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By User516
Not loud enough
Love the podcast but 50% of the time I find it incredibly hard to hear guests in particular and the hosts. Bump the volume up and would be a 5 star pod
Lads what's the story with the audio quality lately?! It's really bad. Getting good quality sound from other Newstalk podcasts!
Fantastic show with great insight from respectable guests.
Best way to catch up on the football. Living over in the USA so hearing the lads chatting away reminds me of back home. Intelligent insight, witty jokes, and great analysis. Could do with a few more regular updates.
Great football show with very good guests and discussion. Only downside is most of the presenters are Man Utd fans and don't really hide bias very well.
Oft THE BEST OF THE WEEK, this little pod. Hosts and A++ list of guest analysts and raconteurs- no wastes of spaces. The conversation always quick and pertinent, the humor incisive, knowing and personal but not self-absorbed or too “inside.” Hear the INFO THAT EXPLAINS and ANALYSES THAT ENLIGHTEN from smart progressive guys who, for all their astonishing experiences and unparalleled access, are smart progressive guys like us. English Premier League focus, plenty of Europe, particularly UEFA events, lots of great La Liga sources. This is an Ireland-based show, the hosts are particularly enthusiastic about the (Republic’s) international team’s goings-on and players, but it’s fun to be let into that side of the pub and it’s never too much, just enlightening.* Lately the episodes have been worryingly shorter, and, maybe it’s summer, but any lover of the game should give this gem a listen and support. *e.g., learn whether these Dubliners would rather England or Northern Ireland do well, hear them bristle and chuckle when patronized by tone-deaf ex-English internationals (think George Bush talking to Colin Powell about Colin’s “homies” and their “sense of rhythm” while Powell keeps trying to force the words “friends” and “musical talent,” as the switchboard lights up)
Listen up. Straight talk from some of the best in the business.
John Giles always gives thoughtful, independent commentary on European football. A must-listen for soccer fans.


Excellent show, informative and so funny
Without a doubt one of my favourite shows. Ken and Eoin are brilliant. They also have great contributors from all aspects of world football.
Informative, witty, intelligent, and funny, this show has something for every footy fan. Ken and Eoin are the highlight of my podcasting day. Good stuff and highly recommended.
Well worth listening to for any fan of sports
The right mix of Informative and amusing. In USA and listening live not an option. My favorite new podcast discovery. Great guests - FW alums and other recognizable names make this even more excellent.
Quality show. Thanks Lads.


By ud1176
love the show, now my favorite on itunes
Excellent show for a number of years now
fantastic show, i just it was updated on a daily basis. sometime it can go 2 weeks or more an no new shows are put up. Ger and all the lads have the best show on the airways long may it continue.
Mucho accolades to the Dublin lads Ger & Ken. Poignant mix of wit and healthy sarcasm, unravelling the UK football soap opera and its quintessential quirks. Brilliant interplay. Much more entertaining than the Chelsea-Liverpool duo at World Soccer Daily and no lame ads. Highly recommended!
Fair play lads! Listening to ye down here in Uruguay. I can listen to Ken and Ger when they shut down the live webcast for a feckin' match!