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So glad to find out that the 'Bliss is back. This is the first guitar-related podcast that I discovered, and after listening through their back catalog, I am stoked that these most excellent hosts are recording new episodes.
What more can I say then we need more Pipes and PT!! If you miss hanging out at your local mom and pop shop talking to real people about gear, guitars, tone, gagets and the occasional side step on other topics.... look no further. Give the guys a couple episodes to win you over and you will never want to go back to your big box music store and be upsold on strings because you "need them." Turn it to 11 and Bliss out!
I just found The Bliss recently as I'm getting back into playing. I too married my high school sweetheart, although we celebrate our dating anniversary because it's on Valentine's Day! I've been listening to past episodes and cracked up when you were talking about High Ball drinks. My grandparents have one of those funny looking bottles of Galliano liqueur on their bar. It's been there since I was a kid. I enjoyed the DIY episode a lot. PT's song was well done!
I have been listening for over 4 years. I really like your podcast I feel like I am at a guitar store just hanging out with friends
A podcast and international online community of masters and dilettantes alike, where I feel connected to like-minded individuals in as far off, exotic locations as Colorado. Now where'd I leave that hydrocortisone....
I'm new to the 6 string bliss party, but I'm impressed!!! They seem like guys I could hang with. (That may not be a good thing!!) If I could listen live I would. There have been a lot of things I've wanted to comment about, but I'm just a listener. There is a huge back-log of podcasts for me to catch up on, so I'll be listening for a while!! I hope they keep it up!!
A semi-recent political campaign perpetuated the idea of "Joe Six-Pack" as an emblem of the average American "joe". The podcast Six String Bliss embodies two average American "Joe Six-String"'s, geeking out about guitar gear, their favorite guitarists, and random non guitar related banter. Hosts Pipes and PT have all the goofy, homespun, non-pretentios charm of a "Wayne and Garth" of the guitar world. They bring along a cast of quirky characters including Pappy, the Searcy's, and others in what reminds me of a guitar-centric version of "Northern Exposure". I love that they talk about guitar with the same wide-eyed enthusiasm as we all did as youngsters, before becoming ego-guarding and jaded. Nobody on this podcast is out to prove that they know more than you, or that they can out-shred one another in a 'head cutting' session......just friends, guitars, and an occasional beer being popped open in the background. It might not add up on paper, but the magically mundane chemistry of Six String Bliss makes for my favorite podcast.
You know, I don't exactly have the best life, so when i just need a laugh, I just turn on my iPod to the Bliss! Pipes, are you still looking for a shirt of the month? I have a Greg Bennett Guitars Artist Advisory Board shirt that I dont really use. (By the way, I might just be the youngest member of the Bliss forum. I'm only 14!)
Normally I rate podcasts based on three episodes. I almost deleted this subscription after one episode. Now having downloaded a majority of the archives these guys and girl are "buddies" that you can hang out with. You'll get your fill of guitar, but also you'll get to know the guys as they record from home. You'll get things like a whining dog in the background and a snap of a cold one opening. Great podcast.
Good times are had by all when the guys hang out and talking shop(guitars). Your fan from the U.P. -Dan's acoustic garage
The Bliss just keeps getting better and better! One of the great things about the Bliss is how they ask for listeners to submit segments and outro tracks (check 256 for mine)!
I've been listening for a little over a year now so i guess i should write a review. I enjoy this podcast. They are not a bunch of guitar elitists. They make an effort to connect with the audience by playing listener submitted songs for outros and have a listener compilation cd now and then, and of course the social network medium. Bottom line. If you like guitars and guitar related paraphernalia talk then you'll probably enjoy what they have to offer. and if you don't then you can bliss off!
If you like guitar and are interested in other opinions about guitar topics, this is the podcast for you. Pipes, PT and Pappy share their different personalities to discuss a whole variety of topics related to guitar and other things. These guys have fun and don't take themselves too seriously. Entertaining, informative and whimsical. If you have a free hour or so, catch the bliss podcast. It's like being with old friends. guitarron
I honestly think it's awesome
Here's the thing; this podcast is a labor of love by Pipes, PT, and Pappy, They're just three guys who get together to talk about guitars, and anything else that may be on their minds. Just as if you were to see your friends once a week, you would talk about a bunch of random stuff to get caught up. This podcast isn't always just about guitars. The episodes are never particularly structured; there's a stream-of-consciousness pacing to each which may bug some people. But remember that these are three guys putting together a podcast on their own time every week (for years now), and all we have to do is sit back and enjoy it. The discussion about guitars is among the more intelligent and accessible I've encountered on the subject. These guys approach their guitar questions the same way as the rest of us players; no specialist training or insight, just honest, pragmatic opinion. The guys are always entertaining, even when they can't keep a consistent thread going (sometimes BECAUSE they can't keep the discussion on track). And like the guys you have a beer with every Friday night, you think of them as your friends and you look forward to hanging out with them next week..
I've been listening to Six String Bliss for a few years now and it is still my favorite podcast. There's a great mix of guitar talk, reviews, and just random chit-chat. It's really just a few guys that love guitar shooting the breeze, and I love it. Keep up the good work!
Love the show. I'm new to playing guitar so this is a very fun and informative show. Host have a good time and even though the show structure is pretty lose it all still works. Now I need to check out the website.


A Guilty pleasure, just a few guys chattin it up about all things guitar. I look forward to each episode. Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping the Bliss alive.


By engmar
The topics, the humor, and the variety make this podcast feel like a sit down with a friendly group who share a love of guitars. The hosts each bring their own character to the podcast and this combination makes for an enjoyable show.
For guitar players only…on a lazy day or long drive, this is the perfect cast to kill some time. There’s a dry sense of humor permeating the show and the two hosts play well off each other. I just hope that someday these two get some cash. I’d rather hear a review of their new equipment than hear them drooling over things they can’t afford like Garth before the $5,000. Great for guitarists, not for the average Joe, non-players will hate it. EDIT: On one of those long, lazy drives, PT mentioned this review. And yes, he and Pipes were right, it was Wayne that got the five grand, not Garth, sorry. Anyway, the cast is still cool.
Pipes, PT & Pappy successfully spread their zeal for the world’s greatest and most popular instrument. The podcast is very informative and tremendous way to discover new artists and albums that will help you improve as a guitarist and expand your listening library. Their passionate patter about the guitar has motivated me to continue my lifelong quest to be the best possible guitarist and I’ve been playing for over 45 years. It demonstrates the show’s wide appeal across demographic and geographic boundaries. The show helped me to rediscover the thrill and magic encountered each time an electric guitar becomes alive when plugged into an amp.
Having dusted off my guitar after decades of neglect I have pursued the guitar with a renewed vigor and sense of urgency. This is an ideal podcast for someone trying to catch up on all things guitar. When I hung mine up, you had fuzz and wah pedals. I enjoy finding out about the many changes in the world of guitar. From effects to home recording, these guys touch on it all. The forum is friendly and helpful. I fell like I have found a guitar family. And it feels good.
I really enjoy this podcast. Have listened to over half of the episodes over long drives and plane rides. It's great to have the guys keep me company. They always inspire me to go practice. And, Pappy is a great addition. Fits in really well with the team. Keep it up!
Wow where do I start.. Really nothing going on in the discussions, the guys tend to steer way of course and babble on about mindless junk far worse than a group of highschool girls. A typical session goes like this: 5 minute introduction, 45 minutes of nothing and then finally 10 minutes of the actual topic. My guess is these guys are dirty basement dwellers or even worse, stinking chud with a high opinion of themselves.
This is really my favorite podcast. I love the delivery of the hosts; it's like we're just listening in on an ongoing conversation. Whether they're interviewing a top-name guitarist, manufacturer, writer, or subject expert or the episode doesn't include an interview at all, I've always found every minute of every show to be thoroughly entertaining. If you LOVE guitar, and all-things guitar related, then you NEED to be listening to this show!
This is a great podcast that balances guitar talk with personal stories. Well worth listening to!
Really good podcast. Lots of good information and a lot of fun to listen to.