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By skfl7
Thank you so much for standing firm on the unapologetic truth straight from the infallible pages of Holy Scripture!
Alistair speaks the truth from the Bible. Sound doctrine delivered in a way that application is easily applied.
Truth and the foundational teaching of God’s Word run as the keystone to all of Rev. Begg’s teaching and sermons. I have filled my supplemental time to prayer & the study of The Scripture with Truth For Life resources - this podcast/broadcast being a daily part of that walk. Thank God for blessing this ministry and the seeds that are sown through the words from Rev. Begg - addressing the main things, the plain things and calling God’s people to live lives full of grace, mercy, forgiveness and faithfulness


By K.S.!
I absolutely love this podcast!! It’s truly amazing. I enjoy listening while doing house work. And it give me plenty to think about! My aunt used to go to his Church and really enjoyed it! I think there is some sage advice in here!!!! Truly advise listening! You’ll get plenary of good stuff to take away!!!!! Thank you so much Mr. Begg for doing this!!!! Your absolutely great at it!!!!!!!!!
I found Mr. Begg on FM radio one afternoon. Grateful for his podcast here. I look forward to it every day.
I first heard Alistair on the radio week nights in 2003 and looked forward to his exposition and followed his broadcast almost daily for years. I was glad to find him here on this platform!
Well worth your time.
You underestimate this wee Scotsman to your own peril!
Every morning at 6am I start my day listening to you and opening my Bible along with my first cup of coffee. I am so very thankful and blessed. Then I “go out”!
Dear Pastor Begg, am a “ little selfish😇 in wanting to keep you here so I can listen to your teaching,Podcast as well as my Sunday Morning Service @ Parkside Church. But like a glass of good wine, one must sip & not guzzle to make it last. Soooooo, as much as I want to keep you here,I must let you go 😭😢to spend time with the family @ your favorite Scottish Beach 🏖 🏄 regenerate, take care of your health & come back to us, for the “story” continues. Merry Christmas to you & yours! Stay HEALTHY & enjoy a well earn rest, I need, WE ALL need the GREATEST teacher & storyteller of the Bible!! God Bless🙏💃🏻 Why must I change my title?? that’s my name 😭😭 Dear Pastor Begg, here I go again being selfish☹️but would you have the time to translate the Bible as you read it?? I’ve gone through the Bible so many times that it has become “ boring ☹️” only with your teaching has it come alive👏💃🏻!! sooooo to have it in “ plain” English would help 🙏👏💐 Would that be 2 much homework & time taken out of your vocation 😌😇😁
Thought provoking messages delivered with the verses needed to study and confirm. Truth for Life and Alistair Begg are a staple to my spiritual growth.
Pastor Begg teaches! he’s a storyteller! He takes you on a walk throughout the Bible that makes you want more, like a child being read a bedtime story, you can’t wait for the next chapter! Because of his teaching the Bible is made more clear. God Bless him, may God keep him around for a long time!!! & thanks for my Sunday morning Service @ Parkside Church!!!!
Alistair has no equal in the Christian world today. He is the Pastor of Pastors, master teacher of all teachers and chief expositor of the Bible. He is head and shoulders over all who teach the Bible. His mastery of the Bible along with mastery of history and literature permits him to pull from relevant poem, prose and historical facts throughout human history. Highly recommended.
Alistair has a profound way of speaking to new and old believers. His incredible depth of knowledge, wisdom, humility, insights and wit is such a welcome treasure. Thank you for your faithfulness and service to the Kingdom.
Thank you for correctly handling Truth. It’s so hard to find and so needed!!
Praise God for anointing and equipping Alistair to courageously preach the whole counsel of God. I’ve been starting my day off listening to this podcast and I am challenged and refreshed each morning. If you want to hear preaching that encompasses what it means to speak the truth in love, look no further than Truth For Life.
Always speaks the Gospel Truth. With much scripture backup, excellent explanation & clarification. Pastor Begg is a wonderful speaker who combines contextual history to clarify his sermon. I so enjoy listening to hi teaching, then add his beautiful Scottish accent,& I can listen & learn often, every day. Thank you for Truth For Life!
I like listening to your messages because they are so grounded in the word. So many preachers today are entertaining but seem a bit shallow, and more for entertainment. I enjoy watching/listening to them occasionally, but always come back to your messages for the truth and you encourage me to live it out in my life. Thank you for your faithfulness🙏
These as I call them - delayed radio broadcasts are a great encouragement for me since I just got an Apple phone in April. Me and my Girlfriend listen almost daily, as we have done so—great truths have been spoken (literally ) into our lives. As we listened to all 4 episodes of husbands and wives,(recently submitted for all who care to listen), BOTH OF US, care! We have been blessed as we heard the word of God and have been judged by it, and have resolved to obey it. With the help of the Holy Spirit. Both of us are believers and followers of Christ who died in our place! We are embarking together upon marriage in the near future as we need your prayers. THANK YOU FOR DOING ALL IT TAKES TO flood the internet with TRUTH, the truth of Christ Jesus our King! —Tony
I love listening to Alistair Begg in the early morning after my Bible reading time, long drives, or simply when my soul needs so extra spiritual food, so extra reminders to turn to the Lord. I can’t recommend this podcast enough because of it’s faithful and solid preaching and it’s short episodes for busy moms. Side note: I never get tired of listening to his voice because of his accent, and extra plus to his solid preaching. He’s one of those preachers who you can hear his love for the church and God’s word though this preaching.
Solid, reformed, truth. Glory to Christ!
The title says it all “Truth for Life”. Thank you Mr. Begg for helping me to understand and apply God’s Word.
Ali stair Begg does a really good job preaching deep and meaning sermons.
Alistair is my favorite preacher-his love for the Lord and his Word is so evident in his sermons. His expository teaching is so thorough. I also really enjoy his preaching style-convicting and encouraging.
Alistair Begg’s preaching has been such an encouraging time of true, biblical, unapologetic apologetics that has instructed me from my early childhood. Truth For Life’s commitment to the Word has been a great blessing to my life, providing such firmly grounded truths and preaching of the whole Bible with the focus of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. It has been a convicting journey with Truth For Life and Alistair’s preaching, but a much needed and extremely thankful journey at that. Highly recommend!!
Steady , correct, helpful for a diet of truth.
I truly enjoy listening the episodes from truth for life. Thank you pastor Alistair Begg and Truth for Life team. Your messages and all your team’s work remind me about God’s love and plans throughout week. And understand Bible.
Shamelessly simple and wonderfully complex the message is always pointing to the Hope which does not disappoint and thoroughly equips for every good work. Thanks for your obedience in faith!
No matter how you dress it up ,sin is third time listening to this Praise God our Father for truth i need on a daily basis!
My mother introduced me to Pastor Alistair Begg a few years ago. Recently, trying to navigate living in a country filled with intellectual chaos, I began listening to the Truth for Life podcast. Alistair Begg’s teachings have become an anchor for my emotions. Jesus’ teachings never change despite shifting emotions in culture. I value Begg’s reiteration of using the mind along with the heart when studying Jesus’ teaching. In a world where truth has become feeling-based, I am grateful that Begg’s interpretation and teaching of scripture speaks to listeners’ intellects and allows the Holy Spirit to move the listeners’ hearts.
I am not a student of pulpit banging, soul scaring methods many leaders of Christ’s congregation employ. This is a safe place to hear actual biblical teaching, guiding Christians into a deeper walk with our savior, Jesus. Love this Shepard.
I listen to Pastor Begg on podcast every night when I’m going to bed and while I’m sleeping then I wake up to his preaching. He settles my mind so I can get to sleep then while I’m sleeping my brain is soaking in his preaching.


Pastor Begg is an answer to prayer. I had been asking the Lord for a teacher/pastor who would preach the WHOLE word of God and not just the “nice” bits. He answered above and beyond my expectations. Isn’t that just like Him?! This man is humble, gracious and transparent. He preaches with insight and clarity I’ve never experienced before and I’ve been a believer for 38 years. I’m learning and being stretched thoroughly. I highly recommend his ministry.
I have been a believer for 40 years, listened to podcasts from many gifted pastors who have a teacher’s mindset. I have listen to Alastair Begg many times. He has a way of bringing scripture alive in new ways with the ability to have you view the text through a different set of lenses. His podcasts are always fresh and new and his teaching style never wears out. Because of this I have found new ways to crash through the system of life with spiritual gusto. Bravo to him!
So very thankful for this ministry and the blessing it has been to our family!
While I’ve been a believer since childhood, the messages and lessons have been instrumental in my spiritual growth and maturity. Thank you so much for becoming like family to me even though we’ve never met in person. I haven’t heard a more wholistic and biblical message anywhere.
Praise our mighty Lord. For the first time in my life delving into The Word. Thanks for helping me grow.
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I love your teaching the style is relevant. This very good teaching causes me as a child of God to search my heart as well as my motives as I live daily. Thanks for teaching The Word of God. Continuous blessing IJN
Availability 🤙100%
Insightful and incisive teaching from a humble and honorable preacher. Thanks so much for this wonderful resource of encouragement and exhortation.
Please change the order in which they are posted so that it’s easier to “binge” listen!!!
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Alistair Begg has a most curious way of bringing bible lessons to me in a way I truly understand. His teachings have brought me closer to Christ. It’s also clear he has a love of poetry and music, and uses quotes from both to reinforce his teaching. I am blessed by his dedication to the word of the gospel.
I agree with all if the good things said about this podcast and it’s teacher but also have to echo the frustration with the backwards way it’s set up and the fact there are so few messages to listen to. 3 days and I went through them all. Where are the older ones from the last few years?
Great teaching... reminds me of my favorite author Alan Redpath
Thank you for this podcast. I’m too weak in spirit to provide more details, but what I can say is thank you for being obedient to preaching God’s word. It has made a difference in my life and in my relationship with Christ.
Just imagine there’s another person that when I open the canna peanuts eat the whole ones first and leave they have for later thanks for your insights I’m not as weird as people might think!