Happy Tree Friends

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The cover looks kind of scary
It’s so stupid it’s funny 😆
I love happy tree friend it the best recommend you to watch
I want to watch, but I’m 14!!!!


By cvhlmbm


Is funny and good Uwu
My favorite show is Happy Tree Friends and it’s terribly hilarious but it’s bloody killed and exploded! 🤣


By vocacat
Not gonna listen wai would u make a podcast
This tv show is pretty swell
If you guys think you don’t need this show, I am fine with that. But this is a free country everyone (unless told otherwise)! Other than that, I like this show. You don’t have to agree with me.
I was trying to look up "happy wheels" and came across this..... I don't hate it but I don't watch it
Not for kids parents it may look cute but it's grusume and brutal I am only11 and I enjoy but I recommend if your under 10 it's not for ya but if 10 or over it is funny and appropriate
This show is hilarious he first time I saw it I was 7 years old I was cracking up like never before and since then I love that show it's hilarious of the done mistakes they do
Happy tree friends is soooo gross and should not be Watched I till age 10 because all of the glory it makes me want to barf 😖😱😲😵😷💀
This app is perfect in iTunes, the violence is what makes it historically funny and entertaining! Get it!
It's a great show and good story it make you think it is for kids but it is the opposite
I had been watching this for years now I can watch this on my iPod !!!!!!
Que Hay Que Saber Hacer Las Cosas Bien
Stupid stupid show
IM SO SCARD THIS HAS SCARD ME FOR LIFE!!! I am so freaked out help me!! I hate scary things, my annoying friend that told me about this I hate you!! You lied it is horrible!! ( if u don't like scary things, I'm sure If u like them it is great but wow) basically I'm never sleeping again!! I REALLY HATE CREPPY AND SCARY THINGS!!


Funniest show ever
I like happy tree friends, but when the fuq are you going to put on dickfigures!!
This is the funniest show I have ever see
This show is the best I know not to show it to little kids because its not kid friendly but that's ok some people just need their own show to make them laugh like me and my BFF Oh and this is a beyond 5-star rating by the way! this show is amazing and beyond the stars who ever came up with the idea of this show is beyond awesome and I would die if I met them
Happy tree friends is my favorite show. My favorite animal is flippy he is so cute. I kinda have a crush on him. ^_^
This should be prohibited, so much violence does not help humanity.
This is a very gorey show and I LOVE IT!!!! Not recommened for non-gore fans (I remembered why I got scared as a kid for this)


By Taymc17
They ere some unny hen ï hought
This is just a adult show named a toddler show. But I still LUV IT!!!
I love this show, best show ever made!
IT'S A CARTOON, they don't use real animals and force them to die for entertainment reasons, grow up haters!or you will never survive the real world where people die horribly every day.


By E.Trill
I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! I WAS ROLLING ON THE FLOOR! Plz add more videos so I can roll in the floor some more!
I watch it like nonstop and its funny and bloody! But also funny!
its awesome we need more eps plz
I watch this nonstop, but I need more episodes to live! Hope I won't die like Cuddles, Giggles, Sniffles, Lifty and shifty, Flaky, Flippy, Lumpy Petunia Mime Disco Bear Pop and Cub Nutty, handy and splendid! I watch them a lot


By Mkaawar
I neeed more videos because other wise I might die Please


My friends and I watch this all the time at school, they love it but we want more episodes downloadable. Can you get more in???
Thanks for these video
So hilarious
Im 10 and I adore this! I love all of the gore, horror, and the fact that all of the characters have personality! My friend Ricky showed my other friend Brandon who told my class of 7 to look it up! Best videos ever! The only problem is that not all of the episodes are on here. And if they were to upload the TV episodes as TV shows on here, I would buy them!
Lifty and shifty sounds wrong but they are awesome
After 2 years I'm still watching!