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Have these guys dropped out? 18 months since last post....
it's actually not all that difficult to come up with a "clever" or "funny" idea for a sketch. the trick is being able to sustain it for the sketch's duration and end big. these guys do neither. ex: the "GUD" sketch is the same gag, like, six times with no satisfying ending.
Absolutely excellent.
Well, to be frank, this podcast is offensive, irreverent, and utterly blatant in its disregard to the feelings of others. It is captivating the way a car crash is captivating, entertaining the way John Kerry is, and funny like South Park. I highly recommend this hilarious podcast to anyone with a developed sense of humor and a pleasantly open mind. Prepare to be astounded.
interesting. Their comedy is very bland, but good. Not bad, not bad at all. They manage to be rude, funny, smart, and stupid, all at once. It's refreshing yet after a while you become bored and you feel like you've been watching all day. It is quite funny though if you watch in moderation.
You can see the signs of attempted comedy writing - a few good ideas maybe, but the delivery just isn't funny. It comes off like high school senior skit night. The cast looks like they think they are funny, which is never a good sign. My quest for ANYTHING funny in podcast form continues...
To be compared with The State (or that other recent show that somehow got on to Comedy Central, Stella) is not a good thing. This is a horror show.
Not sure if the gushing reviewers are friends of the group or what, but I found most of the sketches to be pretty lame and predictable. Not terrible, but not great.
These people are P O W E R F U L - just look at the chin of the first guy in the photo! OK, so the second guy has a less powerful chin hidden under a goatee type creature, and he looks concerned, but in a POWERFUL kinda way. The third guy in the photo just got up but will be POWERFUL once he has his coffee, or hot cocoa. The fourth guy was, apparently, just walking by when the photo was shot - but he was POWER WALKING ! Such is the influence of these MOUS people. And they write REALLY P O W E R F U L emails. Woe is the landlord that receives one of their written performances. I haven't actually heard them yet, but unless the first guy has a voice like Wichita Rutherford, Shirley, it will be a POWERFUL PODCAST.
I like it. These guys are weird. Worth the download.
If in fact I had been drinking any milk products while watching these TMOUS gems... that's what would have happened. Luckily I only had a mouth full of beef. This is REALLY funny stuff. Subscribe posthaste.
A couple years ago, in a homey warehouse space, I watched my first Ministry Show and back then, they seemed like pioneers to me, heading into uncharted territories and finding humor in the most unexpected places. I'm grateful that they committed to their dream and continued offering a unique brand of bold humor that is so important to the health of our society it should be considered community service!
These guys are individually nuts, collectively brilliant. Smart, on the edge, they create the same kind of energy as Monty Python where you never know what to expect. They stand out in a world where total predictability has stomped out the surprise factor that's basic to producing hearty laughs. May they continue and prosper!
If you sewed the head of Ali G to the body of Jack Black, dressed it up like Eddie Izzard, and multiplied it times Dave Chappelle, you'd get the Ministry of Unknown Science. I have never in my long long life of laughs seen anything that begins to start to approach the level of work that these "science-tists" come so close to achieving. What more can I say? Actually, a lot. But I have to go eat a huge meal now. You know, to make my body as big as possible so I have more room on my skin for Ministry of Unknown Science tattoos.
Funnier than Mad TV or Saturday night live. The Ministry of Unknown Science is a refreshing addition to the iTunes store. Get ready to laugh. One episode and you will be hooked for life.
Dear sweet holy heck...what I've seen here has made me doubt my deepest held beliefs. Once I was lost but now I am found. Friends tell me it is nothing but comedy, but what do they know? They are liars and miscreants and dabblers in bad things...there is no truth in those so called "friends". Praise the Ministry of Unknown Science! Oh yeah, these guys are gut bustingly funny!

By Dakk
I've seen these guys at their live shows in Los Angeles, this stuff is truly cutting-edge comedy. These videos rock, especially Kung Fu, Boys and Girls, and Falipornia. I hope they make a version for the iPod.