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The shear creative force rocketing out of this man’s brain is astounding. Add to that a story-telling style reminiscent of the classic Southern writers, plus a rotating team of very talented voice actors, and you have a special work of art entering your ears. Mr. Axelrod’s show has gone through different artistic periods, and they’re all worth exploring.
Imagine if Ira Glass or Sarah Koenig ran their shows out of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon... Jared Axelrod is a mild-mannered, thoughtful and insatiably curious reporter for Galactic Public Radio, the first human to hold that role. Jared travels throughout the multiverse, interviewing people of all different occupations, timelines and species. Occasionally he is joined by his wife, J.R. Blackwell (when she isn't busy with her day job as an administrator in Hell), or his alien producer, Thall. But Jared may not be the impartial observer he seems to be ... and forces beyond our world have taken an uncomfortable interest in his activities. THE VOICE OF FREE PLANET X is part science fiction serial, part loving satire of public radio, and a sincere, honest, and beautiful exploration of what it means to be human. (NOTE: This review is for the relaunched version of the show, which began with a new Episode 1 in July 2015.)
Brilliantly executed and amazingly insightful and funny take on intergalactic NPR programming. I've loved Jared's storytelling from the old format, and this is a wonderful new level of that!
I just came to The Voice of Free Planet X from the Hidden Almanac and I really enjoyed the cross-over episode. Good recording quality and clarity, too, so I think I will be adding this podcast as a new regular enjoyment.
Like the best sci-fi, Voice of Free Planet X is alternately thrilling, funny, heartbreaking, or thought-provoking--but it's always engaging. The show's format--a public radio show set in a world of time travel mishaps, Fury Roads, and two-bit superheroes--helps ground the often out-there situations in a human element, while an ongoing mystery adds intrigue and keeps you hooked in-between episodes. The performances are rich and compelling, the characters likeable, and the sound effects and production on-point. Highly recommended. (Note to listeners: the format changes dramatically at Episode 1, "What They Left Behind," which is a good jumping on point.)
I have been a fan of Jared for years, but his new format for Voice of Free Planet X is amazing. Blending NPR style with the same thoughtful, exciting, and often surrealistic science fiction that is Jared's hallmark. I didn't think I could love it more, but now I do. (Original Review below) As an existing fan of Jared Axelrod, I knew that I was in for a treat with his new serial, Fables of the Flying City, but I should have known he'd exceed my expectations yet again! He does tend to do things like that. Fables of the Flying City tells the story of a plucky heroine in a rich, interesting steampunk setting. Every episode so far reveals glittering new facets of this jewel of a universe. My favorite aspect of the story so far, is definitely the characters. Jared has a wonderful ear for dialogue and an ability to create characters that are at once familiar and still full of surprise. I write this review having listened to the first seven episodes, and yet, it already feels as though it's been much longer than that. I know that Mr. Axelrod has big plans for where this story is going, and I for one, can hardly wait to follow Ash and company on their adventures to come. I highly recommend this podcast.
Over the course of (number) episodes, Jared Axelrod has hosted a variety of projects on his podcast, The Voice of Free Planet X. It began as a presentation of his short fiction. It has also served as a platform for his sci-fi puppetry project, "Aliens You WIll Meet." It featured the serialized steampunk adventure "Fables of the Flying City," which is where I jumped on board. But the latest, recently begun project revives the original title, and is an outstanding podcast production. Ostensibly published by GPR (Galactic Public Radio) The Voice of Free Planet X is This American Life for a fantasy world, a Radio Lab of the impossible. Jared interviews stranded aliens and out-of-the-casket vampires. He talks to AI musicians and post-apocalyptic road warriors. It is a clever response to the post-Serial podcast landscape, and the production values are top-notch. It takes a discerning ear to determine the show was made in a home studio with actors, and not on the board of a WBEZ mobile truck. But the real strength lays in Axelrod's writing, and the performances of his interview subjects. He's managed to take spec-fic cliches, such as vampires as metaphors for sexual deviancy, and breathe new, and interesting, human life into them. The format does an end run around suspension of disbelief, but the voice, if you will, is what sells it. These interviews aren't pulse-pounding adventure stories. They are the best sort of feature story for people that never existed. And like the best of this flavor of fiction, it bleeds into the way we see the real world. Because you never know when that youtuber will turn out to be an incarcerated computer intelligence.
Mr. Axlerod tells a great story. When listening to the story your minds eye is seeing his world in great detail. I find myself more like a fly on the wall in various locations in Amperstan when listening to Mr. Axlerod. If you want a story leaves you wanting more, this is it.
40 episodes along with a graphic novel and I can't wait for more! The pace of the storytelling, brilliant theme song, cool characters, and memorable adventures have me escaping to Amperstam every time!
I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. The story is wonderful. I very quickly grew to love the characters. Not just Ash, the main character, but all of them. The first book had adventure, combat, daring do, and hinted at much darker secrets within the flying city. Book two has started and already we are plunged into the intrigue that lies at the heart of the flying city. Jarad Axelrod's voice is perfect. He's not just a writer. He's a storyteller. If you don't know the difference, listen to a couple of episodes and you soon will know.
Jared Axlerod manages to spin out an entertaining story in surprisingly small increments. The individual episodes are short, but the action continues apace in each one. The characters are real. Their world is approachable. And Jared himself speaks to the audience as a close friend. A great story for those who don't have a lot of time to listen to hour-long episodes. I am SO looking forward to season 2! Doc
Yes, the episodes are short. I found it immensely frustrating at times, as it left me slavering for more stories. However, now that Book One is finished, you don't have to wait for the next episode with bated breath but can simply mainline the whole batch. Do note: Russell Collin's excellent music will get stuck in your head after you listen to several episodes in a row. This is not a bad thing. And yes, this looks like steampunk, but no, it is is not typical Victoriana with some random gears thrown in. The world is far weirder than that, but the characters make it very real. I was surprised by how quickly I grew to care about the characters, all of them, even when I had only known them for a short time. Jared does an impressive job of making them real, vulnerable, flesh-and-blood. So of course this means that your heart will get broken during some of the episodes. This is also not a bad thing. In short, I dearly love this story and this world. I have apparently developed some sort of Pavlovian response to the opening music of the podcast, where hearing it is enough to make me happy and eager for the next story, no matter what else is going on. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to listen to Book One repeatedly while waiting for Book Two to show up on the podcast feed. (I've already pre-ordered the graphic novel of Book Three.)
This is a wonderful steampunk-themed story. It moves along at a good pace with characters you can identify and believe in. With book one complete, I'm definitely looking forward to book two!
Jared is one of my two influences concerning steampunk. He introduced me to this world, and I find it high time that he produce a podcast like this one. Fables of the Flying City has been a lovely dive into this intriguing world of a city within the clouds. We discover the class systems, the lives of have's and have-not's, and we cheer for one — Ash — who becomes more and more of a delight the better we (try to) get to know her. I love this podcast, and eagerly await Tor's graphic novel set in this world. Thank you, Jared, for your work!
I had the opportunity to hear the first episode live and knew this was going to be awesome. My expectations were exceeded in every way. Jared Axelrod is a storytelling master.
FotFC is a delight to listen to, with a colorful cast of characters that make the story come alive. The setting, a delightfully streampunky flying city, serves as a springboard for a fascinating culture and an interesting story. I only wish each episode was longer! Good work, Jared!
As a senior citizen, I maybe in the minority of my age group, but these stories keep me feeling young.


Highly enjoyable!
One of my favorites, great story with wonderful characters on captivating adventures.... LOVE IT!!!! Looking forward to the book too!!!
'Awesome' is really the only adjective that I can think to apply to this tale, but the use of that word has been diluted too much in recent usage. I fear that I cannot listen to this on my drive to work as I may forget myself while driving, yet I can't put off a new episode either. This is a compelling story, that's half steampunk, half swashbuckling aviator adventure, and half cunning rapscallion, because the sum of these parts is at least 50% greater than the components.
Fables of the Flying City is well written and well read. My only wish is that each episode was longer. I find myself wanting more.
When I attended the reading of the first chapter at Balticon, I thought that this was going to be very good. Ah, let me rephrase… it is NOT as I thought…. this is going to be GREAT!!! Must. Have. MORE!!!
I was at the live recording at Balticon enjoying a lovely cup of Earl Grey and a bit of scone. The reading was fantastic, the characters compelling and this new world holds the promise of a myriad of adventures. And now I'm depressed that I have to wait for the next episode!! Hurry up Jared! LOL!
I want to know how this man cranks out not just one, but two daily podcasts of this quality. I suspect a devilish contract is in a nefarious filing cabinet somewhere.
VOFPX is one of the few podcasts I've followed from its humble beginnings and I am still quite enamoured with the material. There is something new here every day from a podcaster who is not only interesting and intelligent, but also industrious and creative. There are stories, interviews, radio dramas, and mash-ups every week, along with an occasional episode hosted by a small stuffed panda.