Reviews For Meatball's Meatballs - Juicy and spicy audio meatballs.

I first heard Mr. Fulton (Lopez) on the radio when I was a youngster. I started buying the cassets from ZBS. I bought every Ruby available until 1991. Then I replaced them with CDs after I graduated college and added the next stories available. I now OWN paid for all Ruby and most of Jack Flanders thanks to ZBS cd sale and Audible. Now that I know iTunes store has ZBS productions... I will Definitely add to my ZBS collection. I am 49 years old now and ZBS And Mr. Lopez/ Meatball Fulton..... are a very important part of my life. TRUTH.... I listen to ZBS productions every night to go to sleep. (Great Dream Induction!!!!!!) ((especially Jack Flanders series. Ruby is better for raod trips!)) Everything ZBS does IS FANTASTIC. WAY AHEAD OF THEIR TIME!!!!!!!! (eventhough radio/audio drama has been aroud LONG before tv/internet. ) Close your eyes and really WATCH a story!!!!! I Love you Meatball! (tom) ((and your entire empire of brilliance!!!!!!)
For lovers of quality audio and well-crafted stories of fancy and wonder. I first heard "Moon Over Morocco" driving in the mountains at night and it was a memorable exprience. Stories to hear in the winter cooped up in a cabin in the back woods, camping or other place of solitude where you are not interrupted. Very pleasurable audio experience.