josh, Conor, and everyone who makes it happen.
Even when I take a break from reading comics, I’ll still listen to iFanboy to stay up to date with the comics, but also because they’d just always entertaining.
If you’re looking for an up to date podcast on comic books subscribe now, this is it. They’ve done this for a long time and it shows in the quality of reviews, interviews and the show overall.
Decent podcast but listener beware: podcast descriptions do not warn u of spoilers - reprehensible! ...had to stop listening for this reason.
Been a fan since the getgo, can’t believe it took more than 10 years to write a review. It’s the best out there, I never stopped listening, EVEN when I stopped reading. I miss Ron
A few nuggets of interesting insight floating in an ocean of pretentious and condescending opinions.
Been listening for a couple of years and was a borderline fan. I do like their format, but often their energy level is so low they don’t seem to enjoy what they do. And in my opinion, Josh comes off as condescending. The solo Josh episodes pushed me over the edge, so I’m looking for a new podcast.
I've been listening to this podcast for over a decade, which is an absolutely wild thing. ifanboy was my first podcast back on my ipod classic, and before people even knew what podcasts were. This is the podcast I start my week with and look forward to the most the following week. The hosts (currently Josh and Conor, and the elusive Ron when he's not employed by comic book publishers) are some of my favorite people in podcasting. They do it because they love comics and spending time with each other and we the listeners are lucky enough to be included on their conversations. I don't have a lot of friends who enjoy comics or similar media, and that's why I love ifanboy. It's like checking in with friends whom I've never met in person and getting their takes on the week's new books. The podcast reaches perfect when they discuss old G.I.Joe cartoons, and the hosts own laughter brings the podcast to a halt. ifanboy is a part of my weekly routine at this point and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I’ve been thinking about this review for 3 years now. The hosts are incredibly knowledgeable, but more importantly (in my opinion) very charismatic and likable. They have a great chemistry together. This has made me read comics in a different way and challenged me to better articulate why I like them. You should definitely listen to this if you like comics, humor and intelligent critiques. If 1 were Electro, this podcast would get a 10. Or a 1. To be honest I don’t understand that scale.
Very knowledgeable- but I miss Ron
I've listened to several comics podcasts and this is easily the best one I've listened to. I listen every week and always enjoy it. This is one of the podcasts I look forward to most. Listen. You won't regret it.