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This is not a debate show, per some other reviews; this is apologetics, which is completely different. The show is imperfect, as are all shows, and sometimes they should really attempt to get real experts on the show. The world has plenty of scientists and philosophers and textual critics who are also Christian, but this show sticks to only their usual "guests" no matter the topic. Still, it's pretty entertaining.
a·pol·o·get·ics –noun the branch of theology concerned with the defense or proof of Christianity. As other reviewers have noted, this podcast is just a bunch of guys, all very faithful, who sit around agreeing with one another about their ideas and beliefs. This is fine if all you care to hear is the Christian perspecitve, but when they start examining the "other side" it becomes clear they not only have no clue what science is nor how it operates, and they seem to take pride in their ignorance. At no time do they have anyone who offers a countering argument, who could clarify an opposing view or even offer a challenge to their beliefs. To call this podcast "apologetics" is the same thing as calling political debate where only the Republicans show up a fair and balanced view on the topics at hand. They only prove they want no discussion except with themselves, and that's both boring and disappointing.
My buddy, Vinnie invited me to a conference in Alameda a few months ago... the boys were all there and brought it! I love the way they just "put it out there" and give their opinions based on years of reading and listening. It's probably not for everyone, but if you like cutting edge apologetics... this show is for you! Keep up the great work guys!
Those looking to learn more about how the knowledge tradition of their Christian faith will find this podcast engaging and insightful. Non-Christians who hold strong opinions may just find it "inciteful". But rest assured, regardless whether you are a follower of Jesus or not you'll find many of the shows to be thought provoking. Recommended for anyone regardless of religious belief who have a keen mind and an interest in philosophy.
This is the podcast to listen to, if you want to defend your faith.
Wow. This would only be considered "higher education" if you were a christian sheep. Can you "bah" for me? You know you want to...
I have been listening to these guys for the last two years. They offer well thought out arguments, backed up by scripture. When dealing with other religions they do not mearly rely on hear say, the quote that religions sources themselves. They are always open for the other side of the debate to call in, and they always handle those discussions in a fair and respectful manner. This is a great model of how Christians are supposed to be engaged in the modern culture without coming off like a jerk. And Chris used to play in a metal band..which is pretty awesome as well!
If you are a Christian who desires to think about subjects a little deeper, listen to this show. If you are not a Christian and would like to understand Christianity a little deeper, listen.
I was under the impression that Christian apologetics were supposed to use logical arguments to support their beliefs. I listened to two episodes, and it is very clear that the hosts either know nothing about logic, or are being intentionally dishonest. About half of the "arguments" they make are appeals to emotion. For example, they make roughly this argument, "If you're an athiest, you believe that once you die, thats it... nothingness..." They leave the conclusion unsaid, because saying it reveals how obvious of a non sequeter this is. The basic layout of this argument is 'Atheists believe something that seems unpleasent, therefore, Christianity is correct.' Gross non sequeters are the core of most of their claims, with a mix of other blatant logical fallicies being central to the rest of them. The hosts of this podcast make a mockery of the tradition of Christian apologetics. Please learn at least the most basic elements of logic.
My one complaint is that it is a bit too long and it is hard to stay interested for that period of time.
I got tired of waiting for them to get to the topic.
I expected this to be interesting. I am agnostic and was expecting some mental exercise. I don't really hear any good arguments for Christianity, in fact I heard an argument about not arguing. (?) It's suppose to be about defending Christianity, instead it gives away to preaching.
...the reviews of your podcast are either * or *****, with no middle ground. These podcasts are of smart guys communicating difficult material to lay-people so we can use it. It is a group of "regular guys" who happen to have philosophy degrees and are conversant with the issues they address in an up-to-the-minute way. The theology is historically orthodox, leaning toward the Reformed. These are the kind of Christian apologists you'd actually enjoy talking with about this stuff.
I am disappointed with this podcast, I am always looking for interesting shows about theology and religious discussion, but this show was severely lacking. I was expecting some kind of a debate or discussion about the topics but the hosts all seem to just agree on everything. The show would be much stronger if one of the hosts would play Devil's advocate from time to time. The other problem is that the level of discussion is not very advanced. These guys sound like they have a "Philosophy 101" understanding of the topics. Their shows on the new Athiesim and Postmodernism in particular were not very rigorous and really showed the hosts lack of understanding of the subjects. The show actually gets to be grating after a while. Every episode seems to degenerate into long-winded and misguided circular arguments and then gets even worse by degenerating in to ad-hominem attacks and insults. This podcast needs to be moved from the educational section to the religion and spirituality section.
I listened to a couple of these "discussions" and found them to be ignorant of the subject matter and disrepectful to those who are not drinking the Christian cool aid.
I have been listening for over a year and have found my own faith encouraged and my mind strengthened in regards to my beliefs. I have missed Chris Neiswonger's voice over the past few months and hope he returns soon. That is not to say that the podcasts of late have been subpar, but it is nice to have Chris reign John in every now and then.
Very balanced, with different scientific perspectives. Knife sharpeing Knife. I just subscribed and listened to John Morris and Hugh Ross give 2 hour presentations on their case for old earth or young earth. I am impressed you were able to get these 2 guys for an interview. They are top caliber. I look forward to a few podcasts hopefully on Archeology if possible. You should see if you can get Humphries in here. That guy is a genious. God Bless you and your ministry.
I think Christians may find this stuff stimulating, because it's sophisticated compared to what they usually read or hear on Christian radio and in church. Thoughtful people outside the Christian propoganda bubble will probably see only phony intellecturalism and a fixed viewpoint weakly defended.
Why is this podcast in the education section? It ought to be in the propaganda section. If John Snyder was actually interested in "challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe" he'd invite historians and scholars on his show. He doesn't. We only hear from people (not experts) who agree with Snyder's point of view. I'm sorry but never hearing a dissenting opinion just isn't challenging. I challenge you John Snyder: disucss evolution with Mark Ridley, talk about homosexuality with Andrew Sullivan, hear what Reza Aslan has to say about the Crusades...and then get back to me.
I've only been listening for a few months, but I wish that I had this program 10 years ago! It makes you think and challenges your worldviews. It is a bit long, but worth it.
John and Chris do a great job exponding on the variety of topics they tackle. I listen every week. I'm another east coaster so iTunes is my way to listen - and it doesn't have to be in the middle of the night!
People on the show really make a great argument with what they talk about. For those who believe that they're biased, I suggest call them and challenge them. Prove them wrong. I don't believe that they're just throwing random ideas out on the table, although the discussions may be provoked by them. I love it cuz it does challenge a Christian's faith by basing it on fact as well. You'll learn a lot! Sometimes, you have to listen to it over and over again to understand smart people talk. I wouldn't want it any other way. 5 STARS FOR YOU!


By roxroe
Another conservative Christian point of view posing as intellectual and objective. As a liberal Christian it was my hope that this forum would be more agressive, and really be challenged by the opposing point of view. This podcast is for conservatives who just want the trappings of a good argument for their next encounter with someone who is really challenged by Christ's message even as it contradicts the Republican political philosophy.
All of the same old, tired creationist canards that have been debunked decades ago. Mr. Snyder wants his listeners to check their brains at the door . .. . . . .
The first 5 minutes of the atheism podcast makes 3 points in an attempt to establish their authority on the subject by making anything but belief in God as Creator seem outlandish, ludricrous, unbelievable foolish stupidity. The 1st establishes a false definition of atheism, including the idea that all thought is illusion. The 2nd is that Chris and John are not "...thank God, of the learned class..." The 3rd is that the Universe always just "was," ha ha hee hee. Does it not occur to anyone listening that 1) there are all manner of different beliefs in the class of "atheists" just as in Christianity; 2) Scientists and the "learned class" do not pursue education and knowledge in order to ultimately join the secret club that disavows God so that we can sin without accountability; 3) They then assert that God always just "was." Why? 'Because, you sinning unbeliever, He said so. We have a book. And besides, if you don't believe like we tell you to, you are a laughable dunce.' Does it not occur to anyone that two men who confess from the beginning to being completely uneducated on the subject cannot then move to use that very fact as a credential or basis of authority? It always continues to amaze me how Evangelical Christians will trust, or "believe in" the scientific basis for the existence of aircraft, automobiles, running water, space travel, computers, 'miraculous' life-saving drugs, spectacular life-saving surgical procedures, cell phones, DVD players, TVs, and on and on, but when it comes to Evolution, which is a cornerstone of modern Life Sciences, we're all suddenly a bunch of "thinking to be wise, they have become fools." I guess truth is stranger than fiction.
This podcast is absolutely horrible. After listening to several of the podcasts, mainly the ones dealing with Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses and other faiths, I have to say that I am severely dissapointed. Instead of challenging their listeners to think, they simply spout off what comes to the top of their heads, not giving any thought to whether it's factual or not. When listening to "What Went Wrong With Islam?" I just couldn't believe some of the things they said. The claim that all Muslims are at war with the west screams of ignorance. A good portion of Muslims LIVE in the west! Overall this program is absolutely horrid, they don't independently research the religions they talk about and they do not tackle hard questions about Christian theology. This podcast is not about apologetics, it is about the biased viewpoint that the producers want everyone else to hold. Not even deserving of one star.
It is hard to find quality Christian talk radio/podcasts to listen to. Often times they are very shallow filled with ‘cotton candy theology’ and have no intellectual side to them. John and Chris are the exact opposite of this parasite that had been plaguing the church of today. I would encourage anyone, Christians and non-Christians, to listen to these two guys. In the grip of grace… Jon
A great feature of the show is that it openly discusses relevant issues in philosophy, politics and theology. Though I do not always agree with the "tentative conclusions", it makes me consider and reflect my own views due to the thoughtful insights of the hosts and guests. It is not austerely intellectual but also extremely practical for everyday living.
If you're into exercising your brain and challenging what you believe to be true... you've got to listen to this podcast. These guys are smart and funny. Don't take it from me, just listen! Whatever your stance, Christian, Agnostic, Whatever! You're gonna dig this show. -kurtz
A very fun look at Christian theology and how it is applicable to today’s society. The hosts are intelligent and witty, yet are very gracious with people that have opposing view points. If you are looking for a solid defense of the Christian faith in an entertaining and relevant format, I would highly recommend this podcast.