This is one of the most outstanding shows available in the area of religion and spirituality. Fr. Groeschel combines faithfulness to the Church, a pastor's heart, a fine sense of humor, acute spiritual and psychological insight, and a strong ecumenical sensibility... which create a unique and compelling weekly show. Great guests, fascinating topics. Each week is educational and edifying.
God has given us this wise and humble servant in these troubled times. Your books have provided such hope. Listening to Father during quiet times is a bonus!
Great inspiration. I listen every week.
Thank you Father for a lot of my spiritual needs. I like the broad spectrum of shows you have. I'd like to add that your "Old School Cool" I also dislike the N.Y Times, maybe we should blame the editor of the RAG , because it does employ a lot of people that probably share our views also , but are stuck at the job. Again , much thanks for ALL you do. Matt Little
Always educational, always uplifting.
A wonderful priest with insights into the Faith and a sense of humor.
Fr Groeschel is wonderful, and Ithink this is EWTNs best show/podcast. His knowledge and wisdom shows through every show.
Thanks Father Benedict for all your tireless work. You are definitely one of my favorite people to listen to. Thanks also for your strong stand against the culture of death that is so prevalent today. Luv ya....
Fr Groeschel, has been a beacon of light and hope in my life. He has been a tremendous help to many. I listen to Sunday Night Live, The Journey Home, EWTN Open Line Wednesday, and Thursday, excellent programs.
Fr. Benedict is a great blessing to the Church. He is always kind and compassionate, without compromising truth. I watch the show whenever I can, and if I miss it I always have the pod cast!
great show
Father's books (mainly "Stepping Stones, not Stumbling Blocks" and "Listening at Prayer") have gotten me through some tough times. I was thrilled to see he had a podcast. It is great to hear his gentle wisdom each week especially as we don't have the funds for cable just yet. He has great advice for Catholics or anyone just trying to "take the next good step."
Father's love of God and man is a refreshing insight into the way we all should live.
I have found his show to be very helpful in my life!
I have always enjoyed watching Fr. Benedict's show on EWTN. So, I find it double the enjoyment to be able to take his show with me on the go. He is a calming voice in all things spiritual and I always find myself challenged and my intellect prodded when I listen to him. I highly recommend this podcast!