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Informed interviews and discussions on many topics. Always learn something!
I listen to all sides with Anne fisher to stay informed. Traditional news outlets push out content that can be so negative. I appreciate the balanced way topics are discussed on Anne’s show. I also learn a lot and love the opportunity to learn about cool things happening in and around Columbus. Keep up the good work!
Very informative. I enjoy the statehouse round up episodes the most.
It is quite refreshing to have such an incredible show for our local community. Many of the topics also are of national interest. The show is thoughtful and informative and hopefully an inspiration to its listeners to be engaged!
What happened? This podcast hasn't updated in weeks
What a pleasure it is to listen to this show. Anne is an excellent host asking relevant and insightful questions while also being very down to earth. I also appreciate all the local stories such as those on the Columbus commons, scioto mile, etc. On a recent show on COTA, I was hoping for a longer segment as I was hoping to hear more on a transit terminal. My only beef is that the sound level is low compared to other podcasts. I always have to turn up the volume when I listen to all sides. Otherwise, thank you for a great show!
I'm so glad for WOSU and all of it's lovely programming. I can't stand T.V. news. The celebrity gossip, yelling and silly sophomoric atittude that all of these major T.V. stations have is too much for me. I like just having the (real) news delivered to me in a balanced and well mannered way. Thank you very much WOSU, stay classy :)
All Sides' Ann Fisher helps her audience take an insightful look at the pressing issues of the day! What a great addition to the airwaves!
Fred is such a great asset to our community and will be sorely missed when he "retires" from Open Line. I hope he'll continue to return occassionally and "WOW" us again with his wit, style, and grace.
Fred Andrle is a true treasure of Columbus. I tell people frequently how lucky we are, as a medium-sized city, to have such an intelligent, balanced talk show with excellent guests of national- and even world-stature. Great!
Fred Andrle is a thoughtful, insightful moderator who knows how to keep a debate show interesting without digressing into the theater that takes place on shows like Hannity or Franken. Andrele often seems to play devils advocate to try to explore an issue from every angle. He is always composed, but never dull. The show restores dignity to a genre that has unfortunately fallen into the hands of the polarizing pundits. I also enjoy that he is not afraid to talk about the arts, be it reading poetry, or talking about what artists or musicians are visiting Columbus. I am graduating from college soon and will be moving away from Columbus, but I will surely continue to listen to Andrele when I am not in the Columbus area.