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The originality and quality of this show is what makes it so great. They're very funny. I just wish they made them more often, but if it takes that long to make good episodes I don't mind.
I don't understand why these Podcasts are so addicting and moderately funny. Anyway, I think that the iTunes store should post up the older episodes of Jerry to download them; they're really interesting, as well as humorous, too.
I LOVE its jerry time. There is a website that has these podcasts: http://www.itsjerrytime It is so funny! By the way, While your on it, on your keybord, push and hold CTRl and D to add it to your fave.
I'd say that Jerrytime is the funniest podcast I have. It's probably something about how his emotion never changes, no matter what the story. I'd especially recommend "The Texas Chainsaw Coustomer" and "Roommate Hell", they're easily the best. Enjoy!
I just happened across this a few days ago, and I've really enjoyed catching up on them. I look forward to more!
Oh my gosh, these "jerry time'' things are sooo addictive! just watch one, and you're hooked! I recommend the "Naked Swim" one. It was kinda funny!! :-D Plus, they're all free. what's not to like?
I fell in love with this cast from the very first one I saw. Thank you for making them avaiable as podcasts. Great!!!
I love these little shorts, but that is the thing, they are too short. With only three episodes it makes me sad, because I love what this guy does, very profesional, but there needs to be more! Come on man, gimme some more!
Naked Swim, Texas Chainsaw and all the rest are great! Keep it up Jerry! You're a hero for every man and women who just has to slog on through whatever life throws at 'em. The animation is inventive, the stories are all-to-familiar (if it wasn't Jerry's life...I'd swear it was mine) and they make me laugh out loud.
this is a very unique show you could say, worth downloading but could someone tell me how to get episodes 1-3 are they on the website of the show? appreciate any help thnx
i downloaded this podcast a while back and i absolutely love it but i'm disappointed in the amount of new podcasts we are given. there hasn't been a new one since JANUARY!!! i think this should be fixed! this should be a weekly podcast, HELL A DAILY!
JerryTime presents true to life events/ happenings in a comical way with strange yet funny looking graphical productions. One can tell that a lot of work, time and effort must go into the making of these stories. How does he do it? LOL. Jerry is introspective and shows his thoughts and feelings on the issues he faces. One can only hope for Jerry to find something really good to happen to him or find his way in life. My favorite at this point must be "THE LANDLORD". Typical of a landlord's dealings with his tenants. I look forward with each podcast. Good Luck Jerry!
There is nothing I could say that would do this PodCast justice! I am definately subscriber! I can't wait for the next installment! (no pressure) It's about time someone shows the world that comedy doesn't have to be insulting, vulger or violent to be funny!
very well done and very entertaining. need more!
Its one of those things that's so strange its funny!I I actually can't wait for more.
This is a great combination of video and monologue. Really well done and worth subscribing immediately.
I don't know what it is about these animated stories that makes them so addictive. Is it Jerry's deadpan delivery? Is it his lethargic piano playing? Is it the way his bush baby eyes bug out no matter what his emotion? Yes on all counts. But that's just scratching the surface. You've got to get your Jerry fix. Then you'll understand.