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Why is the one guy SHOUTING THE WHOLE TIME?
I've been tangentially following GeekNights since I was, like, 12? Not actually listening to the podcast, but attending their panels at conventions when I had the opportunity. They're good dudes, smart and entertaining. When I started getting into listening to podcasts, I subscribed to theirs, and it's good! Not everything they talk about is relative to my own interests, but that's part of the point, that they cover a lot of different topics.
A fun mix of eclectic topics in geekery.
I have been listening to these guys since podcasts were just becoming a thing 8 years ago and I was searching things like 'video games, nerd, anime' and stumbled upon them as the only result when searching 'geek.' After one episode I was hooked! These guys are very knowledgeable about many subjects and the topics range from books and comics to video and board games to science and technology and everyday life events. I've even taken advice on food, bikes, cameras, and sunglasses from them they cover anything and everything. And they are consistent with updates and new episodes and even pay for server hosting themselves even though they have zero ads, zero sponsors, and zero donations. They have remained relevant, funny and opinionated throughout literally hundreds and hundreds of episodes. And they will spit the truth at you and aren't afraid to say controversial things. They also have a website, well populated forum, YouTube channel, and (occasional) newsletter. Not to mention a rotating book club as well. Give a few of their episodes a listen -try a few of each genre as they are a little different and give them a chance! I highly recommend it, I am still listening after all these years so they must be good!
I can’t say enough how much I love and appreciate this show. They have been producing podcast episodes for a long time with no sign of slowing down. Very few people can pull off a good consistent show and keep things interesting, but Rym and Scott have a lot of practice mastering their craft and their banter with each other. As I’ve listened over the years I really appreciate how many different kinds of geekery these two have introduced to me. Whether it be board games I probably wouldn’t have played, anime I might not have watched, or books they’ve talked about that I just had to read afterwards, these guys have great recommendations for all kinds of entertainment and hobbies. Best of all, they’re talking speed is perfect for playing at doublespeed without missing what they are saying. If you can handle the cursing, give GeekNights a shot. Start by picking out a topic from their vast library of previous shows and give it a listen.
Geeknights is probably the most entertaining podcast I listen to. I only wish they could get out more podcasts, but eh, that's life.


By Ryumoau
All the obnoixous swearing just ruins the show for me. Some of the topics they cover aren't very interesting either. There are far more entertaining geeky podcasts out there.
This show educates me on everything I need to know. Rym + Scott are very opinionated however they back their opinions with logic, facts, and often funny antidotes. My favorite episodes are the computer science/technology episodes. If you guys are reading this feel free to talk completely over my head on that stuff. Sometimes I take notes and google stuff latter.
great show guys, thanks
The recording quality is nice. The show however is terrible. They are two very annoying pod casters. They seem to tell me nothing while constantly arguing with each other. There is also an air of arrogance to their horrible whiny voices. They tend to have terrible opinions on almost everything.


These guys love board games and I love their show. They know what they BS about !!!
I could only listen to these guys for about 10 minutes. Their topics look very interesting but they way they talk is not natural. It kind of reminds me of over the top morning radio. They banter back and forth with really exaggerated voices and it seems like they are trying to talk loud. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it very well but you will know what I mean after listening a few minutes. In addition, they seem to throw in various swear words ever once in a while, which I guess is for dramatic effect but it just makes them sound crass.
Really good hosts for a podcast
GeekNights with Rym + Scott is great! I've been an avid listener for 2 years! It covers so many topics ranging from technology & anime, board games & video games, and so many things in between! They have a great sense of humor and really work well together! And the fact that they do the show nearly every weekday! It's incredible! If you haven't had a chance to listen to this show I highly recommend it!
There are other “geek” podcasts out there but, most don’t cover a wide range of geek culture. Other geek podcasts cover video games (most common), board games, and even one that mostly covers Lost (TV show), but these guys cover almost every geeky thing you can think of. They are smart and witty. Some may not like their almost manic style, but I love it. They cover anime, video games, comics, board games, and tech., and do it in a fun and entertaining way. Give them a try.
I like the topics, but they never get to them. I also wish they would buy new headsets, they are always yelling.
a terific podcast
The quality of this podcast, combined with the fact that they release four each week, makes this the best podcast I've ever heard. If you care about computers, video games, anime, or other related geekery, there is no reason for you to not listen to this.
(Note: this only applies to the Anime & comics and Video Game GeekNights) When you think geek, you think of someone who is smart, but in addition they are also narrowly fanatic about a certain thing like Star Trek or biology. Rim and Scott are two geeks who are narrowly focused on a few mainstream vices, but they are also into things like german board games and slightly obscure anime from the 1980s. Personally, I think what makes me want to listen to them is also what shouldn't. They aren't totally involved in mainstream pop culture, and they make it explicitly known. They don't have traditional radio voices, and oftentimes they sound happy and jovial. They are always upbeat and tend to sound genuinely excited to be putting on a show. Yet, from listening for only two months, I have discovered that Rim and Scott are very egotistical, l33t, and they have little patience for things that don't have some complexity underneath or are intellectually stimulating. A couple example is their choice of podcasts to listen to and their ambivalence as to the appeal of the videogame "Devil May Cry" So if you think that you know what it is to be weird, to be on the fringe, or to be in on something obscure, you should give Rim & Scott a try because they live on a whole other continent in the world of geek.
Rym and Scott are great. They know what they are talking about, and have fun talking about it. With differant topics on differant days it doesn't get borring. If you like Comics, Anime, Manga, Video Games, and Computers/Tech this is a podcast to checkout.
this is the best podcast ever. That's pretty much all that needs to be said. And they keep making episodes. Like four a week! There amazing. Go Rym and Scott!
If you spent a good deal of time listening to podcasts during the week, then you understand the frustration of finding enough content. Most podcasts only release a show once a week, while Rym and Scott do four podcasts a week, each around 45 minutes in length with a different geeky topic each night. Monday is tech, Tuesday gaming, Wednesday is anime and gaming, while Thursday tend to focus of geek culture. A well-produced and hosted show.