Reviews For Lutheran Church of Hope Sermons West Des Moines

Is there anyway to download only Paster Mikes sermons?


I ♥️ Hope. How can I put into words how this church family has touched my life?! Through good and every bad in my life, Hope has been a sanctuary for me... Living well above any of my expectations and up to it’s namesake, giving me such new Hope in the most needed times. I met the Holy Spirit and deepened my relationship with Jesus at Hope. Bless this church and help them reach many more of God’s children.
I am greatly disappointed in this church. The Lutheran church is supposed to embrace and celebrate all unions, including gay unions. In fact, the church of my youth has gay priests. After listening to this podcast for months I just discovered this church is anti-gay. By anti-gay I mean homophobic. They have had perverted Jesus’ message to be one of judgment and exclusion. This is turning people away from Jesus. I feel violated for not knowing - upfront- that this particular Lutheran church is anti-gay. And their website makes me sick by saying we are against hate against gays but “the Bible is clear” we can’t support it. The ministers at this church preach about the figurative interpretations of the Bible but claim any biblical discrimination of gays is literal. Moreover, do they believe in the portions of the Bible which support slavery? Why not? Slavery is mentioned numerous times in the New Testament. Jesus, forgive them.
I love using the podcasts in addition to watching services online! You can watch the video too at!
Way to reach out and share the good news!!! Very relevant with a great amount of depth for believers at any stage!
Thank you for making this podcast available. Please add some of the music from the bands that play in your church...if possible.


By Ackrun
I am so thankful for these messages and Lutheran Church of Hope. They have changed my life.
I prefer sermons that go into the history and context of the biblical stories and that is just what this provides. I highly recommend this podcast.


Never been to your church, never lived in Iowa but these sermons are great. Video versions would be really great! Keep up the great work!
Such great inspiration in each of these sermons. Highly recommended to Christians and non-Christians alike. Beware, you won't be the same person afterwords... You'll be fulfilled!
As a Lutheran this is a podcast I can really get behind. Keep up the great work and I'll keep listening!
I love these podcasts and especially with my iPod touch I can download it on the go so I can listen to it anywhere. And pastor Mike has awesome sermons! GO HOPE!
Pastor Mike truly brings me closer to God. Check it out here, if you can't make it to see him in person.
I am in powerlife so this is a big help if i cant get to church for sermon notes. thank you
We just moved back to NYC area after 7 years in Des Moines and 7 years at Hope. We were having Hope withdrawals from day 1. The podcasts are just what I needed for my daily commute on the train into the City. Not as good as live, but the next best thing. Staying connected from 1,000 miles away!
Podcasts are so relevant to everyone's life, and I haven't missed one since you started. It's the next best thing to being there when you live away from the DM area. But please get them posted faster! I just can't wait past Monday for the next one!
Its amazing. So i unfortunately don't get to go to church every weekend due to having to work every sunday. before i used to buy the sermons on cd for three dollars, but since i am a teenager, i am poor, and couldn't afford to keep buying the sermon cds. since podcast, i listen to the sermon every sunday while i'm working. It has provided me a base for sharing god with others in a friendly, non-harsh way while i am working. I have started many in depth conversations with my customers this way, and have really enjoyed my small fellowship. I have grown alot from this, and i just thank who ever thought of this brilliant idea of podcasting Hope's sermons. red


By gwen_a
Thank you so much for podcasting LCOH's sermons. Since moving to St. Charles, MO two years ago, we have been missing our Hope Family. These podcasts help to keep us connected and filled up! If you could add some music, that would make them even better! Hope music is the best!!
This is perfect because I am in Powerlife (Confirmation) and we need a certain number of sermon notes. Since I swim, I am gone most of the time on the weekends and I don't get to go to church. I can just come home and listen to these sermons or listen on the road on my iPod and get the sermons that I need. Thanks!
I go to Hope and am involved in a bunch of things there....I love that there are now Hope podcasts!! For one, when I miss a sermon I can listen to it on my iPod...and plus, I can listen to my faves, like the Easter service! Thank you, Hope!! Oh, and if you're reading this...what I would love EVEN MORE is if you put the music on here too that the bands do every week, and if you put Immersion on here with that music!!!! I2 Rocks!! <3