Reviews For Planetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy and Science

I love the Planetary Society, and I am advocate for space policy in the United States. I also understand that with a new host will come changes to the radio show, but one of the most disappointing changes the removal of the space news. The weekly space news section gave quick snippets of what was going on in the space world, and I believe that is a big part of what encourages people to support space exploration and policy. As an advocate for space, I am saddened that weekly space news is no longer a priority for Planetary Radio. I know there’s a newsletter and the website, but having it as a part of my weekly podcast schedule was much more convenient.
Back in the early 1980’s near Cal Tech I asked Carl Sagan if he’d say “Help me Mr. Wizard.” He didn’t see the humor in my bit of snark. When I asked Richard Feynman what he thought about my comment he laughed. These days I find myself wishing that I’d just kept my mouth shut…. What’s the point of this name dropping confession? This: I love astronomy and I endorse this podcast.
Not to be a jerk, but I find the new host, nervous, laughter, annoying and I basically quit listening..
I listen to a lot of news and climate podcasts, which can be a bit sad. This is an excellent podcast that catalogues some of the awesome stuff that comes with living in this era. And Sarah has done a great job carrying on from Mat!
This show used to have personality and was entertaining to a dummy like me; in turn I learned some and gained an interest in space. Now it sounds like an AI generated fact fest for the PhD holding choir. Borrrring.🙋🏻‍♂️
Great to hear our great friend Mat again. Sarah does very well but nothing beats the comradery and exchanges between Mat and Bruce. (June '23)
I have listened to this program for years, and I was very sad when the host Mat Kaplan left. However, I stuck it out for as long as I could. Now I am looking elsewhere. I think the problem is that it’s missing a lot of relatable and tangible content that the show used to have. A lot of it is just the host expressing excitement but rarely conveying it. When I listen to her voice it just kills all my interest. And then if I force myself to listen to it anyway it just it feels like I go through the episodes having heard nothing at all. She’s very nice and I’ve seen her on videos and she seems very cool and sweet, and I really like her. But she just shouldn’t be hosting such an important science program. Now I’m searching for something with the same energy and material as this show used to have. Also I see they’re losing the trivia segment and I’m not surprised. That guy sounds so sad that he is no longer riffing and just trudging through the material now. Feels like it’s ending altogether. Maybe something better will come in and replace it? I hope soon.
Sorry to say but now that they’re taking away space trivia on the show. I think this is a slow decline downhill. I’ll keep an open mind, but I just do not agree with this at all but there’s nothing I can do what I’ve already done.
Weekly podcasts about the latest on our solar system, exoplanets and more. Monthly podcasts on what is the state of government funding of space exploration and how to advocate for more funding. Good balance of content for the novice and expert in space. Put this on your streaming if you want to keep on top of space news!
Please ask the host to stop her fake and forced laughter. It adds nothing and goes from old to annoying very quickly. It almost to the point I have to stop listening.
Planetary Radio used to be my #1 favorite podcast. The original host is epically talented. The original host retired, and sadly the new host gives the show a fluffy feel. The new host obsessively proclaims “I’m so excited” but then struggles to explain any interesting scientific and technical details. The new show’s lack of gravitas is made acutely noticeable by the insistence of the host to explicitly convert metric into imperial. The unit conversions are distracting. Everyone interested in space is familiar with metric. For the younger listeners considering careers in STEM, this show will harm their numeracy essential for career success. Imperial has no place in science and space.
Bring Mat Kaplan back on the show.
They have some wonderful reviews and interviews on a wide range of space topics. It’s always informative, often humorous, and keeps the conversations approachable to a wide audience! Highly recommend.
I always look forward to new episodes! Sarah is doing a great job as the new host, continuing to feature fascinating space scientists. And since she has a BA in astrophysics, and has been in science communication for years, she brings great understanding to her work. I’m a member of The Planetary Society, and really appreciate the work of the entire staff. If you listen to this podcast, or enjoy The Downlink weekly newsletter, please join!
Listen to about 75% of the program but enjoy the delivery and info


Cheesy, self absorbed, regurgitation of pop science, by over privileged spoiled old men all whom seemingly could save the world, but don’t, apparently.
I very much appreciate what Matt Kaplan and Bruce Betts are doing for the space community, informing and entertaining us every week with this podcast. Since the day I watched the Apollo landing on the moon, I’ve closely followed everything I can about space and space exploration and I always learn something new from each Planetary Radio episode.
The show provides an excellent source of news and non-partisan commentary about the space program. My only criticism is that in their attempt to be non-partisan, they seem reluctant to criticize politicians or parties even when they are unsupportive or less supportive of NASA than others.
I rarely leave reviews but this is something special. I have always had a fantasy of space and after hearing many space podcasts (and being disappointed) I was exuberant to find one. I love how the episodes are consistent and the weekly content is new!
Couldn’t leave the politics out of it! Too bad. The new Religion of science. Lost me!
I really look forward to this podcast each week. Mat has a great “radio/podcast” presence. Love it!
This is such a fine part of what the Planetary Society offers, and it makes me proud to be a member. Mat Kaplan is as intelligent, excited and involved with the stories and guests as you’d expect, but even more patient, kind and thoughtful than you might anticipate until you listen to the podcast. It’s educational and uplifting to listen to every episode, and gives me an extra boost on “hump day” Thank you Bruce for your weekly portion as well, always entertaining and often reminds me to look up at night, as well as educating me on space history. Huge props to everyone at PS, past, present and future! Also many thanks to Emily L for her contribution to the podcast and to The Planetary Society, including her wonderful lessons on how to process raw images from Hubble and other telescopes and spacecraft. Extraordinary! Ad astra :)
The host, Mat Kaplan, is such a great interviewer! I appreciate what I've learned from episode to episode. Thanks for organizing this show and having such amazing guests. Of course, thanks to Bruce Betts and all the work that he does for the Planetary Society and his additions to the end of every episode!! Live long and prosper.
Every episode continues to be interesting! They somehow manage to bring in the best experts every week and always have something new about our universe to discuss. The best podcast for anyone interested in space.
Tihis is wondeful for anyone who cares about space, planets, space travel, and astronomy.Subscribe, adn become a member of the Planetary Society too!
Always an excellent podcast for space nerds. I really love the space policy edition.
When I heard the phrase above I thought “oh I didn’t realize there was a drought. Good for them, I wonder if California is doing good with theirs” only to find out that no, there’s still no water. Venus was arbitrarily my favorite planet since childhood. It’s so against having humans live on it that I bet people will visit Mercury before Venus’ surface.
Highly accessible podcast. Thank you!
So disappointed in the Planetary Radio show. It is so ironic that a program that scares people for funding is completely closed minded about the possibilities. Burn the books and be a planetary society only perspective? I don’t think so. In no way do I believe ufos have aliens, but the arrogance of this podcast compelled to express my disgust for Casey’s arrogance and self importance. Hope you are the first to be stuck by your asteroid.
Mat Kaplan is a great host, and his attitude, passion, and knowledge make this show quite an enjoyable one. The quality of the show’s production leads to a pleasurable listening experience, which leaves me looking forward to future episodes. As a bonus, the show recently halted sponsorships, which makes listening a better experience due to the lack of advertisements from outside entities. It’s clear that The Planetary Society listens to their audience, cares for the desires of their audience members, and delivers excellent content as a result.


My 8 year old grandson is remarkably knowledgeable about the solar system and beyond. This fascinating podcast helps me keep one step ahead of him. Thanks!
a well-produced weekly show that will appeal to people of all backgrounds. Word of caution- the monthly “policy” episode tries too hard to convince that it does not take sides but it quickly becomes apparent there is a political preference.
Mat Kaplan is a fantastic interviewer, wicked sharp, and incredibly kind. You can feel his passion for the subject, and getting to hear from space-related professionals is fascinating! And the policy discussion episodes are great!!!! Super informative. And I just love “What’s Up” with Bruce at the end of each show. Corny and full of great facts!!! Only complaint is that its just once a week!!!! We want more!!!
Everything that you need to know about space exploration right here in this podcast. Whether you want to know about what’s in the night sky, what missions are in progress, or what Washington is doing in regards to space policy - it’s all right here! Mat Kaplan deserves a tip of the hat for his well spoken remarks and intuitive interviewing. Also a hats off to our good fried Bruce Betts for keeping our heads looking up and Mat on his toes!
Love every episode. More please.
Your program is soo informative and i appreciate the hard work of everyone involved to provide us with this knowledge. <>Henry Williams III
Great podcast for folks interested in the happenings of space and all things orbital industry.
I look forward every Wednesday to the release of the new episode of planetary radio. The knowledge and enthusiasm of Mat Kaplan and his many guests adds weekly to my knowledge of and enthusiasm for space exploration and planetary science. Check it out!
I fast forward the profane ranting Bill Nye. Unforgivable & unprofessional when I heard it.
Young professional/ student in the aerospace industry and have listened to a number of space podcasts, but this is by far the best. Combines unique space policy insight with great speakers and keeps me up to date on exciting things happening in the industry


By fpdins
Well done on all fronts. As someone who had always loved space but only recently focused on it regularly this is exactly what I was looking for.
They don’t dumb it down. They have fun! Love the variety of shows. Matt is a great host. But, I think Bill Nye should pay him more 😀
For someone who casually enjoys astronomy and science, I enjoy each and episode of this podcast, especially the Space Policy editions because I live in Washington, DC.
I’ve been in love with absolutely anything space or science related since I was a kid. This podcast helps me keep the passion alive and well. After listening for a while all I want is to be involved in this incredible industry anyway I possibly can.
This podcast is one of a very few that I listen to every week without fail. The content is varied and fascinating. Mat Kaplan does a great job keeping the content both timely and insightful. I particularly loved the episodes focused on mission successes and new science initiatives/discoveries. I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough to anyone with an interest in space. I frequently leave the podcast feeling more optimistic about our prospects as a species, which can be difficult to find in the day to day news cycle.
Want to know what’s going on across our little slice of the cosmos, and not get buried in technical jargon? This is the podcast for you! Just enough science to make the listeners feel smart (this one, anyway) mixed in with such contagious enthusiasm and excitement = a winning formula. And after listening a few times, I dare you not to want to join The Planetary Society. Double dare, even. :)
The host is entertaining and easy to listen to. Always very interesting space subjects discussed.
This show is the best way to stay up to date on what’s happening in space. Fascinating conversations with key players, fun facts, coverage of everything from detailed science to governmental policy to art. And all by the passionate team at the Planetary Society. My favorite podcast!


Space is the last frontier. This podcast will literally lifted you above your worries and everyday life. Learn about other planets, future exploration, new ideas, space policies, international collaboration and more importantly the future of humanity. One hour of pure evasion each week. Superb!