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This podcast is great! Smart, focused and relevent to all things management, economics, and business.
Absolutely the best interviews, subjects and guests. You are the best!
I listen to podcasts when I run and this has been one of my recent favorite. Chris does a great job of curating great thinkers and engaging them in a thoughtful discussion. As I run, my body gets better and my brain gets bigger. Hah. Well done Gondek.
This is an excellent podcast which provides not only good information but excellent consideration and evaluation. A much needed oasis amongst all of the noise in the podcast world.
This podcast is really well done and a great way to get some exposure to new ideas about business.
Thank you Chris! I always learn something from each podcast. Your questions and the resulting dialogue are both refreshing and intelligent.
This is an important podcast. I love the content. The only quip is that I need to be in a quiet place to listen. The volume is quite low. Unable to listen in commutes and noisy environments. Hope the host takes note. Can't wait for more episodes!
Mr. Gondek has for years now entertained me and my friends with thoughtful, yet relatable content about markets, marketing, and human economic behavior. He stays clear, too, of some of the ideological polemics that mar some other economics podcasts and publications, preferring to delve deep into *why* we are the way we are and act the way we do rather than plugging human behavior into some preconceived framework of "free markets, end of story." Intelligent listeners hungry for a new compelling topic every week should tune in to this brilliant podcast.
Recently started to listen to his podcast when I hijacked my fiancee's iPad! After a search for business / productivity podcasts, I stumbled on Chris's Invisible Hand. Since the phrase "Invisible Hand" has always been one of my favorites, I instantly checked it out. The subject matter is intriguing, the interviews are great and the production quality is excellent. This podcast is a great companion in the car and the last two episodes have nicely replaced Mike and Mike in ESPN.... Thanks for the great work Chris! Now my question is....are there any archived podcasts available?
Hi Chris, I have always loved reading books but it was hard to keep up with all the books out there. I use to go by reviews but it was indeed hard to get clear idea if that is the book I should be reading. In past many times I used to just get hung with books that I have bought but not able to finish it, mostly because the content is not what I had expected while buying the book. I have been witnessing more disappointment and thus have slowly distanced myself with buying and reading books. Your show has been amazing and I have been almost a regular listener to your show (provided time permits). Your show has become a very useful tool for me to assist in picking in right book. In fact every book you pick for your show has been great. And due to time constraint many time the information presented in your show about the book itself is quite informational. Once again thanks for all your effort in putting this show together. Cheers!!!
I stumbled upon this podcast while looking for good economic based podcasts. While this isn't focused on economics itself, this podcast offers a very insightful look into business and management through the lenses of multiple authors who Gondek interviews. I applaud you sir for creating such a unique podcast which is both fascinating and understandable.
This podcast has been a huge help to me professionally. Like most business owners I am busy and do not have the time to keep up with the latest business/finance/econ books. However I know my clients are reading them and may at any given and random time want to discuss something they've read. The host distils the key points efficiently enough for me to know whether it is a book I need to own or simply just be familiar with. It is also one of the most professional sounding podcasts out there.
I've been listening to The Invisible Hand podcast for a couple if years now and I still love it. Always informative.
Always a WOW! at the end of every episode. Love the paradigm shifting content. Thanks!
Here's your 100. You deserve it, keep up the good work.


I love this podcast for 2 reasons. I am introduced to new and interesting books across the business spectrum without being over- (or under-) whelmed. 2 the interviews are awesome, Chris asks many of the questions I would ask these authors. Keep up the good work!
Wonderful podcast with interesting topics. The books are always excellent and the authors are for the most part good at explaining the main ideas. Chris does an excellent job asking insightful questions, yet sometimes the authors ramble. You should feel free to interrupt to bring them back on track or move on to something more interesting.
Chris is an amazing interviewer as his grasp of the wide range of material he has to cover month to month is quite impressive and hear the Oprah time slot is opening up, so you have my write in vote. I also look to Chris to keep my reading list up todate as typicaly will buy 50% of the books he reviews which is a higher percent than any of the other podcast which I subcribe to. Keep up the good work Chris and know you were missed on your short hiatius. Joe...
This is by far one of my most regular podcast "listens" among the many I subscribe to. Chris does a great job of picking interesting books. I tend to stick to those subjects that I am personally or professionally interested in but also enjoy the "off topic" conversations he has. Occasionally Chris will be get so excited about a portion of the conversation that his commentary/questions will require a quick rewind to catch them all, but a small price well worth paying.
Chris Gondek not only reads the books of the authors he presents, he is also well read in and familiar with the panalopy of books and authors in his chosen field. Thus, he prepares and ask questions from a depth of knowledge that makes his guest think before answering. Then, unlike many hosts, he actually listens to the answers. One of the best podcasts available for those who want to learn.
Very fun and fascinating Pod cast. Chris always asks very knowledgeable, challenging, and well-informed questions. Chris also provides a great list of books to potentially read, as appose to reading the most popular book/garbage that may be suggested elsewhere.
The host Chris Gondek makes guest authors comfortable and captures the gist of their work. He is open minded and does not push any particular dogma. Indespensible way to keep abreast of the best business writing. I haven't missed one since '06.
I have been listening to the Invisible Hand for more than 3 years. I do not leave home without syncing my IPod and downloading the latest episode. The thoughts that Chris' guests share and the skill with which he is able to pull penetrating insights during interviews make this an invaluable Idea Incubator. This show consistently filled my mind with business ideas which eventually led to partnering with a friend and starting a company. The Invisible Hand is a management, economic, and strategic resource for which I am grateful.
There is little that I can say that hasn't already been said by other reviewers. This is by all accounts a fantastic podcast -- a must have for anyone interested in business, strategy or economics. I've been listening to it for almost three years. Mr. Gondek is truly one of the best interviewers currently working in any medium. Insightful and informative, he adroitly leads a stellar roster of critical business (and business-related) thinkers through their most recent works, delivering-up a constant stream of insights and new ideas for the listener. Download it now. I promise you won't be disappointed!
I have been listening to and recommending this podcast for over three years. Chris Gondek picks a variety of books to read on market & business strategy, economics, management & leadership, and in each podcast interviews the author about the essential elements of his or her point-of-view or thesis developed in the book. Recently he's expanded to include authors of articles in the Harvard Business Review. Always interesting, never too long, and at least 90% of the air time featuring his guest author, Chris Gondek does a great job with this podcast.
I really have enjoyed all 5 episodes so far! Looking forward to August 15th for the next one. Update: Still a high quality and informative show!
This is the best podcast I have found. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and most get repetitive or mundane after a while. I have been listening to this for over almost 2 years, and I still look forward to it every month. Chris does a great job keeping it new and interesting (is that allowed... to call a podcast about economics interesting?). Thanks for doing a great job!
Stumbled on this while trying to find business strategy podcasts for the car. I spend a lot of time driving around for work and am thrilled to have found The Invisible Hand and Chris Gondek. My husband and I are currently working together as we prepare to take over his family business from his father. As we strive to modernize, update, and turn the company into a more competitive and successful business - we are trying to surround ourselves with as much valuable information as possible. This podcast is a solid addition to our iPods and a great way to make the long drives seem shorter when we're out on the road.
Incredibly insightful and informative, I often find myself listening to the podcasts 2,3,4+ times. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆!! Cheers!
I look forward to each Invisible Hand podcast. Chris' interviews are insightful and informative. I enjoy the final question of each one: What should I have asked you but did not? The response to that question always proves to be quite interesting.
You never know what Chris Gondek is going to come up with next. The good news is that you look forward to that fact and rarely come away disappointed. The last few shows in particular have really hit the nail on the head! Awesome!
Chris does a good job of identifying topics that are either interesting on their own, or that are much more relevant than I first thought they would be. I've been listening for better than a year, and its one of my favorite podcasts. Its lead me to several good books.
Engaging interviews and plenty of additions for the resource library.
Chris does a great job selecting and interviewing quality authors. I have learned something from almost every interview. Each podcast is based on a new book pertaining business, economics, & strategy. I have been introduced to number of great books and concepts from listening. Keep up the great work Chris!
Always entertaining and thought-provoking. Great host as well.
I'm thrilled to have come across this 'cast. He gives a great interview, and actually reads the books ahead of time. Each episode is packed with insight from beginning to end. The cover of the featured book is presented as the image for the episode... a nice touch. Thank you, Chris, for a great podcast.
This is a wonderful and very informative podcast. Chris interviews several industry leaders and innovative thinkers providing wonderful insight for anyone interested in business and economics. Keep up the great work.
I have listened to this podcast for quite sometime, I find the books reviewed very timely in my job as in internal consultant in market intelligence at one of the world's largest technology corporations. This is a good way to build my knowledge of some of the current thinking in management, business models, economics and finance. I highly recommend anyone that has a "consulting role" within their company to plug into this podcast.
I learn something new every time. You learn more about business and finance. I keep this podcast on my top 'must hear' list every week to keep up with new ideas.
Chris is a terrific curator of business thought. He often finds authors of excellent books I hadn't yet discovered. Always worth my time.
Interesting books and insightful interviews. Chris does a great job of finding content across a wide range subjects and distilling the books down to their essence during his interviews. The only downside… I end up buying more books than I have time to read!
The books reviews are always interesting and contain a wealth of information. Chris does a great job of discussing the best things to take away from each book, and finds top notch authors of timely topics. Thank you
I teach information communication technology strategy and management at the University of Denver. I find these podcast incredibly relevant to the topics I cover in class. I particularly liked the interview with Walter Kiechel on his book, The Lords of Strategy. I was so intrigued by the topic I ended up buying the book. Given my experience so far my view is if Chris Gondek takes the time to interview the author the book is well worth reading. He acts as filter, seperating the worthwhile from the worthless. If you only listen to one podcast on business, economics and strategy this would be the one.
The selection of books for this show is broad-ranging and features books which are accessible and substantive. Chris Gondek is also an excellent interviewer, the best I've heard so far on a podcast. His questions are short and to the point, he introduces useful background information for the general listener, and his guests' answers are focused. He really knows how to bring out the essence of the book from the author, and the result is an informative podcast. The audio quality of the show is also excellent.
TIH has always been one of my favorite podcasts on business and the review if business books. Chris is a skilled interviewer which brings the author home to the listeners. His interviews often gain insights to the thinking underlying the author's intent/background. If you only have enough time to listen to one podcast on business economics or strategy, then this is it.


It is very interesting podcast, and it helps me to learn about business and managment when my engineering training didn't really cover the topics.
Chris Gondek has a way of asking the most insightful questions which leads the interviewee to reveal the most insightful answers. The topics covered are all business related, but not in the typical way. I highly recommend this podcast as well as the other shows Chris does. He makes the topic understandable and interesting. Irene
Chris is a great interviewer and makes similarly great choices on subject matter.