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I am so glad that this show is available via podcast. I am traveling outside the country for 6 months and this is my only access.
Why bother having a show like this when George Stephanopoulos simply introduces a guest, lets them blather while he silently sits there - and then proceeds to the next guest. If you're not going to offer insight or pushback, save the money and have a computer do the job. There's likely an algorithim that could offer more intellectual and enlightened conversation.
Useless crap show by a democratic activist. These idiots think the Americans are stupid but the fact is the public can see through them
I listen most Sunday’s. Starting to think the first segment interview is too long and WHY they gave Steve Bannon air time, since mostly what he says is lies, is BEYOND me.
Don’t waste your time.
Why is Steve Brannon’s opinion relevant any more???????!
As Trump defends America from unfair trade is amazing to me that George & Martha would continue to portray him as an idiot. The Liberal bias is abound. They defend Trudeau’s, at tines. 270% tariffs. America wins if Trump does. Who’s side are you on ABC?
I learn to establish facts from opinions from the way Martha R. poses questions for her interviewees to answer.


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This podcast is too one sided and just not a good listen. Has tons of technical issues. This is not worth the download. Avoid
So many other podcasts out there. I've moved on.
Very little even reporting and commentary. Not a cross section of even discussions any more. Used to enjoy balanced discussions by cross section of writers and thought leaders. Should disallow political funding by narrator / guide such as stephenopolis or raditz. Should be independent like consumer reports only to guide adult conversations.
Had to stop listening after they kept having Kellyanne on to waste my time with alternative facts and rhetoric. I feel a show isn’t worth the time if they’re going to interview known liars. How unfortunate.
Simply to listen to half and episode will show who this “actor” political affiliation is and the “snarky grenades” comments (with out actually asking A question) he lobs his over the top opinions. Good luck finding someone in this field that is bi-partisan on any networks anymore. It’s a true state of affairs when you have to use “you tube” to get your news.


Never watch it anymore. A waste of time!
There is no Sunday show better. Bravo, ABC! And thank you, George, for asking the tough questions.
George and the gang really know their stuff and the show is engaging as well as informative. Not only that, but the production of this podcast has improved DRAMATICALLY over the last decade. Well done!
It's rich that you throw former Clinton Chief of Staff into your network and think that this broadcast will be anything but fair. What a joke. It's typical liberal brainwashing drivel where liberal guests are thrown softball questions, never pressed, but their conservative counterparts are constantly being attached. ABC is corrupt fake news with an agenda. Nothing more.
He's way to biased and doesn't treat his guests the same with his interviews. Nasty little chimp!!!
Great interviewing by Martha Ravitch!
I think ABC had a shot to move up on the Sunday AM talk show, when MTP lost David G. I think they need to bring George back as a regular or rename it to This Week with Martha Raddatz.
When the commercials come on it's like having someone scream in your ears. Please remember that most people listen to podcasts through earbuds.
Shame on both ABC and George - would Cyou please get your act together and make sure that this podcast is available on a timely basis. This week's download is limited to a couple of minutes whereas original content would be 40+ minutes. Surely someone at ABC can perform the simple act of checking if a) its available on time; and b) its downloadable via normal podcast channels. Thank you.
A Clinton hack!! Fake journalism and partial politics
And didn't fix the mistake as of next day. A mistake is fine, but not fixing it is hard to understand. How are there no steps to check such an important detail.
Just a quick timeout to thank ABC for employing Duffman as the show’s announcer.
Who and why is the podcast butchered? Last week Martha asked questions and the reply was edited out. Just post the entire audio track like the other Sunday morning shows. Please.
This Sunday show tends to have better guests than the recycled group that dominates the other shows. There’s no time limit for a podcast so it’s perplexing that they cut clips off mid-sentence so frequently. The poor editing makes for jarring transitions and renders this podcast marginally listenable.
I don’t know why ABC decided to do this but apparently they’ve started truncating the show on the podcast, removing any analysis or debate. The last episode was a grand total of 34 minutes. But it also seems like the show has decided to go in a soft news format. For instance, this last episode had a long piece on Columbine and Wounded Warriors. Both of those topics are worthy of long pieces but not in a Sunday Morning weekly round up like This Week. People that tune into these show are looking for some analysis of the events of the past week, with an emphasis on politics. It seems that instead, this week is simply becoming an extension of the daily morning show.
I'm stationed overseas and Podcasts are the only way I get to keep up with my Sunday shows. I'm glad ABC actually released the current episdoe of this week on time, but do you think it could more than just the first two minutes???
They don't post the podcast on a current basis, usually several weeks old. Very frustrating
The best Sunday news show, but you won't get it via podcasting. It's April 16th and the latest available show is April 6th. Pitiful.
Why do some media outlets, businesses that are used to meeting deadlines, have trouble uploading podcasts? We are your best fans and you are doing NOTHING to support us. This is bad business.
Days late. No video. Sloppy handling. Sorry, but I am out. Your podcast-listening younger people would have become your Sunday TV watching audience in time. But you obviously do not care about how your show comes across to the 18-49 demo. I hear advertisers don't like them much anyway. Enjoy your audience of grey-haired luddites while you can. There won't be too many coming to replace them.
Increase the volume of this podcast. Thanks. Why is this so soft??? Just turn it up!!! That is all I ask.
I used to watch the show religiously and have George's book which was a great read, however, an audio podcast….why bother. Where is the video version? and why is it so late to be available. Don't waste your time. Check out Meet the Press. It's available Sunday, there is a video version, and the content is always excellent!
Doesn't automatically update.
The episodes are available in the store section but the subscription part with the podcast app does not work. Please fix this issue Yet again the problem is still not fixed. They are posting the shows in a timely manner however the only way to download it is to go into the store and do it manually. I have my subscription set on auto download but it never recognizes that there is new content. I can download it though if I go to the shows section in the 'store'. Silly silly I know This podcast does not connect with the podcast app and auto download episodes. Sad a major media outlet such as ABC cannot get this right. The best most dependable podcast is Savage Love the TSARY rule every show needs some of them. Maddow is also a reliable poster for her shows. Good job
Ii'm a news junkie and listen to four Sunday morning talk shows via podcasts each week. "ABC News This Week" is the worst of them, regarding the timeliness of its postings each week. Since this half-week old podcast is no longer new, I won't give it any score higher than two stars. A note to ABC News: Fire the person/team that's responsible for this ongoing lack of urgency. Surely in this economy you can find people who can do better.
News sources should be reliable. Late and missed shows are dragging down the program's reputation within the iTunes community. If this excellent program was posted by 2pm Sunday each week, it would rate 5 stars and be an important public service. ABC's leadership should make this a priority.
This should be available the same day as the program airs.
A purported " current events" news podcast. It hasn't been updated in weeks.

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Show title should be changed to "Two Weeks Ago". Prior week's show (2/3/2013) posted for 2/17/2013.
This is a great podcast content wise but it doesn't automatically download. It is the only one in my library that doesn't work. What is wrong?
These are time sensitive podcasts. I get Meet the Press as early as 10 AM PST and you guys still have the previous week or sometimes weeks pass without the podcasts being updated, things in politics change rapidly, please consider uploading it earlier that Sunday and consistently or alternatively you may choose to throw in the towel and remove the podcasts if you don't have the capability to be top of it. There seems to be some software issue as well, you can find today's podcast in the store but not under the subscriptions. Maybe somebody messed up the setup?
Forget about the complaint that it is late (that is usually true). But it is never the whole show--it's always edited down. The roundtable gets into a good heated discusssion and then it suddenly cuts off. A new segment starts, they get into a good discussion, and then it cuts off. Oh, but thank God, they've saved enough time for "Ask George a Personal Question." C'mon, ABC, don't cheap out.
Hopefully a good sign. This Week was the first of the sunday shows to put out their podcast. It was really my only complaint.
If you're not going to update a weekly news show on a weekly basis - why even bother offering it? Either give us a serious product, or withdraw it entirely.
The podcast has not been refreshed for several weeks. Very disappointing. Would rate much higher if they could get their act together.