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Not much depth here. Mildly entertaining.
This podcast is great. Do yourself a favor and listen to it !
I stumbled on this podcast last year, and what a great find it was! Talking about cigars, what's going on in the world, and chicks, what else does a man really need?? Listen in and enjoy!
This is a great show with some great personal group reviews of cigars. They have some funny segments like "what are the chicks reading." This is a real mans podcast, so if you don't have a pair or you are a liberal listen to this pod cast so you can be offended.


Guys you rocks I always have someone to herf with when I'm alone
I so enjoy this podcast. Great job Rob!
I've listened to many diff cigar podcasts out there and have to say IMO this is the best one. Great sound, info, personalities, etc. I no longer feel alone when I sit down for a smoke.
Probably better than stogie fresh or the others. Recorded here in Pittsburgh!
Cool show. Pretty good cigar info, funny crew to listen to.
Fun,facts, and informative best podcast I've heard on itunes
Definitely the best cigar podcast on itunes. The quality is very good and Rob's voice was made for radio. Usually a great cast of characters, (like the ones you'd meet at your local cigar shop), talking cigars, sports, politics and news of the day. Could definitely do without a minute with Travis, though.
Not only great cigar knowledge, but touches on other areas as well. A very entertaining well round show. Outstanding
This is a First Class podcast. Great smoking with these guys, Lots of laughs and info.
This show has the highest production value of any cigar podcast out there. They give the Dogwatch Social Club a real run for their money and someday might surpass them. However they would do themselves a favor by cutting down on the promo's and ditching A Moment With Trav, who never has anything to say anyway.
I love blowin' smoke. they do some good cigar reviews, and have good discussion about other things as well. The show is done very professionally. I recommend it to any Cigar smoker.
This show always shows hints of promise but always wanders too far away from it's stated premise. The ciagr talk winds up giving way to stilted politics, closed-minded old-boy vulgarity and oftentimes, drunken one-upmanship. The host, Rob, is the best part of the show with his great radio voice and high production values but in trying to incorporate the seemingly vast rotating cast of characters, the show quickly gets lost in unappealing voices, literally and figuratively. Rob's "cretins" are all too often far too vocal about things they should not be vocal about. In a recent podcast, one "cretin" advocated shooting a transexual simply because she existed. Cretin indeed. The worst waste of time is the insufferable "Minute With Travis". "Travis" does nothing but complain about nothing and attempts to make it his "schtick" to not care what the listener thinks about his uselessness. Travis, truly, no one cares. Go away now.
You guys are a hoot! I've enjoyed every podcast so far, but is thaere a way you can get more cigar content into your show? Such as top ratings, where can some be acquired? I realize that you need to support your local sponsor, but as you say there are many of us out here in the ether space and some are collectors, etc. Also, how about more pairings of cigars and beverages? (Boy can this be dangerous!) Keep it up!