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Wow! Idiots!
This show is good ... hockey, humor, reality, current events, everything. They always joke around about being a "show about life with a 30% chance of hockey" anyway. Update: Don't trust 1 stars... They wouldn't know hockey if it hit them.


Brutal podcast... below average knowledge across the board from these guys.
I was sitting on my stupid long bus ride into DC reflecting on how long I've been listening to this show. I look forward to it every week and it never lets me down. I realize now why I find myself randomly screaming, "Slide Show!' Anyway, after a decade a figure I should dish out a review. Keep it up. I cannot wait for you to pass the show onto your children at which point I will hand it over to my children. Circle of life!
Solid pod. Go off topic, but overall a quality listen
I enjoy the somewhat off topic-ness of this show it gives me something to look forward to weekly. The farm report has also given me a chance to have a better feel for professional hockey in general. This show makes driving an hour and a half for work so much better.
If you like hockey, you'll hate this show. These 3 immature 20 something Canadians are biased and easily distracted. Do yourself a favor and pass on this subscription.


This podcast could be really great if they took out at least a hour of them just bull****ing with each other. I love hockey and anything hockey related but After listening to these Guys for a about a year I had to finally drop this podcast bc I was soooo sick of listening to their boring sh**. They should take note of the puck podcast and talk about their life's the first 10 mins and then after that pure hockey new /talk.
Never would have known this show was about hockey by listening to it. So far off topic. Sorry guys, but nobody cares about your highschool reunion or the Strombolis they serve in the cafeteria.
This show is bad, read the bad reviews and the show is even worse than that. Sorry guys this is not your dad's recorder in your tree fort- maybe it is? I wish you could give no stars!
great show, but it needs more hockey in it.
Great show. Gets funnier if you smoke a bowl or two.
These guys are awesome, funny, and very well educated with hockey. They throw in a little humor when it's need to boost up the shows strength. If there was no jokes then it would be boring idk why people don't like it but they cover a lot and to be honest if there wasn't any jokes it would still be pretty good but I love the sense of humor! Thanks for making my rides to school a lot better!
Might not be the best but every guy on the team has played, or is playing their hearts out!
This is a weekly staple in my life. I love this show. If you don't like it then die in a fire.
Hockey talk is good, if you can get to it. In a two hour show they have, and this is a stretch, 30 min of hockey talk. Stop the side talk and stick with hockey and you would have a good show.
The show covers hockey and more. The show is mostly hockey but if something is happening as in March Madness or Baseball season opening, etcetera, it'll probably get mentioned. They have a informative and lenghty segment with Lyle who writes for the Hockey News and other outlets. The show comes off sounding like friends talking about hockey. But these guys seem to know more about it than any other hockey podcast I've heard so far.
I wanted to like this podcast, I wanted it to be good, I desperately wanted a show completely and totaly dedicated to hockey. Instead, after hearing three shows, what I got was unlistenable. If you find 4-5 people gabbing at each other about anything besides hockey with inane and barely audible banter for the better part of two hours totally palatable, this is your show. If you're content with the first 25 minutes of the show going by with barely a mention about hockey, this is your show. If you just need some kind of "white noise" going on in the background while you contemplate more relevant things, like the length of your toenails, this is your show. If, however, like me, you're looking for some comprehensive and passionate discussion of the game of hockey, including heated debates and varied opinions, over the course of an hour or more, avoid this show. It's just awful.
You all are absolutely wonderful I look forward to your show every week!! I don't have anyone to talk hockey to at work so you give me my fix during the work day! Keep it up!!
A love of hockey and the phone number for Spector can't overcome sound quality below high school A/V club standards. The production quality isn't always that bad...but it's never superb either. Clearly, the podcast is made for the sake of the hosts...not for the sake of the fan. If you thought Wayne's World would have been a really great hour-long show and not just a 5 minute comedy skit, then you might like this podcast...but I'd look for hockey insight and useful commentary elsewhere.
This has got to be the best show i've ever listened to! Scottie wazz is really funny. I have to say though that the episodes with special guest laura are the best! Lyle richardson from spectors hockey is awesome and i love the WHL report.I gave this show 5 stars, but if i could i would have gaven it 10! Over-all the best thing on iTunes! Download the episodes, enjoy it, and tell your friends. Faceoff hockey show rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, a good show to listen to, that fills my info fix for the best sport around! I actually like the laid-back dialogue yet obvious passion for hockey. These guys (and girls) genuinely appreciate the sport that gets NO respect and they aren't pretentious. I was hooked after they interviewed the MOST underrated hockey columnist/analyst- John Buccigross of ESPN, awesome!
Great show but as previously mentioned, goes off topic to often and the audio quality is lacking when played on iTunes. Commercials are fine since some are hockey related. I just think it is great that is a hockey show. It is the most underrated, unpublisized sport around, but it is the greates. Hockey is not a sport, it is a way of life. Real me play with pucks, not balls. If you like hockey then this is the show. But fellas, keep it hockey, eh!!!!!!
As the others said, these guys (and girl) really like hockey. But it is too long, goes off topic too much and does not have very good audio quality. I really love the idea, but basically sounds like someone flipped on the record button while a bunch of guys talked. That would work if you had a host to keep things reigned in. Guys, you could really have something here if you could work out an outline and stick to it. And cut it down to 1 hour or less. And stay with hockey please! The 1/11 show in particular doesnt even start to discuss hockey at all until the 15:20 minute mark.
These guys can be brilliant at times... especially when Lyle Richardson joins in. They need to stop drinking and just talk hockey. Way too long as well... if they cut out half of their stupidness (or just stayed on topic), it would be worth the hour-plus download.
Hockey fans are rabid in their support of the greatest game. I believe that a professionally produced, informative and entertaining hockey podcast would quickly become one the top podcasts in the world. The Face Off Hockey podcast puts forth a very nice effort in satisfying the demand for such a podcast, however the production values are very rough around the edges to date. While the content of the show is informative, the production value (ie. sound quality) is such that I am personally unable to endure the full length of the show in one sitting. As I said previously, I am convinced that there is a tremendous need for a professionally produced hockey podcast to satisfy the many loyal hockey fans worldwide, hopefully the guys at Face Off can become that podcast someday soon.