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I used to have a lot of respect for Stephanopoulos but no more. I was looking for an objective non-partisan podcast but I see now that you are on the take by the Republicans. I will be deleting you and letting everyone I know to avoid your program.
Can’t we do better than Chris christy for the round table?!?! What a nightmare with zero credibility. Also to all of you crying about the news being one sided, it’s not one sided to report the sides as they are- be mad at Trump and his cult for constantly creating negative news stories bc they are awful people and incompetent leaders.
Chris Christie adds nothing to the round table. I am sure there must be better talent available to provide a balanced view point.
During some of the interviews there are a ton of phone notification noises - bells, whistles, bangs. This happens regularly. Don’t you do check the sound quality of your own podcasts? Don’t you instruct your interviewees to mute their phone???? VERY ANNOYING!
The 538 bit with the sound effects reminds me of my kids watching Nickelodeon Otherwise great programming
The lying shills on the May 24 2020 episode are too much. They are preening for Trump and twisting themselves in knots to avoid reality. I have to skip them. The Roundtable had to treat Obama “gate” as if it were a real issue! I skipped it. Stop echoing and giving air time to ridiculous propaganda. You cannot treat propaganda as if it is a valid concern. It devalues your show.
The May 10, 2020 show was the final straw. The only mention of A.G. Barr’s corruption of Justice regarding Flynn was tossed to Trump apologist Chris Christie, who unsurprisingly and unabashedly lied without challenge. Stephanopoulos has been in an excruciatingly pathetic nosedive for a while. I divorce x 3.
Narrative pushing.
He is just awful..I was once worried that he was going to be President..when he short himself in the foot over the I knew he was done


By RLP363
Now ABC is joining FOX in putting lies out there on behalf of the potus and his puppets. I will no longer watch ABC locally or nationally. What happened to you George?


By nokboat
Get rid of Chris Christy
The Right Questions are: why aren’t the people directly involved in the Ukraine scandal allowed to testify under oath in front of the American people? Mulvaney, Pompeo, Eisenberg, Kupperman, Bolton, etc have been blocked from testifying. Why? Why are the relevant documents not released if they acted properly? How can you have a trial without seeing the underlying documents? Why don’t the courts speed up the process to let the truth come out? The American people have the right to know the truth. What is the president hiding the truth all the time?
This is the first place I check for insight with experts and reasoned viewpoints.
I thought I was rating a review and accidentally gave this show a 5 star rating. So sorry. This show, like all the major “Sunday shows” puts the same truly awful politicians on over and over again to spout their talking points unchallenged followed by the same old hack discredited talking heads to pontificate about the nonsense we’ve just heard. What a waste of time and hot air, a testament to the sorry state of American news media, funded by the military and industrial corporations who actually run the country while their lackeys bloviate on the air every Sunday.
Stand up to him. He’s spouting propaganda. Why do you continue to give Jim Jordan that platform. Disgusted.
George, you are not even strong enough to control a liar like Giuliani in your own show! You just let him go on and on and on with complete garbage while you say uh uh uh uh.... I am so disappointed in you! Learn how to control guests! My God, man!
Ted Cruz was on the show with non-stop lies...George just let him go on without any challenge. Why bother even having a host. They show is a waste of time. If I want lies I can tune into Fox anytime I want.


Grow up George .....
So biased. America Broadcasting Communism (ABC). Jon Carl is the worst one, terrible interviews as he foams at the mouth any time a conservative is near!
I love George, but I cannot listen when everyone is shouting iver each other. Take lessons from Washington Week.
How can you stand to publish such biased journalism? Unbelievable.....
Why is it that the hosts isn’t always pushing back on all the lies being told on the show? Call our all the liars, don’t invite them back to mislead. I’m about to stop listening/watching! Do better!
Today’s podcast from June 30. B
George is a political hack.
This show is a fantastic treat to wake up to every Sunday morning. George and his panel are insightful and informative. My one complaint is with the podcast not being uploaded in a timely manner.
This show leans overtly left. What has happened to fair and balanced coverage? This show does not cover news; its content is biased in support of the Democratic Party agenda.
I look forward to listening to George every Sunday...sorry you aren’t posting the program on Sunday mornings.
I’m ashamed that many of us still reach for this podcast religiously each week. I love George and Martha, but the podcast producers refuse to upload the episodes in a timely manner, teasing and tantalizing us until sometimes 24 hours after the broadcast. These producers fine new meaning to the 24-hour news cycle. This is 2019, producers, start acting like it. Shame pole for you!
Love George However, Only one star because you all choose to have Kelly Anne Conway the biggest trumptard liar on the show knowing full well that she is one of the the lowlives who make up the trump mafia! I cut if off before she could even talk .Why would you waste time putting this witch on the show. All she does is cover up for fake president trump! Way to annoying to listen too!
Every other week there is a co-host or guest that leads the show. These weeks are terrible — the hosts just ask a preset list of questions without follow up or push back. I have no interest in hearing Trump’s spokespeople be given a stage to freely present their propaganda. This is supposed to be a place to question ideas and when they are lies, the interviewer should be saying something.
Love the content when I can find it, but it’s not reliable. Still don’t have last week’s posted, and I heard it was a great show.
Please do not stop producing an audio This Week podcast. Many have very busy lives and need to feed their knowledge while flying, driving, exercising, preparing meals, etc. Audio podcasts can be heard in the increments schedules permit.
My review’s title speaks for itself
The utter disregard for the public by delaying the posting of the weekly podcast is inexcusable. This Week is now yesterday’s news for me literally and figuratively.
I’m not sure how you judge a podcast based on what they were doing 12 years ago when podcasts were just beginning to become popular. Shouldn’t there be some statute of limitations for these reviews. The show continues to inform and entertain.
I am so glad that this show is available via podcast. I am traveling outside the country for 6 months and this is my only access.
Why bother having a show like this when George Stephanopoulos simply introduces a guest, lets them blather while he silently sits there - and then proceeds to the next guest. If you're not going to offer insight or pushback, save the money and have a computer do the job. There's likely an algorithim that could offer more intellectual and enlightened conversation.
Useless crap show by a democratic activist. These idiots think the Americans are stupid but the fact is the public can see through them
I listen most Sunday’s. Starting to think the first segment interview is too long and WHY they gave Steve Bannon air time, since mostly what he says is lies, is BEYOND me.
Don’t waste your time.
Why is Steve Brannon’s opinion relevant any more???????!
As Trump defends America from unfair trade is amazing to me that George & Martha would continue to portray him as an idiot. The Liberal bias is abound. They defend Trudeau’s, at tines. 270% tariffs. America wins if Trump does. Who’s side are you on ABC?
I learn to establish facts from opinions from the way Martha R. poses questions for her interviewees to answer.


By assa at
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This podcast is too one sided and just not a good listen. Has tons of technical issues. This is not worth the download. Avoid
So many other podcasts out there. I've moved on.
Very little even reporting and commentary. Not a cross section of even discussions any more. Used to enjoy balanced discussions by cross section of writers and thought leaders. Should disallow political funding by narrator / guide such as stephenopolis or raditz. Should be independent like consumer reports only to guide adult conversations.