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The title says it all “Truth for Life”. Thank you Mr. Begg for helping me to understand and apply God’s Word.
Ali stair Begg does a really good job preaching deep and meaning sermons.
Alistair is my favorite preacher-his love for the Lord and his Word is so evident in his sermons. His expository teaching is so thorough. I also really enjoy his preaching style-convicting and encouraging.
Alistair Begg’s preaching has been such an encouraging time of true, biblical, unapologetic apologetics that has instructed me from my early childhood. Truth For Life’s commitment to the Word has been a great blessing to my life, providing such firmly grounded truths and preaching of the whole Bible with the focus of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. It has been a convicting journey with Truth For Life and Alistair’s preaching, but a much needed and extremely thankful journey at that. Highly recommend!!
Steady , correct, helpful for a diet of truth.
I truly enjoy listening the episodes from truth for life. Thank you pastor Alistair Begg and Truth for Life team. Your messages and all your team’s work remind me about God’s love and plans throughout week. And understand Bible.
Shamelessly simple and wonderfully complex the message is always pointing to the Hope which does not disappoint and thoroughly equips for every good work. Thanks for your obedience in faith!
No matter how you dress it up ,sin is third time listening to this Praise God our Father for truth i need on a daily basis!
My mother introduced me to Pastor Alistair Begg a few years ago. Recently, trying to navigate living in a country filled with intellectual chaos, I began listening to the Truth for Life podcast. Alistair Begg’s teachings have become an anchor for my emotions. Jesus’ teachings never change despite shifting emotions in culture. I value Begg’s reiteration of using the mind along with the heart when studying Jesus’ teaching. In a world where truth has become feeling-based, I am grateful that Begg’s interpretation and teaching of scripture speaks to listeners’ intellects and allows the Holy Spirit to move the listeners’ hearts.
Over the years, I have listened to many, pastors, preachers, evangelists and Sunday school teachers. When Allister says “dear brother...” I feel like I am his brother. In the beginning was the word...Allister is obedient to God’s word. He uses his God given talent to illuminate the Bible and bring its historical accounts of people’s lives to life. The messages are real, authentic, accurate, applicable, factual, relevant, heart, soul, mind, and eye opening, “Truth For Life.”
I am not a student of pulpit banging, soul scaring methods many leaders of Christ’s congregation employ. This is a safe place to hear actual biblical teaching, guiding Christians into a deeper walk with our savior, Jesus. Love this Shepard.
I listen to Pastor Begg on podcast every night when I’m going to bed and while I’m sleeping then I wake up to his preaching. He settles my mind so I can get to sleep then while I’m sleeping my brain is soaking in his preaching.


Pastor Begg is an answer to prayer. I had been asking the Lord for a teacher/pastor who would preach the WHOLE word of God and not just the “nice” bits. He answered above and beyond my expectations. Isn’t that just like Him?! This man is humble, gracious and transparent. He preaches with insight and clarity I’ve never experienced before and I’ve been a believer for 38 years. I’m learning and being stretched thoroughly. I highly recommend his ministry.
I have been a believer for 40 years, listened to podcasts from many gifted pastors who have a teacher’s mindset. I have listen to Alastair Begg many times. He has a way of bringing scripture alive in new ways with the ability to have you view the text through a different set of lenses. His podcasts are always fresh and new and his teaching style never wears out. Because of this I have found new ways to crash through the system of life with spiritual gusto. Bravo to him!
So very thankful for this ministry and the blessing it has been to our family!
While I’ve been a believer since childhood, the messages and lessons have been instrumental in my spiritual growth and maturity. Thank you so much for becoming like family to me even though we’ve never met in person. I haven’t heard a more wholistic and biblical message anywhere.
Praise our mighty Lord. For the first time in my life delving into The Word. Thanks for helping me grow.
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I love your teaching the style is relevant. This very good teaching causes me as a child of God to search my heart as well as my motives as I live daily. Thanks for teaching The Word of God. Continuous blessing IJN
Availability 🤙100%
Insightful and incisive teaching from a humble and honorable preacher. Thanks so much for this wonderful resource of encouragement and exhortation.
Please change the order in which they are posted so that it’s easier to “binge” listen!!!
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Alistair Begg has a most curious way of bringing bible lessons to me in a way I truly understand. His teachings have brought me closer to Christ. It’s also clear he has a love of poetry and music, and uses quotes from both to reinforce his teaching. I am blessed by his dedication to the word of the gospel.
I agree with all if the good things said about this podcast and it’s teacher but also have to echo the frustration with the backwards way it’s set up and the fact there are so few messages to listen to. 3 days and I went through them all. Where are the older ones from the last few years?
Great teaching... reminds me of my favorite author Alan Redpath
Thank you for this podcast. I’m too weak in spirit to provide more details, but what I can say is thank you for being obedient to preaching God’s word. It has made a difference in my life and in my relationship with Christ.
Just imagine there’s another person that when I open the canna peanuts eat the whole ones first and leave they have for later thanks for your insights I’m not as weird as people might think!
Continue the GREAT WORK BY! You lessons are amazing. They are so uplifting and encouraging. May God Bless you always. Your TRUTH AND LOVE SERMON hit the moment for me just right. We must continue to WALK THE TRUTH AND DO SO IN LOVE no matter how much people go against us. Thank you for these words from Gods WORD. PERFECT TIMING. Susan Trail
Thank you for taking the time to record and upload these sermons! I am encouraged greatly by them! I have one suggestion and this is based on my experience. The order in which the sermons are uploaded seem to appear backwards, at least in my experience. Currently I’m listening to “The partial kingdom part 1 of 2” uploaded today. Yesterday was “the partial kingdom part 2 of 2”.
Wonderful! It is amazing
Love listening “TFL” Alistair Begg is a great Pastor and a man Of God His Teaching is biblical it’s the the Truths I’ve been listening to His Teaching on the app and I never stopped. I’m so thankful God created this amazing ministry and Godbless everyone!
Alistair Begg is a wonderfully gifted teacher and preacher of God’s Word in the Bible. I listen almost everyday. I love his wonderful and witty usage of words, and his delectable sense of humor! “You don't get any better than this folks!” Tune in, I’m sure you love his in depth way in layman’s terms of explaining the crux of all Biblical matters. 3 Thumbs up ! Michael LaPorte, IN
I appreciate this pastor who stands on the Word, glorifies and lifts up the name of Jesus and points us always in the direction of salvation and of knowing the Creator more deeply. I pray God’s blessings always on Pastor Begg and his family and all the ears who hear God’s words through this humble servant.
Alistar has become a wonderful mentor. He has brought me closer to my Lord. He has brought the scripture alive in a way that helps me in my everyday life. Thank you Alistar even though we have never met you are my brother in Christ. May God continue to bless your journey
Begg doesn’t pull his punches when discussing our flaws and excuses for not doing what is right and yet his dry wit and love of the Lord make listening a pleasure. He is a great role model, great speaker, and VERY knowledgeable about scripture.
I enjoy listening to a message each day. Good, sound, and Biblical teaching. May our Heavenly Father continue to give you words to speak to the world.❤️
I used to study alone at night. Thanks to Truth for Life my husband now listens with me and grow as a team. It’s been wonderful.


By Illwey1
I’m fairly new to listening to Begg, but I am well pleased with his logic and understanding of the Bible. He’s straight forward in such a simplistic manner. The only reason I started listening is because of the new Spurgeon CSB bible. I found that Alistair Begg was kind of the result of it (which by the way, they need a KJV version of it, doesn’t make much sense to use the CSB when Spurgeon used KJV) and I started listening to him. I REALLY enjoy his sermons. I was a little skeptical going into it (I have a group of people that I have a confidence will give the truth) but everything (so far that I’ve heard) is biblically sound and applicable. Take a listen and judge for yourself.
Truth for Life is a breath of fresh air in a world of mass marketed spirituality. Pastor Begg’s consistent approach to biblical exposition stands firm against the swaying tides of current ‘tickle-my-ears’ preaching. You won’t hear any self-help tips, self-esteem bolstering, or self-serving aggrandizement. What you will hear is Christ-centered, sober minded, clear, relevant bible teaching. Thank you to Truth for Life for providing this amazing ministry. To Pastor Begg: “Sir, we would see/hear Jesus.” Thank you for your unwavering commitment to teach God’s word.
Outstanding messages by Alistair Begg. Highly recommended!
My life has been truly enriched spiritually through the teaching of Truth For Life Ministry, as I listen with an open heart to GOD’s WORD. What a Blessing... what a Blessing.
Amazing food for the best of life Amen
Great preaching, intellectually funny guy.
Pastor Begg is an awesome Bible scholar and very enjoyable to listen to.
God has used Alistair’s teaching to keep me grounded when I am traveling and out of a routine conducive to regular, daily Bible reading. I am grateful for the way the Lord has empowered Alistair to teach boldly—no matter how unpopular or non-PC these truths are to the society in which we live. Thank you for continuing to serve the Lord in this manner. CY
Consistent, dependable presenting of the truth from God's word interns we can understand and relate to.