Reviews For The Comic Book Haters

C'mon people! What other podcast has Comic Book Robot around to insult the hosts, the comics and perhaps even you, the listener? If you want to love funnybooks but find your expectations constantly crushed into dust beneath the harsh metal heel of the comics industry, give this a listen. You won't be disappointed! Well, you might be. I don't know you so I really couldn't say.
The Comic Book Haters is one of my favorite podcasts. This show is done by two guys from New Jersey, DJ Sloofus and Schooly G. They are also frequently joined by friends and show contributors Cappy and Umbrellaman. You do not have to be interested in comic books to enjoy this show. Don't let the name of this podcast mislead you. DJ Sloofus clearly has a deep and profound love for comic books. His knowledge on the subject of comic books is really quite extensive. Schooly G on the other hand doesn't know that much about comic books, nor is he particularly interested in learning anything about them. That is, expect for Moon Knight and G.I. Joe comics. Books he enjoyed in his youth. Schooly G also doesn't have much appreciation for all the various dorky nuances that make up today's comic book culture. A fact he isn't afraid to share with DJ Sloofus or the listeners. Most of the episodes start out with DJ Sloofus presenting a comic book for review. It's clear that DJ Sloofus has spent time reading the comic book and that Schooly G hasn't even bothered to look at it. DJ Sloofus must then explain the book to Schooly G and sometimes even to remind him not to spill any of his microbrew beer on issue. The exchange between the two is quite comical. It's important to point out that this podcast is above all else a comedy podcast. Granted, you will probably learn something about comic books, but you will also be laughing while doing so. The show carries the "EXPLICIT" tag and that it should. DJ Sloofus and Schooly G often invoke strong adult language to discuss comic books. It's not like some other comic book podcasts that use adult language and include adult content, but refuse to tag the show accordingly. What I probably enjoy most about this podcast is that it is free of the pretentious attitude that seems to be so prominent in the online comic book community. A phenomenon I have never really understood. If you are looking for elitist comic book snobbery, look elsewhere. These guys don't take themselves too serious. The show also includes some nice instrumental bumper music created by DJ Sloofus.