Reviews For This Week with George Stephanopoulos

George S is a hypocritical piece of garbage. His treatment of Nancy Mace is despicable especially after his treatment of women and his covering up for Bill Clinton sexual assaults. Will be unsubscribing.
I look forward to getting a roundup of the weeks news. I do find the intro to the program to be a little over dramatized with Jonathan Karl yelling headlines. Also I often notice places where the audio will Skip ahead, like they cut something.
Donna Brazile fed questions to the Clinton campaign and then repeatedly denied it. Later, even after she was forced to admit that she did what she did, she stated that she just wished she knew about cybersecurity at the time. She didn’t have remorse or shame as a journalist that she did what she did. She simply wished she had been better at keeping it hidden. She should not be given voice on any panel unless she apologizes and admits what she did without qualification.
Do you really think people interested in NEWS, politics, and CURRENT EVENTS are really interested in listening to a Sunday show on Wednesday later in the week? Meet the Press 1:30 Sunday Face the Nation 3:00 Sunday Network news Sunday shows different times Sunday afternoon. This show 72 hours later on Wednesday afternoon, such efficiency!!!
I’m 40 years type 1 diabetic, insulin dependent. What I’m telling you is a fact. I or anyone can go into Walmart pharmacy (for the last ten years) buy a vial of insulin, no prescription, no doctor, no insurance (please pay attention now) for $24. Anytime during the last 10 years. No insurance, no doctor, no prescription, voila. Thus, the hoopla about reducing insulin costs is ? Please let me know you’ve received and understand my communication, Appreciatively, Marco the tucson cowboy
While I know it is hard, my biggest caveat of the show is when the hosts don’t call out lies or inform the viewer/listener when the guest doesn’t answer the question to instead go on a length diatribe of nonsense sound bites. I’m not even talking about a particular political side because I see it alllll the time. Stop em and ask them to just answer the question. I know I know, “politics” and such where they have to work around saying what they don’t want to, but enough with the annoying ranting from obviously biased guest. George is great at this but it’s been getting more seldom. I’m not here to listen to campaigning I’m here to listen to different viewpoints. Great production and love all of the hosts.
I’ll only listen when George is hosting. Martha doesn’t even know what year it is!
I used to watch this show every week. Far too many times in the last 4-6 months, This Week give a GOP representative a platform to spread a lie. Today was Mike Turner who lied about Dr Fauci and COVID. Martha Raddatz tried to interrupt the Dr Fauci would take issue with his lie. But Rep Turner continued on with the lie. COVID lingered on FAR TOO LONG because of the GOP and their lie. I think I have to stop listening on Sundays
This week’s episode doesn’t download or play.


By dbinid
20nov22. first-time listener. incompetent guest host interrupting guests with stupid observations as pretend questions. who is this idiot? i don’t want to hear idiots. i do want to hear the people there for the interview. will not try again. unprofessional.
George can you act moderately nonpartisan just on one or two issues to make it seem you’re actually a reporter and not a democrat operative.
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By Esco215
Too much talking about Ukraine and not enough focus on the insurrection!!!
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Listen, Fauci has done an excellent job for such a precarious position during the pandemic, but OMG am I sick of him being on every Sunday show every other week. If the admin is worried about Covid fatigue we really need to get a fresh voice. I think part of me associates him with the worst of the pandemic and just do not want to remember right now. Get some rest and let someone else take the torch.
Don't waste your time, DNC talking points.
I subscribed because I saw a graphic on MarketWatch that identified ABC news as one of the most reliable and least biased news sources. I have been listening to the ABC news podcast “Start Here” for about a year and have found it incredible neutral/non-biased and super informational and trustworthy. I was hoping this podcast would be the same but it is not. There is a clear left wing bias in much (not all) of the reporting done. I will likely continue listening but it has lost some credibility to me.
Liberal views. More about their narrative. Chris Christie keeps them honest.
As a loyal listener of This Week, I’ve grown to expect respectful, enlightening discourse on the expert panel. That was not the case this weekend. In particular, Roland Martin brought a mix of vitriol, sexism, and party hackery, that drove me to turn off the podcast. In all my years, I’ve never seen a panelist attack two other panelists personally. It was rude and uncalled for. Making matters worse he repeatedly talked over and interrupted one of the female panelists. Won’t ever watch another episode he is involved in.
My Sunday ritual consists of morning coffee, breakfast, and this week with George and the crew. I love how this show takes everything that was news worthy throughout the week and puts it into a 1 he show/podcast. I also appreciate the Democratic and Republican responses and George’s ability to challenge both sides. Love Martha and George!
Give the woman her due and title this show what it is: this week with Martha Raddatz. I think I’ve only ever heard two episodes hosted by George Stephanopoulos. Martha does a great job and should be acknowledged as the main anchor person that she is.
But I cannot stand to listen to Chris Christy. He is trying to play both sides and it isn’t working. I know you have to have both sides on your show but he is too hard to listen to. He is as bad as Trump with his lying and spinning. His efforts on vaccination are the only good thing about him. Can’t you find a more palatable voice?
Outside of Chris Christie, sounds like DNC media arm. I knew George was a Democrat operative who bullied women for Clinton, but honestly he’s closer to neutral than Martha. It is entertaining to hear them all up in arms, accusing republicans of doing same things Democrat definitely did months ago (January 6th riot at capitol vs summer of riots, say republicans not seeing family over politics when democrats say should tell or not see family if not agree with Democrat policies).
Sara is nuts!!! Everyone I talk to throughout his country wants to know why the investigative commission is still not operational!!! What are the trumplicans afraid of?? She is, apparently, still a good little trumplican. I have immigrant parents and grandparents on both sides. Get to the bottom of this insurrection!!
I respect & enjoy hearing each of the round table perspectives and opinions. My favorite is Rahm Emmanuel, he’s the most knowledgeable and well spoken of them all. Christy is a fat hypocrite, maybe haven’t gotten over the whole beach closure, except for his family controversy. George is great!! 😁
Since IOs 14.5, I can’t get your podcast, delays with ABC News dropping, too… sigh
Every other news podcast updates on a timely basis. This one almost never does. The word “news” states it all — any show about current events is relevant only while it’s timely and current. While still new. The failure to post this podcast within hours (and sometimes days) of its broadcast makes it irrelevant.
An egomaniac perpetuating the destruction of the real America.
George, please be a good moderator and cut off people at the round table who keep talking over others as soon as they hear something they disagree with. I understand the passion they feel, but it diminishes the sharing of ideas. Better moderating will bring better reviews.
What a disappointment! Instead of a debate with Rahm Emanuel and Chris Christie, This Week had the repugnant Elsie Granderson on to say that the United States was a racist nation. I turned off This Week and wrote this review.
All these guys are total douche bags 🤢🤮
Certainly not objective reporting.
Chris Christie is amazing! So glad to hear his voice and perspective each week! Thank you Chris for your continued professional contributions! Lastly, Christina Greer, thank you for your eloquent discussion on America’s philosophy. Well said and wonderfully informative :) thank you all for such a great discussion of relevant topics each week, i look forward to the lively and informed discussion, much thanks!
What an embarrassment to journalism. This show is so slanted towards one side it’s nauseating. ABC News should be ashamed of themselves for putting such swill on the air. George has lost his way as a journalist and is a complete partisan hack. Lies upon lies or spewed by the panel without any rebottle from the moderator. An absolute embarrassment.
Can’t we do better than Chris christy for the round table?!?! What a nightmare with zero credibility. Also to all of you crying about the news being one sided, it’s not one sided to report the sides as they are- be mad at Trump and his cult for constantly creating negative news stories bc they are awful people and incompetent leaders. All that still but now also...where the heck is Clare?!?!
This guy is 3 feet tall.
Love the show. Have always hated having to wait until Monday, but now they have stopped posting altogether since the November 29th show.
The lag from airing the show to release of the audio makes this almost worthless entertainment.
I have been a religious listener to this podcast as well as FiveThirtyEight. When ABC fired Clare Malone I realized she was the reason I listened to the podcast. Without her it’s just a bunch of nerdy men that make me want to take a nap. I’ve had a few days to think and I’ve decided I’m done with ABC News. I can’t support a news organization that has boring David Muir as their main guy while firing Clare Malone, the smartest reporter in politics. What a mistake!
Have enjoyed the show for years. Would love to have access to the podcast sometime on Sunday.
This guy is horrible.
I used to have a lot of respect for Stephanopoulos but no more. I was looking for an objective non-partisan podcast but I see now that you are on the take by the Republicans. I will be deleting you and letting everyone I know to avoid your program.
Chris Christie adds nothing to the round table. I am sure there must be better talent available to provide a balanced view point.
During some of the interviews there are a ton of phone notification noises - bells, whistles, bangs. This happens regularly. Don’t you do check the sound quality of your own podcasts? Don’t you instruct your interviewees to mute their phone???? VERY ANNOYING!