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Joseph is great. He's at the cutting edge of new media and conversational marketing, plus he's fun and entertaining. Jay Berkowitz, the Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast
What I find most refreshing is that Joseph Jaffe rocks conventional thinking. Having a social media / new media / new marketing advocate like Jaffe out rattling the cages renews my confidence to talk up clients on new approaches. You should definitely check out Jaffe Juice.
Joseph Jaffe is without a doubt one of the best (conversational) marketing minds out there. Not only is the content great, but he produces podcasts on pretty much a weekly basis, so it's dependable. Sometimes the guests can be a bore, but that's true with any guest and, frankly, his are way more qualified than most. JaffeJuice is a must-hear. (And if you like it, don't miss Six Pixels of Separation and Managing the Gray.)
This feed doesn't get a ton of action (but occasionally has gems). If you are looking for the real juice check out his other show - Across the Sound.