Reviews For Dave 'Softy' Mahler and Dick Fain

You guys are the best and Softy is my favorite Seattle sports radio host…love that you are Seahawks, Mariners and Huskies homers. Especially enjoy guests Hugh, Petros and Textimonials
I can’t believe you “fired” Hugh from the Honks because his son is a backup QB for the ducks. Just listened to Cam explain play action. We have listened to Hugh talk football for 20+ years & his replacement is explaining flipping play action. Just plain stupid
Give me more Huskies and Seahawks. More Kraken, but less M's


I love Softy and his passion for UW! He often gets grief for being silly and juvenile but I find it refreshing to hear someone not take themself so serious and willing to talk a little smack to the rivals.
I have been listening for 15 years, but I am done until Mike Florio is no longer on the station. His sanctimonious medical advice is horrid. I will also go out of my way to not support any sponsors who are tied to Florio.
You guys are by far my favorite radio show but wondering what happened to Monday’s podcasts?
I’m a Duck fan living in Eastern Washington and really enjoy the unabashed loyalty of these guy’s to their dawgs, as well as their Seahawks and Mariners. They had a tough year loving their dawgs as Oregon had their best year winning the Pac12 in football, Men’s and Women’s basketball. I get a kick out of listening to their take on all things Pac12 and other colleges nationally. Keep up the good work.
I grew up listening to Softy. Glad there’s a podcast so I can listen from Fort Worth Texas!
I love the did you hear that ........... hear what pttttt


By Oulton
Softy is the best homer I’ve ever listened to!


Softy is the worst homer I’ve ever listened too
I check the details of each episode first and if the Mariners are not mentioned, I don’t listen. Still a good show considering it’s intended purpose
Love the Husky Honks postgame and Tues review show. Hugh Millen is a great ex qb for the dawgs; and a great xs and os analyst. Please let him speak; love his analysis! Go Dawgs.
Love that I can get this on iTunes! Wish dawgman was still on here
Must listen for Sea sports fans.
If you are a fan of Seattle sports, Softy is the best there is. I've listened every day, Monday through Friday for the past four years. Dave and his production crew are funny, unique and offer a passionate and refreshing look at Seattle sports with inside jokes aplenty. Also, Softy's decades of experience in the Seattle sports media results in very high profile interviews more often than not including a few of my favorite regular guests Hugh Millen, Mike Holmgren and Kevin Harlan. If you love the Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Mariners or sports in general with a Seattle perspective, this is a must listen.
Anyone that has The Man Child, Big P, Petros Papadakis on the airwaves weekly is alright by me.
Love Softys passion for Seattle sports, really enjoying the T-man on Fridays with Softy two of my favorite Seattle radio personalitys together how can you go wrong... also check out former KJR and KUBE personality Hot Shot Scott podcast.
Huskies honks #1
Really enjoy the podcast but sometimes Softy is s little sappy


By I-Dawg
Softy is the man! What's better than being able to download the Husky Honks and listen whenever?