Accelerate feat dj TURBINE

Reviews For Accelerate feat dj TURBINE


By hpianko
I'll never listen to anything else again!!!! Turbine's unbelievable!!!!
great music for the road or any occassion, you won't be dissapointed. definitely one of the better podcasts out there. keep up the good work dj turbine.
This has to be some of the best dj mixing i've ever heard. I've listened to house and trance since I was about 10 years old (now 25) and this brings me back to the early days of humpty vission and all the east coast and european house my older brother used to send me when he was in the navy.
This is a phenominal podcast of some of the best trance music I have heard. The best part is it is delivered each week and I can't wait each week to get it!
If you like electronica, there's something you'll like in every episode of Accelerate. DJ Turbine's skills really show; his sound is professional and expertly done, and he does not disappoint. Keep up the great mixing.
Awesome!!!!! I look forward to every Tuesday when I know I'll be getting a new podcast.
Great to study by or party by - you choose!
My Music This is were I was Waithing 4 Electronic is the best I Ever Her for my podcast I LOV it Thank you Guy's....../////,,,
Even the little little guy thinks this is sweet. Keep on mixing DJ Turbine. You are doing a very good job with your show.