Reviews For NOVA | PBS

I love science and I love PBS and their commitment to science reporting.
Title says it all.
This is very awesome! Like current events for the intellectual.
Extremely interesting and well presented.
these are great little clips that pack in a bunch of cool info, ive already learned alot from them, and they're quick so they keep you entertained. I would like to thank the providers of this podcast for offering this content for free, i think that is amazingly generous, thank you!
Great topics. It allows me to get my quick fix of science!
I love the Nova program, but this podcast is almost completely content free. WGHB, please do your advertising elsewhere.
Overall these short snippets are enlightening. Ken Miller from Defining Science: Science and Religion should never have been interviewed. He tries to make HIS definitions THE definitions of Science and religion. Listen to how many logical fallicies he rationalizes in a 4 minute podcast!


By Retirw
These NOVA podcasts have their advantages and disadvantages. They do put a good amount of information considering their length. However, it's much simpler and smarter to just listen to them as you're surfing the iTunes music store. I like the NOVA TV show and I hope that PBS continues to show them on TV and in the iTunes music store.
I love this show on TV it's great it's on iTunes now! I can watch it on the go! =]
These are nothing more than short teasers for the full Nova programs. I wish you would podcast the complete program. Includes virtually no information, just a commercial.
This is a fascinating podcast -- great access to interesting people. Very well done.