Reviews For WhiskyCast

Great podcast. I was hoping to hear Marianne come the podcast. I had to look at their ig account only to find that she’s no longer there. How sad that you didn’t mention her since she was there from the beginning and came on “Neat” showcasing Kentucky bourbon. What gives?
This podcast is truly a gem. It is educational and informative. I love the information about global whiskey policy that Mike gives us listeners. There is no other source that covers this subject as completely and entertainingly as Whiskey Cast.
Mark does a fantastic job of keeping episodes consistent in length and in format. Oddly enough I really enjoy listening to the episodes while working out. I fully support putting the #HappyHourLive content up in this format a la the Webcast with Stephanie MacLeod. This podcast has steadily grown on me since a Scottish Malt Whisky Society newsletter mentioned WhiskyCast. It’s one of my weekly mandatory listens, so keep up the good work.
This is one of the best podcasts around for any subject. Gillespie is knowledgeable of the subject; has great relationships with the industry bigwigs but never comes across as biased…he has opinions but is clear when he is presenting opinions vs facts. When he conducts interviews he lets the interviewee control the conversation but serves as a true facilitator.
Skip the leftist ideology. Stick to whiskey. I am out. Sianara.
Mark is not just a great voice, but a great storyteller who relates deep and interesting information on all things and all types of whiskey. His hard work is appreciated and I tell everyone I know with and interest in whiskey to subscribe.
If you want to learn about all types of whiskey, you may need to be listening to this podcast. I’ve recently discovered this podcast, and have listened to ~7 episodes. I am greatly impressed at the amount of information provided each week. The format has a single host, with a distinctive speaking cadence. He first provides an update on whiskey news, whiskey events, and has interviews with various people in the industry. I look forward to listening to future episodes (and, to prior episodes which I’ve missed). Regards, Allan
Unquestionably the best whiskey podcast available. My only complaint is it’s only once a week!
Thanks for your comments about WhiskyCast. As the host, I’d like to respond to your comments about “politics” in the show. We keep political views out of the podcast, and only report on politics when it affects whisky (such as the recent trade disputes that led to tariffs being imposed on whiskies by the European Union and the USA). I challenge you to provide any specifics on where we’ve ever said anything about “what they think you think about women and minorities.” We believe in equality for all, and have never prejudged what anyone in our audience may or may not believe. As for our coverage of climate change, it’s not based on “hysteria,” but the fact that climate change will affect the whisky industry. As climate change affects the farmers who grow the grain that goes into our whiskies, that’s an important issue to address. Whisky distilling depends on having access to good supplies of water, and that’s a critical resource that’s becoming scarce in many areas. Whisky requires a long-term view, and if the whisky community doesn’t start discussing the potential impacts of climate change now while there’s time to work on solutions for reducing the impact on our environment, we run the risk of having “solutions” imposed on us by governments in the future. All we are doing is raising the issue and trying to start the discussion, while talking with the people who actually have a stake in this about what they’ve already started doing to try and reduce the environmental impact of whisky production. While I won’t make any assumptions about your political beliefs, I suspect that you would likely be opposed to additional government intervention in this case - as would I. WhiskyCast has been around since 2005, and over the years, we have always been open to discussing concerns like this. If you’ve listened to the podcast, I give our email address several times in each episode, and respond to every listener who has a concern. I’d invite you to reach out to me and start a discussion…we may not agree in the end, but I’m always willing to listen to different viewpoints. Thanks for your feedback, and Sláinte! Mark Gillespie
Thanks for the review, now I don’t have to waste my time listening to any of these podcasts, I also like my Whisky neat and no politics
The NPR of the Whiskey World. For the most part it’s relaxing and enjoyable, just like your favourite dram. However, I knocked off a star because the podcast is always looking for a way to connect their hate of President Trump and their hysteria over climate change to you drinking your dram. And don’t get me started on what they think you think about women and minorities. I’ll take my whiskey and my podcast neat please, nothing added.
If you want to know anything about the world of whisky, this is the podcast to listen to. Incredibly informative, great interviews, and timely information on what's happening and what new products are coming out.
The length of each one seems to be just right. And there’s a good mix of news, information, interviews, history, and in depth whiskey/distillery/etc coverage. Mark speaks clearly and professionally - and it’s obvious he cares about his audience and getting true accurate information. And these are released consistently and regularly which is nice. I’m mostly into bourbon and there’s a good amount of emphasis on scotch and other whiskey types but it’s interesting to learn about those as well. Plus the Scottish seem to want to write things one way and pronounce them differently than you’d expect (Islay, Bowmore, etc) so here I can hear the correct way to say them and seem smart at the bar.
VERY professionally produced, interesting, excellent audio quality, well-rounded survey of the whisk(e)y industry. I can think of nothing I'd change.
Always love some good history with my whisk(e)y as well as some industry insider news, and some solid tasting notes. Thanks for all that you’ve done through the years, Mark! Grace and peace
Great way to keep up on whisky nees.
A huge amount of well informed and interesting features and news
I’m not sure how long I’ve been listening, but one of the first episodes I downloaded mentioned how Makers Mark was coming out with a new bourbon in a few months. That turned out to be Makers 46 and I think that was in 2010 or so. Wow, I guess I’ve been listening for nearly 9 years! And Makers 46 has been one of my go-to bourbons ever since. Thanks Mark for the tip all those years ago and providing a entertaining and informative podcast!
I have been listening to Mark’s podcast for over 10 years now. There is no better whisk(e)y based podcast out there. It is informative as well as entertaining. I also find the WhiskyCast website to be an invaluable resource.
This is the best whisky podcast out there. Every week Mark brings us news interviews, trivia and unbiased tastings (something that I dont always feels haopens in some podcasts). I look forward to listening every week. I listen on my thirty minute commute to work the first day that it posts and that thirty minute drive gets extended to allow me to listen to the whole episode. My only "complaint" is that its costing me money! Too many times, after hearing an episode, I stop at the liquor shop on the way home to pick up one or two of the bottles he has reviewed that week. Kepp up the good work!
Mark is an excellent host !!
It is a refreshing change to listen to WhiskyCast. The news is interesting and the interviews are well thought out and the people are from all parts of the industry. Can’t recommend this podcast enough! Mark has even got me drinking bourbon.....
i actually had the good fortune of working with Mark years ago and I am so happy to see him doing so well this this podcast. absolutely fantastic
Been listening for almost 10 years, one of my go to sources for all things whisky, the right mix of news, events and interviews.
As the dulcet tones of Mark Gillespie guide listeners through the world of whisky, listeners of all experiences will learn something new. The new biweekly format is awesome because I can play it in the car. I love the tasting notes! They provide me with detailed descriptions before I drop money on a bottle that I may or may not enjoy.
I tapped into Whiskycast a decade or so ago and have grown my palate and knowledge accompanied by Mark’s consistently professional commentary. Twice a week now, he brings news, interviews with luminaries and industry information, generally free of hyperbole and commercial influence. Whiskycast is like spending an hour with a friend over a fine dram.
I just found this podcast recently and I really enjoy it. Mark is so professional in the way he presents the shows and in how he speaks. His connections in the industry are really good and he knows everyone. Good interviews and good content.
Absolutely amazing and great to listen to on my long drives.
This weekly podcast on whiskey is the ultra premium of all the podcasts. Been listening over 2 years. Mark’s show is very professional, high quality, with interesting and amazing stories and information on all types of whiskey. If you drink bourbon or scotch, you should be listening to this show. Just subscribe, it’s a no brainer!
Love the podcast, tasting panels, reviews on the website and the YouTube channel.
Mark Gillespie's WhiskyCast is a great podcast to get the latest news in the world of whiskey and for interviews with whiskey professionals from around the world. It's great for people intersted in the world of spirits and the interviews always teach me something new about whiskey. I enjoy the global aspect, where he talks to folks from Asia to the US, from Canada to the UK.
We’ve been listening to Mark Gillespie since we started doing video reviews on YouTube. Mark is always on top of the news be it domestic or international. If you want to know what’s going on in the whisky world...listen to Mark. Scotch Test Dummies
I have heard all of the episodes and only wish there were more to listen too. Definitely the best whisky podcast available.
Hands down the best podcast on Whiskey!
Keep the great content coming!
This is podcast for you. Mark has applied his journalism experience to his passion for a good dram. He makes the information accessible and enjoyable for everyone from the seasoned whisky geek to the wannabe connoisseur.
More than you thought you wanted to know about whisk(e)y... then you listen to it and want to learn even more. I have been listening to this informative, addictive, and enjoyable podcast for about six years, and I never miss an episode. Mark Gillespie is so knowledgeable and his interviews with whisk(e)y insiders is interesting. He interviews distillers, brand ambassadors, bar tenders, distillery owners, coopers, writers, drinkers, bloggers, blenders, liquor store owners, collectors, and festival organizers around the world. This is my source for what is going on, and what has been going on in the world of whisk(e)y. I love it! Each episode ends with his tasting notes, so you can get an idea of what to try or buy. I am a college teacher, and I can tell you this is a master class. This podcast has increased my knowledge and enjoyment of whisk(e)y and its history. Well done!!!
I've been a listener of Whiskycast for four years so i think it's time to conclude that this show is way more than a weekly podcast. Mark tells stories about whisky from all over the world. Includes private interviews with master distillers, brand ambassadors, historians, blenders, writers and anyone else with something to say about the spirits industry in general. This show is great for people just learning about whisk(e)y. This podcast is consistently high quality. Sláinte!
Mark's dry humor always gets a laugh and he is the definitive whisky reporter. A great way for new whisky drinkers to learn about the space and for a established whisky drinkers to keep up with the news and happenings around the world. I always want a dram after I listen!
Mark puts out an excellent postcast each week. It contains news, reviews, and interviews about all facets of whisky including bourbon, scotch, and Japaneese whisky. Rather than simply being a whisky enteusiast, Mark is a journalist and is willing to ask difficult questions to inform his listeners.
Easily, the most informative, in-depth exploration into the Whisky world that you'll find in all of media. Created and hosted by Mark Gillespie, he brings his extensive media experience to bear in offering up a podcast that develops much like Charles Kuralt and all his years hosting CBS Sunday Morning. The show strolls through the world of Whisky with an elegant charm. Always approachable with an uncanny ability to paint pictures with words. From the sea spray of Islay to the rickhouses of Kentucky, Mark transports you there with the creaters and stallworts of the industry as guests. The WhiskyCast website delivers the same level of quality you would expect, but with far more content and specificity for the nerds in all of us.
This podcast brings together the best of Whisky News. Mark Gillespie is a professional broadcaster that knows the Whisky business and those professionals in the business. This podcast is stuffed with the best info consistently each week. The only thing that would make it better is to have it released every day!
….best whisky podcast in the world. MG asks all the right questions. Tip Top. First Class.
Outside of being incredibly useful for keeping us with the spirits business, Mark is a profoundly great interviewer. Distillers are often not too extroverted but Mark brings the best out of them and he tempers this with asking the hard questions to brand ambassadors.
The show is fantastic. Will give you more appreciation to the whiskey in your glass.
I had the honor of dealing with Mark and his wife yesterday as they visited my dealership. Throughout the transaction I learned of this podcast and what he did for a living. That's what brings me here, I gave the show a listen and wanted to leave a review to say this is a great podcast. It's full of great information and is thouroughly enjoyable. It's great to see someone who has a passion for something and they make a career out of it. It was very inspiring! Anyways, Cheers! and thanks for the show!
Mark Gillespie's Whisky Cast is an amazing source of information for all things whisk(e)y. It doesn't matter if you're a casual fan of spirits or a connoisseur, Whisky Cast is a wonderfully entertaining and educational podcast dedicated to the world of whisky.
This is a great podcast if you love whiskey or just want to learn.
I discovered Mark's show several weeks ago as a beginning whisky enthusiat. His programs are always very entertaining, filled with information on a variety of whiskey brands, history and reviews. His knowledge and love of whisky show through on every show. I highly recommend this podcast for those, like I, who are just starting their whisky education. Keep up the great work Mark!