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Please check out what Greg and Jeff talk about each week here at CraftBeerRadio. It is entertaining and to think it hails from the Pittsburgh, PA area. Wow! It truly amazes me when wearing the T-shirt at a local brewpub or visiting a craft brewing facility, how many people inquire about it and never knew it existed out on the world wide web. Hey, they have a great website too! You can google it. Has links to a store for zymurgy-related items from T-shirts to special bottle cap openers. Check it out, nothing to lose, but you might get very thirsty listening to the show.
I've been listening for a long time. these guys are great. I fyou like beer, check out this show.
These guys rock! After listening to one of their podcasts, I am inspired to make a difference and buy beer that tastes good . . . I am also exremely thirsty. Whether or not you agree with their opinions, you will want to try some of their reviewed brews for yourself.