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Todd, host of The Accidental Creative podcast, highlights all aspects of cretaive and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
First of all, each episode is in digestible short chunks which helps me consume great content quickly. Secondly, I love how Todd uses his real life experiences to share actionable items in the areas of motivation, productivity, mindset, growth and other impactful topics. His guest have been great as well. Highly recommend this to anyone willing to learn and grow in their personal life and career. -Raj.
For at least 10 years—I shape my creative life through many of Todd’s strategies. Thank you!
Just the bit of motivation I needed!
I love being able to listen to these episodes, each one has something interesting and useful that I can easily use in my daily life or use in some form in my business.
The interview with Ryan Hawk: Shameless self promotion on both sides and zero content. Don’t waste your time if you find mansplaining boring.
I’m a young creative producer and this is such a helpful resource. Thank you for being consistent in your books and podcasts. I recommend it all the time and look forward to hearing new episodes. Thanks for helping others thrive!
I really like the format of this podcast.
I love listening to this podcast while I work! Each episode is always filled with super insightful wisdom that have really helped me grow. I love it. Favorite episode hands down has to be How to Dance with Uncertainty.
Great podcast. Been listening for a while now. Helps to frame how we are all creative in our professions.
Really like the format and the focus on creativity and innovation. A very different podcast indeed.
So many thank you’s for your content and wisdom. I’m hooked especially after Brilliance Demands Bravery. The topics you discuss are things I’ve been thinking through and encouraged me to finish the tasks I began. Honesty with yourself, Confidence over Ego and perceived failures were some of the best points of this podcast that changed my life. Thank you and much success to you!
I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Todd delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!!
Todd, host of The Accidental Creative podcast, highlights all aspects of business, success and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Todd's amazing and so is this podcast. Dig in and enjoy.
I love love this podcast and is so helpful to me but the intro song is so annoying and weird. No hate just saying.
I can resonate to most of the content from each podcast and reflect myself. Great content and motivating! Keep up the fabulous work Todd!
I really enjoy how “creativity” is being spoken about here. It’s just thing I like to hear when I need to get out of my own head. Advice is appropriate, and I learn new things from Todd and the guests that he has on.
This is my go-to podcast. The tips and insights provided by Todd Henry and his guests have helped me develop my skills as a human being and a legal professional by creating habits in the way I live my every day life. It has helped me professionally, but most importantly, it has helped me create a healthy lifestyle. It steered me into finding my true passions and turning them into actual work that I am proud of. I have improved my health, my relationships (personal and professional), my way of thinking, and how I take action. I believe I have really honed in on "how to be creative at a moment's notice." Thank you Todd Henry (and guests) for helping me find myself and for guiding me throughout all my important stages in my life. I have grown immensely and am now ready to branch out on my own and leave the typical 9-5 jobs that I have relied on for the past 15 years, to pursue my true passions. Cheers! -- Loyal listener.
Todd and his guests share actionable and inspiring lessons on how to become a better business leader and (more importantly) a better overall person. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Accidental Creative if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to become the very best version of yourself (and reach all of your overall business goals as a result)!
Interesting and relevant topics for creatives. Very helpful.


I LOVE this podcast! Every episode is filled with so much wisdom and insight into the things that hold us back as creatives! Todd does such an amazing job of unpacking those things and thrusting you out into you're creative flow! Thanks for what you do, Todd! I am impacted every episode. Keep it up!
Great interviews and information! Thank you!!


Accidentally found this. Give it a go.
Prolific, brilliant and healthy is Todd Henry's mantra, and he executes. I'm challenged and encouraged by these episodes and am a better professional for it.
Todd and his guests bring tons of actionable and valuable lessons in this show. Highly highly recommend listening!
I have been listening to Todd Henry podcasts for almost a year now. It amazes me on how each podcast brings fresh insights and thinking to me as a consultant. His podcasts always talks about techniques for creative thinking, leadership skills and positioning ourselves. If you are a consultant looking for ideas and want to develop it as a habit, this is a must podcast to listen to. The latest podcast on premium branding was an eye opener. I would only want to say to Todd that in future if he interviews guests, ask them for one habit or practice they follow in their daily lives which we can try to follow would be helpful.
I love this podcast. Every topic seems relevant to me, and I am in sales/sales leadership. I am truly impressed (and I don't say that often).
Wow, as someone who strongly intends to keep simplifying my life, I was thrilled and deeply inspired by this Podcast! Thank you for the Simplicty episode that delivered such nuggets such as : Creativity=Making Complexity Simple, Revisit question of why am I doing this and align with your passion by noticing what you are drawn to daily. I am excited to learn more! InterviewValetCF
Packed with great thoughtful insights in less than 20 minutes.
You have to listen this!!!
I stumbled upon this podcast and thought I'd take a listen, I was pleased with the content and the total flow of it all. Great job and I will be listening in the future.
Todd Henry is amazing, and his words are worth listening too. Full Disclosure: I recently interviewed him for our Inspire Nation Show. I have never gotten so much fantastic advice in such a short period of time. Listening to his show will help make you a better person, happier, more creative, and at ease, I'm convinced of it. Your time listening to Todd will be very well spent. Thank you Todd for all that you do!
Ever "binge-listened" to a podcast? Finding it and loving the material so much that you then "stuff yourself" on all of the episodes? This is one of those rare shows where you'll want to do just that. Todd has done a wonderful job on creating an actionable, inspiring show. A few of the episodes include "Four Ways to Read a Book" and Dan Harris on being "10% Happier".
I can't believe none of the other reviews mention this guy's insanely heavy tongue. I find it so distracting I can't even focus on the content of what he's saying. Why didn't his parents get him some speech therapy as a child?? I'm distracted every time I listen, so I'm unsubscribing. Can't handle audio from someone who can't speak correctly.
Been listening for the past two years. It's my only must listen to podcast. I'd pay to listen to each episode. They might not be long, but they're packed full of great insight and, oftentimes, a new way of thinking. I can put the advice to work the very next day. Thanks for such a fantastic podcast.
Found this and like it a lot
Todd provides helpful theories backed up with specific how-to advice to put them into action in your creative life - whether personal or professional. You can't go wrong listening to his podcast.
I’ve only recently added this podcast to my downloads and had to download back episodes it is so good. I’m especially impressed by how he is focused on being the best a person can be and being committed to fully expressing one’s talent, capabilities, craft, abilities, and passion. This leads to true success and a fulfilled life. I have to give props to the opening and closing music - Joshua Seurkamp's My City In Healing. Great song - glad I was able to purchase whole album.
Manna for my brain. Practical ideas and inspiration to help listeners think outside the box.
Todd has a top-notch podcast. He has a great blend of interviews and solo content. His passion of helping others find their voice is the undercurrent of each episode. High quality audio production and wealth of resources. It’s a must-listen.
Thoroughly enjoy Todd Henry and his books!
Just read Louder Than Words and am now obsessed with Todd Henry's work. Must listen for any creative business professionals.
This is easily my favorite podcast out there. I’m a writer/editor, but I recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in creativity, doing their job more creatively, becoming inspired with your work. Todd Henry is a perfect blend of intellect, interest, and he’s humble. I never feel “sold to” when listening to him and I always look for this podcast first on my playlist—which is my highest compliment. His books are terrific too. Just all around great content, podcast, and thoughtfulness. Very thankful this is out there to listen to.
WOW…The Accidental Creative Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Todd. Keep bringing it.
I've been listening to Todd at Accidental Creative since last Summer. Never miss a show. Running a business is difficult, but his advice and interviews have really helped me keep my attention on what matters most. This podcast can be insightful, informative and inspiring - all in the same 15-20 minutes. This show is worth your time.
These podcast episodes are little gems of wisdom and experience from some of the best people in the creative world. The interviews are not very long, but they are always specific and to-the-point. Thank you, Todd, for asking such great questions.
Todd henry is great! I learn so much every week.
My only gripe about this podcast is the frequency…I wish it came out more often. The podcast is inspiring and easy to follow along. Todd Henry does an exceptional job of culling down the discussion into 3-5 takeaways with corresponding ideas on how you might implement them in your own life.