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Talkin Birds is my absolute favorite Podcast. I never miss an episode. Both informative and humorous. I recommend this PodCast to everyone. I cannot wait for each new Podcast. I have learned so much from this show. The only reason I am giving this Podcast 5 stars is because you can’t give 6. Jim Curley Ironton Ohio


By CeceD.
Talkin’ Birds is a great resource for information about birds and conservation.
What’s not to love about a podcast that is enjoyable, provides great info to anyone at any bird-watching level, and packs a lot into 30 minutes or so? Lively and engaging, this is a great one for the car, or when doing house/yard work!
I don’t consider myself a serious birder. I can’t identify birds by eye or ear but I love to watch and listen anyway. This is my favorite birding podcast because it is funny and educational and brings together many different viewpoints and many different ways of birding.
I really like the guests and the chats Ray has with everyone. The mystery bird contest helps me test my ability to identify birds. Loads of fun!
This is such a sweet, down home podcast filled with humor and humanity.
The perfect blend of humor and birding knowledge. Great for beginners, like myself, particularly if you take some time with the back catalogue.
My fiancée and I love this podcast! It’s so informative for any bird lover!
A very worthwhile program for birdwatchers (amateurs and veterans alike).
Having only been a birder for a few years, I find the podcast full of interesting tidbits of info. Ray Brown has a good voice for a podcast. I enjoy the scientific information that is peppered throughout the show. Keep up the great work!
I listen every week! Fun & informative! Ray is a Hoot!


By Mopps48
Love the show! Learn something new about birds each time I listen
I've been listening religiously for the past few months and, as a beginning birder, it deserves much credit for feeding my interest in and appreciation of birds and nature. Favorite segments include the wood thrush song slowed down and dissected, the updates on the whooping cranes, reports on new research (e.g., the cat collar that substantially reduces bird mortality rates), and the always-delightful segments with the affable Mike O'Connor.
If you are interested in birds, nature, conservation, travel, and learning do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast! It's like spending time with your favorite Uncle, if that uncle was as sharp, witty, and kind as Ray Brown.
I am a new listener to the "Talkin Birds" podcasts. I enjoy every aspect of the show, even the commercials. I tried Birds and Beans coffee. It tastes great and grown sustainably. More importantly, I learn something from each show.
I would have thought that a podcast about bird watching would be dry. But this show is so much fun! I'm always waiting for the next weeks show!
I look forward to every episode. Full of information, fun, laughter, contests and the latest news from the bird world. A must for all birders! Thank you very much for this wonderful show.
Can't decide which feature of the show I like better, the studio audience "applause" when a caller guesses the mystery bird correctly or the ask Mike segment! Even if you have only a mild interest in birdwatching, this show is always interesting!


By MBF95
Ya I love this podcast because it's awesome and Ray brown is my uncle. Go uncle Ray!
Listened to a number of your shows. Thank you Great Info!!! Love the guest speakers. Also the info on the web sites & areas in Mass that are great for birding. Please keep it coming. Thanks ps- can't wait to go thru the others...