Reviews For Chess Is Cool Podcast with Alexandra Kosteniuk

It's great to hear Alexandra talk about games. I appreciate her effort to shine a different light on chess. Keep up the good work.
I love the content. Alexandra gives great news about the Chess world. Not something you are going to hear on the nightly news. Quality is sometimes sketchy and the episodes have been further and further apart. R U Listening?
Alexandra does a great job of keeping chess current and interesting to her listeners. She covers the international events listing the masters who attend as well as the results. Her tips are very simple and easy to follow. Sadly, there hasn't been a podcast since November 2006 so I hope she starts making new podcasts soon!
Alexandra has great content and I always enjoy having her update me on the chess world. But the quality of the recording is poor. Often, there are echoes, and at other times, the modulation is so low, that I must put my volume all the way up. With this combination, background static and hiss almost makes the podcast un-listenable. But as I said, the content is great!
Alexandra's podcast is a delight to listen to. Her accent is so adorable, I could listen to her talk about anything! The podcasts give a good variety of information about Alexandra, current chess news, and chess tips which are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced players. Her attitude and outlook is always positive and cheerful. The podcast is well-produced and professional-sounding, but yet is simple and unpretentious.


By Prettz
Thank you! We need more podcasts like yours. You've really helped.